10 Richest WWE Superstars Of 2020

you don't think contractual things

should happen in public

let's ask the wwe universe you people

want this to go down in public

wwe and their talents as salaries is

somewhat of a taboo subject

majority of the time this isn't public


meaning the only way fans can access

this information is when a reputable

journalist reveals details of the

aforementioned salaries

now this information is presented to you

by forbes who are a reputable source

so all the information in this video

should be reliable

since wwe went public in 2000 wwe

salaries have been a lot higher than

they were predating the year 2000.

wwe is now a company worth over 5


meaning they can afford to pay their

talent a healthy amount of money

especially if they actually make a

difference in terms of the attendance

or television ratings but who are the 10

richest right now

join us now as wrestlemania looks at the

10 highest paid wwe superstars of 2020

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number 10 braun strowman 1.2 million



in the bank we'll start off the list

with braun strowman who comes in with a

salary of 1.2 million dollars per year

now braun has been on the main roster

since 2015

so to end up with a salary of 1.2

million dollars in the space of five

years is some feat

wwe put a lot of faith in braun over

those five years

he's worked extensive programs with the

likes of brock lesnar

i believe the master has his sights set

on one thing roman reigns and has

maintained a prominent position at the

top of the card

it was reported last year that braun

signed a new four-year deal with the wwe

which shows they have faith in the

monster among men to keep him as one of

their top stars

this was supported by the fact that

braun even won the universal title at

wrestlemania this year

and was positioned at the face of the

smackdown brand in the pandemic era

to be earning this much money must be

incredible for braun

as he has recently spoke of living in

his car when he first started wrestling

only having about 150 dollars in his

pocket at the time

number nine stephanie mcmahon two

million dollars

they're chanting ronda rousey and in my

ears i'm hearing

steph steph steph

you may be confused by the inclusion of

stephanie mcmahon on this list

especially as she hasn't had an actual

match on wwe television since she teamed

with triple h to face ronda rousey and


angle at wrestlemania 34 however

stephanie benefits

from receiving two payouts one for her

contract as a performer

despite only making small appearances

over the last year which included her

delivering the opening to wrestlemania


and a second payout comes from her role

as chief brand officer

which involves expanding the brand

across the world

ultimately stephanie takes home a total

of two million dollars per year

across her two contracts not too bad eh

number eight shane mcmahon 2.1 million


the stephanie mcmahon's brother shane

mcmahon appears next on the list with a


of 2.1 million dollars per year shane's

role is solely that as an on-screen


this despite him occasionally helping

out with backstage duties

in 2019 shane had his busiest year in

terms of wrestling

he wrestled a total of 15 times on wwe


and this included featured matches at

wrestlemania 35 with the miz


oh my god

and in saudi arabia with the match

against roman reigns

shane was a prominent feature on wwe

television in 2019

so logically the salary does make sense

however he was written off television

october 2019

after losing a career versus career

ladder match against kevin owens on the

fox premiere of smackdown

you're fired

it's unclear if shane will ever return

to wwe television

and what the status of his contract as a

performer currently is

number seven goldberg 3 million dollars

goldberg amazingly earned three million

dollars for just two matches in 2019

this is a crazy number especially when

you consider one of these matches was

the infamous goldberg versus undertaker

match from super showdown

goldberg had 10 minutes of in-ring time

during 2019 which works out to an insane

three hundred thousand dollars per


now many fans had zero desire to see

goldberg ever wrestle again after that


however he was seemingly awarded by

squashing dolph ziggler and then

proceeding to beat the fiend for the

universal title

turn back the clock goldberg is

back goldberg's last match as of right


was losing the universal title to braun

strowman at wrestlemania 36

in yet another lackluster affair it's

unclear if goldberg will ever wrestle


but it's debatable as to if wwe are

getting a true return on their

investment with him

number six becky lynch 3.1 million


because when you're the man you make

history every time you step foot in this


2019 was certainly the year of the man

and becky lynch's 3.1 million dollars

per year salary

certainly shows this becky turned into a

mainstream money drawing star and

ultimately one of the most popular stars

on the roster and

easily one of the most popular female

talents of all time

becky started 2019 by winning the

women's royal rumble then proceeded to

main event wrestlemania 35 alongside

charlotte flair and ronda rousey which

marked the first time women had main

event at the illustrious event

wwe positioned becky as a prominent

fixture in all of their marketing

she featured on the majority of their

pay-per-view posters for 2019 and was a

top merchandise seller for this year

outselling all the male top stars

this is the first time in wwe history

that that's ever been achieved

so she's worth every penny number five

triple h 3.3 million dollars

triple h similarly to his wife stephanie

mcmahon has the benefit of having a

performer contract and a contract as a

wwe executive

last year triple h attained a salary of

3.3 million dollars

with 2 million of that coming from his

role as a performer

2 million for his performances in 2019


quite excessive considering he would

only wrestle twice

i'm being once against batista in

batista's last match at wrestlemania 35

and another time against randy orton at

super showdown

triple h's role as head of nxt means he

takes home seven hundred thousand

dollars per year which is quite low

considering how prominent nxt is these


and it exists as its own two-hour live

entity on the usa network each and every


it's unclear if triple h will continue

to wrestle a couple of times a year as

this year he hasn't wrestled a single

match and according to the man himself

he has no desire to return to the ring

any time soon as he feels it's a burden

for him

his words not ours number four seth

rollins of four million dollars

since his main roster debut seth rollins

has been a prominent fixture on the main

event scene and has multiple world title

runs under his belt and even a royal

rumble win

rollins living that double champ life so

much weight on that man's shoulders

right now

the last year for rollins has been a

continuation of this success

with the royal rumble win coming in last

january and then featuring at a match at

wrestlemania 35 with brock lesnar who

was very much positioned as the face of

raw throughout 2019

and i'm gonna burn it

down this until he was unfortunately

placed in a never-ending feud with baron

corbin and then an unfortunate

consequence of poor booking resulted in

some fans turning on him

this ultimately resulted in wwe turning

rollins heel

since then rollins has thrived as a heel

and has become the top heel

on the brand more recently rollins has

been positioned as

leading a new stable with young talents

such as buddy murphy and austin theory

as rollins transitions into the next

stage of his career

rollins certainly deserves the 4 million

dollars per year salary as he certainly

one of the pillars

of modern wwe number three randy orton

4.1 million dollars randy orton is one

of the last

active full-time wrestlers from the

ruthless aggression era but certainly

the argument that orton at 40 years old

has never been better as an in-ring


he's become a wwe legend and has been a

key part of the wwe product for almost

20 years

orton rightly earns 4.1 million dollars

per year making him the third highest

paid superstar on the roster

he signed a new deal last year after

prominent interest by aew

form's article reveals that the figure

of 4.1 million dollars could rise to 6


before 2020 comes to a close in the past

few months orton has been positioned as

one of the top hills in the company and

had an acclaimed feud with edge which

appeared to reveal a focused and driven


one that we haven't seen for a number of

years number two

roman reigns five million dollars roman

reigns for the past five years has been

positioned as the face of the company

so naturally his five million dollars

per year salary makes complete sense

i'm next

over the past year fan support has

heavily gone towards reigns after a

constant battle for him to get cheered

by the fans

the man behind the character has been

seen a lot more in television which has

allowed fans to connect with him on a

personal level

reigns has also stayed away from the

world title scene for the past 12 months

which has allowed his character to be in

refreshing feuds with the likes of buddy

murphy and drew mcintyre

we've seen this too


more recently reigns has taken a leave

of absence from wwe due to the safety

concerns due to the ongoing covert 19


however once the well goes back to

normal reigns will be back to reclaim

his spot as they face the wwe and no

doubt fans will be happy to see the

former wwe champion back in the ring

once again

and number one brock lesnar 10 million


we arrive at number one and as you might

have guessed the highest paid superstar

in the wwe is indeed

the beast incarnate brock lesnar brock

makes 10 million dollars per year this

despite not being a full-time talent and

only appearing a few times per year

it's a common debate as to if lesnar is

actually worth this crazy amount of

money but he is indeed wwe's largest

draw that they still have in their


especially now that john cena is

semi-retired lesnar has over the past 12

months been really selfless in building

the next generation of superstars

at wrestlemania 35 he lost to seth

rollins and then once again put him over

at summerslam in the main event

at the royal rumble lesnar wrestled for

half the match before being eliminated

by drew mcintyre

lesnar then proceeded to sell for over

five minutes on the outside to sell the

claymore and the impactor mcintyre

eliminating the wwe champion following

the rumble lesnar would put over

mcintyre clean in the main event of

wrestlemania 36

showing just how selfless and truly

valuable the man himself is

fans may debate issues surrounding

lesnar such as if he's truly worth his

money and whether he should work more

wwe dates but when he's had a selfless

12 months as we've seen recently

he's certainly worth every single penny

but there you have it guys

10 of the highest paid wwe superstars of


do any of these surprise you let us know

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