Kardashian Jenner Family Members Net Worth Ranked And Explained

if you had to think of a successful

family that makes money while they sleep

the first name that would come to mind

is the kardashian-jenner family right it

totally makes sense from Kendall Kylie

Khloe Kourtney to Kim herself these gals

are a force to be reckoned with but

they're not the only members of the car

Jenner clan who are living large make

sure you watch this video until the end

to see which family member is pretty

close to becoming a billionaire now

let's get into the kardashian-jenner

family members net worth ranked and

explained luxurious lifestyle it's been

a little over a decade since Keeping Up

with the Kardashians graced our TV

screens now we're used to seeing their

names on pretty much any product you can

think of they make headlines every time

they post a lavish photo on social media

and it's pretty normal to see them

sunbathing on a yacht somewhere around

the world and yet we still have a hard

time figuring out how much money they

make the Kardashian Jenner's are

constantly promoting their lavish

lifestyle which pushes fans to follow in

their footsteps from cosmetic surgery to

luxury cars and expensive holidays

nothing's off-limits as far as the car

Jenner's are concerned they dress like

royalty and their designer outfit could

pretty much pay your mortgage and they

like to travel in class but who needs

airlines when you own a couple of

private planes right but who's making

the most money in this reality TV family

well that's not an easy question to


as they're constantly making money by

the minute Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian is kris Jenner's only son

but he struggled to remain as famous as

his sisters that's mainly because of his

relationship with his baby's mother blac

Chyna he took a break from reality

television for about two years then he

came back in 2016 to star in his own

reality show with China the series got

canceled after two seasons and now Rob's

ex is suing his family as she thinks

they had something to do with her show

getting cut which has put his Arthur

George soft business in jeopardy

fortunately momager of the year Kris

Jenner is more than willing to help

out of a jam she quickly swooped in and

started promoting Rob sock line and

business must be booming because

according to the site go baking rates

rods net worth is a whopping ten million

dollars but fortunately for Rob his net

worth is on par with one of his

half-brothers so he doesn't come in dead

last Brody Jenner Brody is Caitlyn

Jenner's son from a previous marriage

but while he might not have the

Kardashian name he certainly has lots of

zeroes in his bank account he's really

comfortable in front of the cameras too

but Brody is also making a living as a

DJ which is apparently quite a lucrative

business he even had a jewelry line

called arc angel which was pretty lavish

- Brody likes to be independent and

worked hard to build his own company and

even though his line has been

discontinued we have no doubt that he'll

start working on a new project in no

time according to go banking rates

Brody's 2018 net worth is 10 million

dollars so he's made about the same as

his half sibling Rob Kardashian kendall

Jenner Kim Kardashian may be the most

recognizable sister among the car

Jenner's but kendall Jenner is

definitely making her way to the top in

2017 she managed to throne Gisele

Bundchen at Sports highest-paid model

Kendall was earning 22 million dollars

but she owes a lot of her income to her

social media ads and promotion deals

with Adidas and Estee Lauder then

there's her role on the reality series

Keeping Up with the Kardashians which

undoubtedly earns her a few millions -

so when you put everything together you

could easily understand how she earns

more than her brother's Brody and Rob

according to celebrity net worth $10

fortune in 2018 is a whopping 30 million

dollars Kendall space is pretty

recognizable in the fashion industry -

despite all her hard work her income

remains the lowest when compared to what

her other sisters make a year

Kourtney Kardashian Kourtney may not

promote a ton of products like her other

sisters but she earns plenty of money

from being on the show plus she gets a

ton of endorsement deals from Kardashian

beauty and manuka doctor she's even

collaborated with major brands to launch

a few clothing lines and so many other

projects and she also opened three -

boutiques across the United States which

unfortunately shut down in 2018 but she

clearly raked in some cash from her

business ventures and who knows she

might open up a new store someday but

Kourtney has nothing to feel bad about

considering that her first job was as a

movie production assistant according to

Money Courtney's net worth in 2018 is an

impressive thirty-five million dollars

and we're hearing rumors that she's

starting her own beauty line so we're

fairly certain that she is going to give

this next Kardashian sister I'll run for

her money Khloe Kardashian Khloe

Kardashian is one smart businesswoman

she used her success on Keeping Up with

the Kardashians as a stepping-stone to

launch a number of other projects and

Kardashian fans were pretty stoked in

2016 alone

Khloe earned fifteen million dollars

thanks to her reality show her book

sales and a few other gigs aside from

her social media endorsements she also

made some extra cash from the clothing

company she co-founded called good

American and did you know that she

produced a true-crime series named

Twisted Sisters really blows your mind

doesn't it on top of all that she

recently gave birth to her first child

true Thompson but this joyous occasion

came on the eve of some rather

disturbing news

apparently her baby's father Cleveland

Cavaliers Tristan Thompson cheated on

her days before her baby was born so

it's probably a good thing that she was

economically independent enough to send

Tristan packing according to bank grade

Chloe's net worth in 2018 is 40 million

dollars it might not buy her happiness

but it most likely mended her broken

heart of course she probably had help

from her super rich mama tur who's

making some impressive cash Kris Jenner

as far as super moms go Kris Jenner does

it all she's a reality TV star and she's

also very very rich all you have to do

is go into her closet her closet space

is about the size of most of our homes

she even has her own endorsement deals

like her Fendi campaign with Kim and her

grandbaby North she's by far the most

popular momager on TV because she's in

charge of managing her children's

careers but she doesn't do it for free

she takes a generous cut from what her

kids make not that Kim Kylie or any of

the others would object they all know

that Kris is a hard worker

and she'll do anything to help any of

her kids when they need her but aside

from starring on Keeping Up with the

Kardashians the monitor has

executive-produced the show from the

beginning and since the show's been on

for several seasons this totally

explains why she earns more than Khloe

and Kourtney according to a celebrity

net worth is net worth in 2018 is 60

million dollars but her ex

caitlyn jenner is doing pretty well too

caitlyn jenner fans of the show might be

shocked to learn that kris jenner isn't

the oldest member of the family that

gets a really sweet paycheck that honor

actually goes to caitlyn jenner now

everyone knows that the Olympic gold

medalist formerly known as Bruce

transitioned into Caitlyn Jenner a few

years ago as part of the popular reality

series Caitlyn undoubtedly earned her

fair share of money and she started her

own docu-series called I am Cait for two

seasons before it was canceled and back

in the day when she retired from sports

she earned twenty five thousand dollars

per appearance as a motivational speaker

but these days she earns a little over a

hundred thousand dollars per speech she

also earns revenue from her published

memoir the secrets of my life but like

her daughters and stepdaughters

kaitlin has also done a couple of

endorsement deals with big names like


and according to celebrity net worth

tens estimated net worth is an

impressive one hundred million dollars

in 2018 but there's one Kardashian who

earns more than triple that amount any

guesses as to who that is Kim Kardashian

Kim kardashian-west always leaves us


every time she posts the selfie but

although she's a wife and a mother she's

not the kind of gal who stays at home

all day baking cookies she is way too

busy being a reality star a model and a

makeup mogul but the stunning mom of

three is also busy working on her k'kaw

line plus she earns wads of cash from

her kimochi lion and her apps to top it

all off she's still one of the most

talked-about celebs around and according

to forbes kim's net worth is an

estimated 350 million dollars in 2018

now Kim might be the richest Kardashian

but she's not the richest member of her

family that honor goes to the youngest

member of her clan Kylie Jenner Kylie

Jenner has proven that Kim Kardashian

isn't the only successful sister in the

family she's taken the beauty industry

by storm with the help of her company

Kylie cosmetics any lane she produces

completely sells out in a matter of

seconds but if you thought that Kris

gives her a hefty allowance you couldn't

be more wrong Kylie makes her own money

thanks to the show and her successful

makeup line she also has a clothing line

with her big sis Kendall which is doing

really well and if that hasn't knocked

your Rob Kardashian socks off kylie is

only 21 years old according to Forbes

Kylie's net worth in 2018 is an

unbelievable 900 million dollars we'll

give you a moment to let that sink in

can you believe the young mom is only

100 million dollars away from becoming a

billionaire that girl must have sold a

ton of lip kits well you know what they

say you gotta give credit where credit

is due


aside from Kylie's which car Jenner's

net worths surprised you the most let us

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