HIGHEST PAID NBA PLAYERS OF ALL-TIME! - Chris Paul | Carmelo Anthony | LeBron James

now after making noise in college when

he played for Wake Forest Chris Paul was

taken fourth pick in 2005 cp3 had high

expectations coming into the league and

lived up to the hype winning Rookie of

the Year and consistently being an

all-star but most famously back in 2011

Chris Paul was nearly delta LA to team

up with Kobe

but the MPA didn't allow the deal to go

through sweet end up on the Clippers and

signed a five-year hundred seven million

dollar deal in the summer of 2017 the

Clippers then traded Chris Paul to

Houston and after loosing the Warriors

in the playoffs Houston and Paul still

reached an agreement on a four-year 160

million dollar contract the largest of

his career but all in all throughout

Chris Paul's total earnings of 225

million it'll reach 336 million on the

court by the time his contracts up in

2022 and before the NBA made the rule

making players attend college before

joining the league Howard took his

talent to the NBA right out of high


Howard was such a dominant town back

then he was easily taken with the first

pick by the Orlando Magic in the 2004

draft but from this point on he

dominated the league during his first

years with the magic and set many

franchise and league records made

all-star teams and even won

three-straight Defensive Player of the

Year awards so the magic knew that he

was worth something big but in 2007

after just four years in the league and

being just 21 years old Howard in the

magic agreed on a five-year deal worth

80 million then in 2009 Howard led his

magic to the NBA Finals where ionically

went up against Kobe and the Lakers and

then a few years later was actually

traded there from this point on Dwight

still got his money but was never able

to reach superstar status again then

eventually signed with Houston in 2013

to a four-year 88 million dollar deal

Dwight's jumped around the league's

since playing for the Hawks

Hornets and now Wizards we still trying

to prove his worth but either way his

career earnings reckon with some of the

league's best making 234 million now

with the recent narrative surrounding

Carmelo Anthony many have forgotten his

greatness from early on from playing

against LeBron James in high school and

already getting recognition then heading

to college and winning a national

championship at Syracuse during his

freshman year he came to the NBA s star

during the 2003 draft with the number

three pick but just a few years in the

league was already proving himself to be

a superstar and signed his first big

deal of 80 million dollars for five

years with the Nuggets at this point he

was arguably one of the best scorers in

the league already with players like

LeBron and Kobe Clem used the hardest to

defend but after seven years with the


Melo was traded to the New York

and eventually send the biggest contract

of his career five years 124 million in

2014 there's a contract that lasted all

the way till present day with him being

trade to the Thunder and also receiving

a 2.4 million dollar deal with Houston

in the process I call it what you want

but metal obviously still belongs in the

league in with him continuing to work

out in practice look to see what deal e

lands next during this summer already

making 238 million on the court a Chris

Bosh came in the league in 2003 with the

fourth pick by Toronto and he quickly

made a name for himself becoming well

the greatest Raptors ever during his

first few seasons constantly making

all-star teams and even leading travel

to the playoffs he'd eventually sent a

three year 63 million dollar deal and

play out the contract but then he head

to Miami to form a big tree with LeBron

and D Wade and Bosh talked about this

decision saying no that this was my

toughest decision mostly because Toronto

has been so great to me I've loved every

minute here and I just wanted to thank

you from the bottom of my heart Bosh the

zdenka wanna sign of 60 or 125 million

dollar contract did lead to four

straight files appearances two

championships and a legendary conclusion

to his careers just after LeBron left

the team Bosh his career cut short as he

suffered career-ending injuries but all

in all still earned a respectable 239

million thirteen seasons now ever since

Tim Duncan was at Wake Forest he quickly

became one of the greatest power

forwards we ever seen once he was

drafted with San Antonio first pick in

the 1997 draft read then signed a 3-year

10 million dollar contract he's easily

why the most slept on players when

talking about one of the greatest ever

because of his Kawhi Leonard type of

personality he still accomplished more

than what players dream of capitalizing

on five championships with three files

MVPs and only losing one finals he ever

got to now winning the league MVP and

making 15 all-star teams it's just the

beginning of explaining just how

legendary he was and he was rightfully

paid for it signing a seven-year 105

million dollar deal in 2003 then signing

ten million dollars short-term deals

sacrificing money for the team until he

retired in 2016 with him staying loyal

to the Spurs throughout his 19 years and

makes him truly one-of-a-kind which in

return made San Antonio reward him for


earning 242 million on the court

now making a name for himself overseas

led Dirk to be drafted by the Milwaukee

Bucks with the ninth pick of the 1998

draft who was immediately traded to the

Dallas Mavericks

we stayed loyal throughout his entire

career 21 seasons there quickly became

legendary in this league one of the

greatest shooting big men in history

with his trademark fadeaway Dallas got

him on a bargain in the beginning

signing a four point seven million

dollar deal but with an impressive start

could go on to sign a four-year 48

million dollar deal in 2001 they knew

what they were getting and start

continue to carry and he even got them

to the NBA files in 2006 that summer you

send the biggest deal of his career for

five years 90 million and he proved he

was worth every penny winning MVP that

very next season Dirk's numbers

throughout his prime years were

unbelievable putting up 25 points and

eight rebounds per game and he

eventually sent yet another huge deal

for four years eighty million in 2010

and pretty much every single time he

signed a contract like this he just went

on a mission immediately and he did that

leading Dallas all the way to the NBA

Finals through Damian Lillard and the

Blazers Kobe Bryant the Lakers Kevin

Durant Russell Westbrook and the Thunder

and of course finally secured his first

championship through Miami's big three

of Chris Bosh Dwyane Wade and LeBron now

throughout his career he was offered

huge deals from teams like Houston and

even Kobe amid trying to recruit an LA

and their could've signed nearly a

hundred million dollar deals in both

instances but he left money on the table

deciding what was best for him was

playing for the Mavericks to conclude

his career and before retiring this

season he was truly a one-of-a-kind type

of talent and he racked up 251 million

throw now to say we didn't see LeBron

James becoming what he is today early on

would be complete disrespect as he was

already covering magazines when he was

in high school and even petitioned the

NBA to come join the league at 17 in the

2002 draft but obviously was denied to

finish school first and he was of course

select the number one in the 2003 draft

at just 18 years old he was already

being offered seventy million dollar

shoe deals before playing an NBA game

but he chose this time with Nike for 90

million and Cleveland got him on a

bargain for three years thirteen million

when he first came in because he had to

prove himself but a superstar

immediately winning Rookie of the Year

showing he could hang with the best in

the world he never really even has

season even close to this since right

from this point on he elevated this game

to legendary status right then and there

and immediately took it was the league's

worst team before acquiring him so the

playoffs in just his third season LeBron

went on to sign up four years 60 million

dollar deal and in 2007 continued to

shock the world but in 2010

made a move to change the league forever

announcing his decision live to sign

with Miami inform a super team he went

on to take a pay cut and talked about

his decision saying I can't see it was

always in my plans because I never

thought it was possible but the things

that Miami Heat franchise have done to

free up cap space and be able to put

themselves in a position this summer to

have all three of us but all three of us

are ultimately gonna take less money

because we want to all play alongside

each other and we feel like we could be

great together

now throughout these four seasons with

the Heat they made the finals in each of

them and winning in 2012 and 2013

well the brand of course winning Finals

MVP in each in 2014 LeBron then

terminated his contract early to return

to Cleveland it was time for LeBron to

fulfill his promise of ending their

championship drought of 52 years who's

on a mission from that point forward

signing over a hundred fifty million

dollars in deals over those four years

but after losing the Golden State in his

first year back he accomplished with

none had done before him when he led the

caps of the files once again that went

down three to one in the series but led

them all the way back win the next three

games of legendary performances between

him and Kyrie Irving now of course the

Warriors went on to get Kevin Durant and

things were never the same and all these

years LeBrons had a mansion in Los

Angeles so after that costly mistake

from jr. Smith during those 2018 finals

you could tell right then and there

LeBron was already thinking I'm heading

to LA that summer all eyes were on him

even though he was on vacation but the

media was trying to get any sort of hint

about the decision he was gonna make and

just a few days in the free agency a

camera caught his plane flying into Los

Angeles where he of course announced

he'd sign for four years hundred fifty

four million now currently LeBrons made

269 million on the court but once he

plays through this current deal

it'll total 387 million making him the

highest-paid player in NBA history but

keep in mind this is nothing compared to

the 1 billion dollar deal that he has

with Nike already now playing at LSU in

college check was also already becoming

celebrity status being a dominant type

of player we'd never really seen before

here's of course drafted first pick in

the 1992 draft by the Orlando Magic he

signed a rookie deal worth 17 million

and turned up the league he won Rookie

of the Year and was the first rookie to

ever be named an all-star since Michael

Jordan in 1985 after playing his four

years in Orlando Shaq signed a

seven-year 120 million dollar contract

in 1996 head to LA but he said it wasn't

about the money

but the Lakers Shaq continued his

dominance averaging nearly 30 points per

game during his prime and appeared in

four NBA Finals winning three of them

and being named Finals MVP in each of

those he

a three-year 88 million dollar deal with

the Lakers in 2003 was trained in Miami

in 2004 for a few future all-stars in a

first-round pick but a few seasons into

that check and Dwyane Wade won a

championship in 2006 with legendary

performances but from this point on

injuries were definitely playing a

factor of finishing his career strong to

where he went to Phoenix

Cleveland and then Boston and Shaq even

admitted injuries held him back from

being claimed the best center ever

though many still argue it throughout

his entire career he's earned a total of

286 million in 20 years but just like

many superstars he's made more money

through endorsements and investments off

the court now Kobe Bryant was definitely

underrated coming in it was picked 13th

by Charlotte in the 1996 NBA Draft

immediately being traded to the Lakers

where he signed a 3-year 3.5 million

dollar rookie contract and he even ended

up winning the dunk contest in his first

year in the league but from this point

on he completely elevated his game to

legendary status and signed a six-year

seventy million dollar deal because of

it to which he ended up leading the team

of the finals year after year Kobe was

yet again another legendary player who

stayed loyal to one team and to that he

made over 323 million as he created one

of the most legendary legacies we've

ever seen with 18 all-star games being

one of the leading scorers ever having

an 81 point game and of course winning

five championships but after his final


Kobe announced retirement in 2016 after

playing all 20 seasons for the Lakers

now lastly at the top of the list we

have Kevin Garnett who is well declared

for the NBA draft right out of high

school and was chosen fifth picked by

the Timberwolves in 1995 Garnett signed

the common three-year 3.5 million dollar

rookie deal when he went on leading

Minnesota to playoff Birds when they

decided to restructure the contract and

Garnett signed a six-year 126 million

dollar deal after that and let his team

to four more consecutive years in the

playoffs making it eight seasons in a

row now in 2007 kg signed a 3-year 51

million dollar deal who was involved in

a blockbuster trade setting him to

Boston for a league record of the Wolves

getting seven players for just him now

Garnett ended up helping the Celtics to

that NBA files in his first year there

and of course when his only championship

they continue to be a force making the

playoffs year after year were eventually

traded to Brooklyn along with Paul

Pierce in 2012 and eventually returned

to Minnesota which tied the NBA record

for most years ever played the NBA with

21 seasons and he retired in 2016 he

eventually finished his NBA career

earning 334 million dollars which made

highest paid player in NBA history for

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