5 Incredible Things Jesus said about the Holy Spirit - Who is the Holy Spirit?

welcome to grace digital presentation in

this video we will take a close look at

the five things that Jesus taught

regarding the Holy Spirit number one

teacher in John 14 25 and 26 jesus said

all this I have spoken while still with


but the Advocate the Holy Spirit whom

the father will send in my name will

teach you all things and will remind you

of everything I have said to you I'm

impressed by the confidence Jesus had in

the Holy Spirit I think we need to have

equal confidence sometimes we feel we

have to do the whole job and that if we

don't do it it won't get done yet jesus

said I've done what I can do when the

Holy Spirit comes he'll finish the job I

really think that was a mark of humility

on Jesus's part we are learning that God

expects me to leave some things to the

Holy Spirit if we think we have to do it

all it might fail but jesus said I've

taken you as far as you're able to come

now I can't give you any more because

you can't receive it it would be wasting

words on you

pouring water into a bottle with a cap

on it is a waste so he said I'm leaving

you but it will be all right because

when the Holy Spirit comes I have

absolute confidence in him he'll finish

the job you need to bear in mind that

you can only do so much the Holy Spirit

will have to do the rest people who try

to do it all get in God's way jesus

never got in the way of the Father he

knew when to leave a situation some

people only leave when the whole thing

has fallen apart and there's no

alternative so they say well God's

calling me elsewhere there is a real art

and knowing when to leave it is being

sensitive to the Holy Spirit therefore

Jesus said I've done what I can

but another teacher is coming he's going

to do two things

he's going to teach you what I haven't

yet taught you and he's going to bring

everything I have taught you to your


teacher and reminder are two of the holy

spirits great ministries the record of

the Bible does not depend solely on the

fail ability of human memory the Spirit

came to make sure the biblical authors

got the record absolutely correct he

brought all things to their remembrance

we can rely on it because it is a spirit

inspired record the Holy Spirit also

gave the New Testament authors

understanding of many events they might

not otherwise have recorded because they

wouldn't have seen their significance

for example suppose you were to try to

describe any event that happened in your

life even a year ago or suppose you had

to get six people who were present at

the same event to sit down and

individually write their accounts of

what happened you'd hardly know some of

them were describing the same event it's

not easy but the disciples did not have

to depend solely on human ability they

were promised that the Holy Spirit would

bring all things to their remembrance

number two comforter if you love me keep

my commands and I will ask the Father

and He will give you another advocate to

help you and be with you forever

John 14 15 and 16 Jesus was saying I'm

going to ask the Father to meet your

need when I go away he'll give you

another comforter what does the word

another indicate there are two Greek

words for another one means different in

number and the other means different in

kind the word used here is different in

number the divine person Jesus was going

but he would ask the Father to send

another divine person in his place and

that person was the comforter as the

comforter the Holy Spirit is an


he never discourages the children of God

you need to bear in mind that any kind

of influence that discourages you is not

from the Holy Spirit if you sin he will

reprove you specifically and tell you

what to do but he will never discourage

you many people have discouraging

influences in their lives and they think

it's the Holy Spirit but

he is the encourage ur not the

discourage err or do you not know that

your body is a temple of the holy spirit

within you whom you have from God you

are not your own

first Corinthians 6:19 courage gives you

the heart to face all that life throws

at you you and I need encouragement in

our lives especially today

number three spirit of truth in John 14

17 Jesus called the Holy Spirit the

Spirit of Truth

the Spirit of Truth the world cannot

accept him because it neither sees him

nor knows him but you know him for he

lives within you and will be in you john

14 17 remember that we are not talking

about something that sinners receive as

jesus said the world cannot receive this

this is something that born-again

children of god can receive but sinners

can't because they are not in contact

with him they don't see him they don't

know him

they don't understand him and he's not

real to them number four ever-present

provider the spirit of truth the world

cannot accept him because it neither

sees him nor knows him but you know him

for he lives with you and will be in you

I will not leave you as orphans I will

come to you John 14 17 and 18 without

the Holy Spirit we Christians would be

like orphans Jesus was saying in effect

I will not leave you as orphans without

anybody to care for you teach you

comfort you or provide for you when I go

another person will come through the

Holy Spirit we don't have to be orphans

if we accept Jesus is provision for us

jesus said and I will ask the Father and

He will give you another advocate to

help you and be with you forever

verse 16 the word forever is significant

Jesus as a person had been with his

disciples for only three-and-a-half

years now he was leaving them just when

they were getting to know him but he

said that the next

person who came would never leave them

he would come to stay forever that is

the Holy Spirit number five it was an

exchange of persons when Jesus began to

draw near the close of his earthly

ministry he gradually began to prepare

his disciples for his departure

promising that another person would come

to take his place at this point in the

teaching of Jesus the Holy Spirit was

emphasized as a person the essence of

what Jesus was saying was that there was

to be an exchange of persons I the son

of God as a person and going away in my

place another person the Holy Spirit

will come John 15:26 says but when the

comforter is come whom I will send unto

you from the father even the Spirit of

Truth which proceedeth from the father

he shall testify of me John 7:37 and 39

on the last and greatest day of the

festival Jesus stood and said in a loud

voice let anyone who is thirsty come to

me and drink whoever believes in me as

scripture has said rivers of living

water will flow from within them by this

he meant the Spirit whom those who

believed in him were later to receive up

to that time the spirit had not been

given since Jesus had not yet been

glorified Jesus was speaking about

something that was yet in the future it

is not correct to apply this passage to

the conversion of sinners but to

believers receiving the Holy Spirit John

739 tells us spirit had not been given

the word given is in italics in several

Bible translations because it was

translated that way by the translators

the original Greek writing says the Holy

Spirit was not yet now we know this

doesn't mean the Holy Spirit was not yet

in existence so the translators had to

decide how they were going to phrase it

one word we could use is available the

Holy Spirit was not yet available what

Jesus was talking about could not happen

until he had returned

to heaven and been glorified once again

at the right hand of the Father

so although the promise was given in

John 7 its fulfillment did not come

until acts 2 after Jesus had been

glorified in closing let us pray holy

spirit we welcome you Holy Spirit we

know that you are the counselor of truth

our help in need and the one who fills

us with the Spirit of God Holy Spirit we

pray this very day to come into greater

communion with you you so graciously

work to intercede for us to the Father

but also to comfort us with your peace

that goes beyond all understanding Holy

Spirit please come Holy Spirit today we

ask for godly counsel in direction as it

says in Psalm 37:4 to delight yourselves

in the Lord so we boldly seek to do so

today following the will and heart of

the Father

is our greatest desire for we know his

plans are best for us and in the end

glorify the kingdom Holy Spirit please

lead us by your wisdom discernment and

kindness throughout our lives Holy

Spirit we praise and thank you for the

lovely upon us Holy Spirit we seek and

so earnestly crave to be in your

presence to feel the inner work of you

in our hearts and minds you so

graciously give comfort truth and love

Holy Spirit we welcome you this very day

in the name of Christ Jesus amen