Top 10 Highest Paid DJs In The World


once upon a time

dance music was a subculture relegated

to underground warehouses and DIY venues

but those days have long passed BM is

now synonymous with pop music and

popular DJ's live like rock stars

major festivals like electric daisy

carnival or EDC are enormous ly popular

and top performers can easily make six

figures for a single performance given

that they can play as many as 250 shows

in a single year DJ's have created a new

class of music millionaires every deejay

featured on this list has at some point

played at the mecca of EDM music

festivals EDC Las Vegas this event alone

brings in over 400,000 attendees each

year that's bigger than Coachella and

more than double the size of the

next-biggest united states-based EDM

festival ultra miami millions of dollars

are spent on stage production alone the

lights fireworks and other incredible

effects used to truly create the

ultimate music festival experience with

numbers like this it only makes sense

that these DJ's are some of the highest

earning people in the music industry

with all this being said let's now check

out the top 10 highest paid DJs in the

world right now

at only 22 years old Martin garrix is

already one of the biggest names in EDM

the Dutch DJ had a string of hit singles

including animals in the name of love


all of which have been certified

platinum he was designated DJ mag's

number one DJ in 2016 2017 and 2018

after relentless touring both as a

headlining act and opening for Justin

Bieber characters in prime position to

become dance music royalty he's also a

brand ambassador for Armani and played

more than 90 shows in 2018 including a

headlining slot at the Winter Olympics

in South Korea the youngster pulled in

an impressive 13 million dollars last

year and shows no signs of slowing down

he has a busy touring schedule including

a top spot at this year's Electric Daisy

Carnival a veteran of the EDM scene

cascade was voted America's best DJ in

both 2011 and 2013

since then the Chicago native has been

touring endlessly and has released ten

studio albums he rose to prominence

alongside producers deadmau5 and

Wolfgang Gartner during the revival of

American progressive house in late 2008

and early 2009 growing up in the Chicago

suburbs cascade was heavily influenced

by new wave bands like The Cure echo and

the Bunnymen and The Smiths they ignited

his love for melody and lyrics setting

the stage for the house music scene that

was developing in Chicago at the time

circa 1992 he transferred his life to

Salt Lake City in the University of Utah

and education he funded by DJing he

launched a weekly house night that

endured five successful years and owned

and operated a local record shop called

mechanized records though others were

producing house music in Salt Lake City

he was one of the city's pioneers

Kaskade has seven Grammy nominations and

a ton of respect within the music

industry he's using this to capitalize

on never-ending tours culminating in

another appearance at this year's

electric daisy carnival and his

dedication and hard work are paying off

he pulled in thirteen and a half million

dollars in 2018


David Guetta is another veteran who has

maintained his status over more than 20



at the ripe old age of 51 years old many

people call him the grandfather of EDM

and the moniker is well-deserved

the Parisian DJ has put out a

chart-topping single almost every year

since 2009 with eight Grammy nominations

the prolific producer has walked home

with two wins his most recent album 2018

7 was his third in a row to debut at

number one on the Billboard dance music

charts the album featured collaborations

with Justin Bieber Nicki Minaj Jason

Derulo and SIA after a set of Las Vegas

residency's including a headlining spot

at Electric Daisy Carnival goetta

performed more than 200 shows in 2018

together with his recording royalties he

made a respectable fifteen million

dollars last year another powerhouse DJ

taking the stage at this year's Electric

Daisy Carnival Diplo is the mastermind

behind Major Lazer and a frequent

collaborator with the lights of Skrillex

SIA and Mo he came to prominence as a

producer on Mis breakout album


and hasn't looked back since with three

Grammy Awards at home and many more

nominations he is one of the most

instantly recognizable deejays in the

world in addition to a full touring

schedule and chart-topping songs Diplo

likes to keep busy with business

ventures he was an early investor in

matcha bar and has a business

partnership in Piccard Iran from this

wide range of income sources Diplo made

20 million dollars in 2018 alone



born in Russia and raised in Germany

this boy faced luther king has taken the

music industry by storm a

multi-instrumentalist growing up in a

musical home Zedd has tried to distance

himself from the DJing label he prefers

to think of himself as a performer and

his performances built him a large and

diverse fanbase collaborating with

artists like Shawn Mendes Katy Perry and

Lady Antebellum Zedd transcends genre

pulling fans from all over the musical

spectrum and those fans are willing to

pay exorbitant amounts to see him

perform a fall touring schedule with

more than a hundred dates earned him 22

million dollars in 2018 though fans

discovered his identity in recent years

Chris Comstock spent the majority of his

career fully anonymous the 26 year old

grew up in Philadelphia playing in rock

bands throughout his youth by 2015 he

started releasing dance music on

soundcloud and within a year he was

headlining tours all over the world

though he's only been around for a few

years marshmallow is already well

established as world-class DJ like most

a-listers he's on the road constantly

and recently launched his cookie with

marshmallow YouTube channel the page

already has 33 million subscribers and

his videos get upwards of 15 million

views and this too his touring income

and marshmallow comes in at number five

on our list pulling in 23 million

dollars a year


considered by many to be the

hardest-working DJ in the world

Steve Aoki clocked more than 200

performances in 2018 alone even playing

multiple sets in one day using his

trusty private jet the son of mega rich

Benihana founder rocky Aoki Steve was

instilled with a strong work ethic from

a young age during college in Santa


Aoki started hosting parties and making

his own beats before long he and his own

record label thin Mak records from

humble beginnings Dim Mak has since

released music from the lights of the

bloody beetroots armand van helden of

duck sauce Afrojack laidback luke chris

lake sidney samson and Tiesto Aoki is

legendary for his high-energy live shows

which often involve high jinks like

throwing cake at the audience

he made an amazing 28 million dollars in

2018 contributing to his astounding net

worth of 75 million dollars even as he

enters his 40s Aoki is toying as hard as


including a headlining slot on the final

day of this year's Electric Daisy



another highly influential producer

Tiesto began releasing music in the

mid-90s in his native Netherlands while

these early recordings explored the

realms of hardcore and Gabbar

Tiesto eventually began making more

mainstream EDM music his first tour was

with musical luminaries like Moby David

Bowie and Busta Rhymes his notoriety

only grew as he announced his Tiesto

solo tour in which he would perform a

six hour solo set every night after a

series of high-profile festival

appearances including multiple of

Electric Daisy Carnival

Tiesto was an established member of the

EDM lexicon with five studio albums

under his belt and an average of 150

live shows every year

Tiesto is one of the best compensated

deejays in the world he comes in at

number three in our list with an annual

income of 33 million dollars

formed in New York City in 2012 the

chainsmokers are relative newcomers to

the list but with certified ear worms

like hashtag selfie closer friend don't

let me down in their repertoire they

have become an EDM juggernaut closer

alone has sold more than 10 million

copies and earned the duo of Grammy for

their efforts after inking a three-year

deal with Las Vegas wind resorts the

pair have established an impressive

touring schedule with more than a

hundred dates per year this earning them

forty five point five million dollars in

2018 even split two ways this is a very

comfortable income by far the best paid

DJ in the world

Calvin Harris made an astounding 48

million dollars in 2018 the Scottish DJ

is best known for a long list of

collaborations with vocalists like

Florence Welch Ellie Goulding Rihanna

and Frank Ocean these legendary tours

span the globe from North America to

Eastern Europe and East Asia as one of

the most premier DJs in the world Harris

can demand six-figure fees for

headlining shows and seven-figure fees

for festivals with his own record label

five studio albums and a 20 month

residency at MGM Grand in Las Vegas

Harris has numerous sources of income

all together they make him the

highest-paid DJ in the world