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pauley perrette earnings for 2017 to

2018 8.5 million when most people think

of pauley perrette Abby Sciuto comes to

mind a forensic NCIS scientist notable

for her gothic appearance the Louisiana

born perrette has NCIS to thank for her

overwhelming fame but it wasn't just the

show that earned her legions of fans

before she impressed millions of viewers

with her acting talent she was working

in New York City as a bartender the job

wasn't glamorous but it earned her

enough money to sustain her rent while

she searched for her big breakthrough

eventually she found it when a friend

introduced her to a director from an ad

agency this was the start of something

new although it was hardly going to be

smooth sailing before NCIS pauley spent

almost a decade playing small parts on

TV and in films it wasn't until the turn

of the century that Polly really started

to be noticed and eventually joined the

NCIS team fans found it tragic when

Polly left the show without even

revealing her reasons for doing so all

she did was write these mysterious

emotional tweets anyhow nowadays Polly

spends most of her time with her lovely

dogs and in support of a range of

different anti-bullying programs Andrew

Lincoln earnings for 2017 to 2018 eleven

million dollars one of the reasons the

Walking Dead earned its success is

Andrew Lincoln his role as Rick Grimes

catapulted the actor into the list of

the highest-paid TV actors but he also

had to start somewhere why do you think

this man joined the acting world for

money fame yep Lincoln only agreed

because he thought it would help him get

girls as he once admitted in an

interview so he started in his school's

production of Oliver and won the role of

The Artful Dodger Lincoln made his first

on-screen appearance on the sitcom

dropped the dead donkey in its 1994

episode titled births and

never heard of it it is a show set at a

fictional TV news company and in the UK

the show was a hit and ran for six

seasons Lincoln's first major

breakthrough in the United States came

when he starred in the romantic comedy

Love Actually yes you probably remember

his character Mark who was secretly in

love with his best friend's wife played

by Keira Knightley and after only a

couple more films and the huge success

of Walking Dead a real life of luxury

has opened its doors for Lincoln when

the main star of The Walking Dead left

the show the news broke the hearts of

fans no worries though he will return in

a trilogy of movies based on his

character with the first exploring the

story of where Rick is taken and what he

faces in a new corner of the zombie


according to AMC Andrew commented on his

leaving The Walking Dead series by

saying that Rick Grimes as final episode

is not the beginning of the end it's the

end of the beginning Ty Burrell earnings

for 2017 to 2018 twelve million dollars

everyone's favorite TV dad Ty Burrell

from Modern Family also worked as a

bartender during his college years and

for a period of time in graduate school

he lived out of his van to save money in

high school he was a popular hunky

football player transitioning into an

equally cool undergrad at Southern

Oregon University but after seeing Death

of a Salesman at the age of 20 he

transferred to the University of Oregon

and decided to major in theater studies

he did not have a clear path for a while

coasting along on a sea of uncertainty

for much of his teenage years I'm very

lucky that I came from a stable home but

I didn't know what I wanted to do with

my life until acting sort of landed in

my lap when I was in my 20s

he shares adding acting to me was a bit

like the latter I used to climb out of

feeling lost his road to great acting

success was not a quick one but after

many years and many roles he finally

landed the iconic role of Phil Dunphy


ty sounds like a man that has it all a

fact he's well aware of Burrell knows

that Modern Family has afforded him the

luxury to do what he loves and indulge

in his favorite things iconic TV dad Ty

Burrell has announced that when the

series ultimately comes to an end

he'll probably step away from the acting

world all

together honestly I've been taking my

lumps as a producer and really enjoy

learning how to do that he reveals in

the new issue of hot living Los Angeles

I think I'm not really willing to travel

very much anymore or miss too many

dinners away from my kids so there's a

possibility that I'm a step away from

performing all together when the show is

over Mariska Hargitay earnings for 2017

to 2018

thirteen million dollars for almost

twenty years

Mariska has been playing the iconic TV

detective Olivia Benson

now Hargitay has a happy home life with

her husband actor Peter Herman and their

three children having one of the highest

paying jobs ever but it didn't come

easily she's had her share of tragedies

starting when she was just three years

old Marissa's mother actress Jayne

Mansfield was killed in a car accident

in the middle of the night she said that

losing my mother at such an early age is

the scar of my soul and added that this

tragedy made her into the person she is

today I understand the journey of life I

had to go through what I did to be here

the same tragedy almost hit her twice as

in 1973 her stepmother nearly died

because of horrible injuries she

received during turbulence on a flight

due to all the stress she endured in her

childhood years Hargitay struggled with

anxiety and low self-esteem in her 20s

Hargitay acutely felt the pain of not

really having known her world-famous

mother it took a long time for Hargitay

to become a big star she didn't get the

role on Law & Order SVU until she was 35

years old so that meant a lot of rough

moments financially as she tried to make

her way in the world on her own I had a

house and car I didn't want to lose she

said and I had a lot of credit card debt

so now that Mariska finally has it all

she celebrates every moment she can I

realized that you have to show up for

your life Ed O'Neill earnings for 2017

to 2018 14 million dollars Ed O'Neill is

already a television veteran who has

portrayed iconic roles such as Edie

Bundy in married with children Glen in

Wayne's World

and of course Jay Pritchett in Modern


it's difficult to imagine O'Neill

anywhere else besides on TV he was

actually a student at Ohio University

with a scholarship in football to tell

you the truth and spent more time

playing football and partying rather

than focusing on his degree before

becoming an actor

O'Neill worked as a social studies

teacher at his high school however he

was also involved in the theater program

and was among the first few students to

get enrolled in it later he started

featuring in Red Lobster commercials at

the same time

Edie made his breakthrough with an

appearance in the equalizer from then on

O'Neill went through many TV roles and

eventually landed his most iconic one as

the hilarious Jay Pritchett today he

gets paid one hundred five thousand

dollars for each episode a modern family

who knows what he had today if he had

chosen to continue with his football

career instead Mark Harmon earnings for

2017 to 2018 19 million dollars

everybody and their moms okay especially

their moms loves the one and only Mark

Harmon and all-american hunk and people

sexiest man alive in 1986 with the

acting chops in charmed a boot has been

on the Hollywood radar since the 70s and

it would not have been so if he had not

shied away from a career in football and

started working in film and television

even more so mark only felt the calling

for acting after he'd tried out some

other careers that he ultimately failed

at and hated Harmon said he'd have been

a carpenter I tried to do that but I

just couldn't get hired Harmon said I

enjoyed getting up and doing that in the


I enjoyed the drive to work for me it

was about materials and doing right

after that Harmon said he moved on to

what he called being a shoe salesman but

the job required a fair amount of travel

and it was then that he realized he had

to get out and so he chose to try a TV

career most seasoned actors that are

veterans of the venerable medium of


don't attained that status with just one

hit show that seemingly lasts forever

casting agents love to book Harmon as

the lead of TV shows but his gigs up

until NCIS were almost always

short-lived flops nevertheless he

persistently settled into a career of

seemingly never being too far gone from

a TV screen and so he became

one of the most successful TV actors of

all time having starred on the top-rated

CBS military crime procedural NCIS for

well over 15 years Simon Helberg

earnings for 2017 to 2018 twenty three

point five million dollars the Big Bang

Theory star unlike his wealthy

colleagues was already part of a

prestigious Hollywood family being the

son of sandy Albert in his early years

he was very interested in television as

he told USA Today I would come home and

make sure I finished my homework every

night by 8 o'clock generally so that I

could sit down and watch TV from 8:00 to

10:00 as a teen Helberg became involved

in playing music he explained to Conan

O'Brien that he joined a rock band

because I thought it would make me cool

but the group had one problem only

Helberg was a skilled musician the rest

of the band couldn't really play

understanding that music career wasn't

really working for him Helberg later

made the switch to acting enrolling at

the Tisch School of the Arts at New York

University despite his connections to

the industry he also had to start within

a few small TV roles before becoming a

cast member of MADtv in 2002 his next

big break came with a part in Aaron

Sorkin's studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

in 2006 the following year Helberg

joined the cast of Big Bang Theory as

Howard Wolowitz and now the guy is

earning twenty three point five million

dollars a year Ellen Pompeo earnings for

2017 to 2018 twenty three point five

million dollars my life started out with

tragedy says one of the most in-demand

actresses on TV one of pompei OHS

earliest memories is of her older

siblings trying to revive their mom

after she suffered a fatal overdose

growing up in a big family of six in an

Italian Irish neighborhood

Pompeyo realized that you can't get out

of where I come from if you're a

Wallflower as she later told the

transition wasn't entirely seamless I

was pathetically insecure she said I

didn't have a mother to tell me how

amazing I was Pompeo knows a bit about

being a badass while tour knowledge

she's never performed an abdominal wall

transplant or held a bomb in place with

her finger like Meredith has the act

did have the will to pull herself up by

those proverbial bootstraps as her

brothers and sisters were smoking pot

she was being shuffled amongst

babysitters and various relatives once

her aunt took her to a Rockettes

performance in New York and it was then

when she settled on her future career

after years of small roles her agent

approached her with the script for a

half procedural half rom-com pilot

penned by event unknown rhymes and she

was not pleased by that I was like I'm

not gonna be stuck on a medical show for

five years she recalled are you mine I'm

an actress

well we know she certainly doesn't think

that anymore being among the top five of

the highest-paid actresses on TV kaley

cuoco earnings for 2017 to 2018 twenty

four point five million dollars the

actress famous for being America's

bubbly sweetheart penny on the Big Bang

Theory the actress has been named in the

top 20 of Maxim magazine's Hot 100 women

list twice kaley cuoco started her

career earlier than any of her actor

colleagues at the age of six she had

already modeled for commercials like

Barbie dolls a year later she appeared

in her first TV movie quicksand no


she was an athletic child and started

playing tennis at the age of three she

later became a regionally ranked amateur

tennis player but left the sport at the

age of 16 to pursue acting seriously and

soon her beloved television roles

followed including Brigitte Hennessy on

the ABC sitcom 8 simple rules and fans

may remember her as Billy Jenkins on the

original charmed series Kaylie is the

one who has built her career steadily

with regular appearances in movies

Telefilms and on television and after

some years she made her breakthrough

with the Big Bang Theory and now she's

in our top 4 Johnny Galecki earnings for

2017 to 2018 25 million dollars

Coco's Big Bang Theory co-star an

ex-boyfriend Johnny Galecki has also

made his way to stardom thanks to real

hard work sure he's no experimental

physicist like Leonard but every move

Johnny Galecki made led him to this

colossal opportunity on one of the most

popular shows in history acting on the

small screen since age 12 Gorky

established himself as a prominent actor

with his sitcom role in Roseanne on

which Galecki played Darlene Connors

awkward but devoted beau David Healy

Galecki credits the sitcom for honing

his acting craft in many ways Roseanne

was my college the actor said in a

People magazine interview after the

series ended Galecki continued to land

minor acting gigs the actor wanted to

leave behind the whole song and so he

played a male prostitute into play the

little dog laughed which required a full

frontal nude scene by Galecki while

risque the role garnered the actor

praise as well as a theatre world award

for an outstanding debut afterward

Galecki returned to his TV roots

playing geeky physicist Leonard

Hofstadter who brought him onto our top


Jim Parsons earnings for 2017 to 2018

twenty six point five million the second

highest on the list of the highest-paid

TV actors is also one from the Big Bang

Family Jim Parsons put in more than a

decade of paying his dues before finally

becoming a household name just like many

other actors he started off his acting

career by working in off-broadway

productions and appearing on TV

commercials however it was a small role

as the colo-colo bird in a school

production of Rudyard Kipling's the

elephant's child when he was just six

years old that gave him the acting bug

and from then on Parsons was determined

to become an actor it's hard to believe

now knowing that he is one of the most

sought out actors in world television

that Jim Parsons is actually the veteran

of no less than 15 failed television

pilots can you imagine 15 closed

projects before the breakthrough a Big

Bang Theory that must have been tough

Jim is often credited as the significant

factor that contributed to the show's

great success so what is unclear whether

the show made jimson's a star or whether

parson made the show such a hit whatever

it was Parsons salary on the show

increased from a couple of thousand to

almost 1 million dollars per episode in

the last season

Sofia Vergara earnings for 2017 to 2018

forty two point five million dollars

yes 42 million US dollars that's what

this lady earned last year that just

sounds insane how did she get here

growing up in a traditionally large

family in Colombia with five brothers

and sisters Sofia Vergara made her way

to success despite all of life's ups and

downs young Sophia firstly started out

studying to become a dentist but

unfortunately for all your pearly whites

out there but fortunately for your TV

screens she quit

like many other young girls she shot her

first commercial at the age of only 17

she was able to be cast in an ad for

giant company Pepsi which was a very

prestigious achievement at the time soon

after her success in modeling she was

discovered for television

she started her first serious job on the

TV channel Telemundo Vergara had her

first baby right after graduation and

after a breakup with her partner she had

to raise her son alone whilst trying to

make a career out of acting at the same

time on top of all that she was also

fighting cancer and helping her brother

quit drugs just imagine how strong and

highly motivated she had to be to get

through all of these life challenges

after years of being on TV and

struggling through personal issues she

finally got her big break both in her

career and her family life the year 2009

was a dramatic turnaround for her as she

was selected for the sitcom Modern

Family and today she is one of the top

television actresses in the world with

the perfect job and a loving marriage to

actor Joe Manganiello that's all for

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