Home Advisor Reviews: Employee Blows the Whistle

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you recently have seen a lot of activity

on our channel we've been featured in

the news in Colorado

I've been keeping reviewing them and

people just keep commenting and

commenting and commenting why you're so

negative about the company what's wrong

with the homeadvisor so I'm marketing

Thursday today I have only one tip for

you if you're the contractor and that

tip is do not sign up with a home

advisor you're ripping people like right

like blindly right in front of their

faces and like it's just not okay so

like I I applaud you for what you're

doing and like shedding light on


as a contract you're probably looking

for more business you probably wonder

your phone ring and people to find you

unfortunately there's a lot of services

out there that compete with you for your

own service for your own keywords you

heard me right you own the business you

own your name you own your brand own it

hundred percent own your brand don't let

anybody I repeat anybody to take your

brand and compete against you I will the

homeadvisor I've seen so many times

where contractors signing up for their

services and before you know it they

have bigger presence on homeadvisor

versus that their own presence on Google

and elsewhere

I literally just checked in myself in my

own town and what I found out is when I

went to home advisor I see lists of nine

companies that homeadvisor sent me as a

trusted companies in my area for one

none of them are in business more than

one or two years so they're all

brand-new companies because homeadvisor

is targeting brand new openings they're

not gonna target forty fifty year old

company has been in business forever

they're gonna go after small brands and

a lot of those brands don't have their

own presence so literally you have to go

through homeadvisor

to hire them so if you don't trust me

when I say do not hire homeadvisor

how about this how about if I tell you

that their own employees are saying how

much homeadvisor is lying to the

contractors just in preparation for this

video I receive a phone call if from

current employee of home advisor who

pretty much wanted to be a whistleblower

and wanted to share her story so I'm

gonna play her phone call right now I

have her permission and I want you to

listen words of an ex-employee can

deploy I'm sorry current employee of

homeadvisor what she has to say how it

is to work for home advisor on what is

it they're doing for the contractors

what's your name

hey so you work for home advisor Wow

thanks for being brave enough reaching

out kind of scenario and exactly like

you saying I recently just saw another

one and I was like I really need to get

in contact with this guy and like

something about this company it's

ridiculous so you currently work there

right now Wow

well actually I have another person last

year she was in charge who was there for

over a year and she was a kind of in

managing position so what she was the

same thing she called me and she said

that she was reporting to management

about her employees lying to contractors

to sell them and then and then she was

saying that they pretty much disregard

that say hey you know I know they didn't

do nothing about it so the homeadvisor

obviously knows that you know they're

lying their employees are lying just to

get a sale and they're not doing nothing

about it just because how much money

they're making you know that yourselves

that are doing this and then their

responses well it's not there they're

lying they're just selectively choosing

their words and so they know like when a

contractor signs up they know what

they're getting themselves into because

like they're just our sales reps are

just selectively using word

basically half-assing everything and not

giving the whole truth of what's

actually happening and how they're just

getting robbed for their money

Wow yeah it's very disturbing and can

you describe like your culture working

with homeadvisor breo's I heard so many

things from reviews and is that I mean

is it pretty go ahead you don't get paid

enough to do the work that you're doing

and to get yelled at every single day

like I can't take it anymore and I'm

just like I it's like it's really hard

for you to like sleep at night because

you're just like you're screwing people

over they want you to like get the

contractors to give you more money and

raising their spent targets which really

is just like helping us out because then

we can give you more bogus leads and oh

well if you can't get in contact with

them you're still gonna get charged for

it and it's just like man like I can't

sleep at night knowing that I'm doing

this to people and it's just like I have

to quit this job and I get my sanity

back and not feel like a piece of

because I'm screwing people over every

single day Wow

what do they say about class-action

lawsuit against them well I mean we do

but they're all be taken care of they're

nothing big just like I know that's like

because I know people that work

here and one of the reasons why

homeadvisor changed their name from

service magic is because of a huge

lawsuit that they have against them and

they just don't want to bring that up or

they say we have a great legal team so

they'll handle it and then it's like on

to the next object or don't bring it up

or they'll just run around

Wow what do you what do you think about

our Avitus that the my videos that

you've seen you continue making these

videos to shine my on what comb advisor

is doing because it's just like you're

ripping people off like right like

blindly right in front of their faces

and like it's just not okay so like I I

applaud you for what you're doing and

like wow I appreciate that about

conciliation I know when I try to cancel

they they like I called in I recorded

the conversation I said I'm gonna cancel

and they said it's cancelled but they

put it on pause and it's repeated twice

and after like you know I reached to top

top management finally it was cancelled

but I hear from a lot of contractors and

their reviews too that they don't cancel

accounts they put it on pause do you

have like some kind of protocol with

that I have seen that they'll just put

like some accounts they do get all the

way canceled out but then other ones

they're just like oh this person will be

back so they put it in a khole survey

ting account which basically gives you a

platform on homeadvisor so anyone that

searches on the cogniser

can see you call you and say hey i want

to like do a project with you and then

that's kind of home advisors way of

trying to beat you back in and and get

you to turn back their account but i am

not sure if they like i only get to hear

that hey i want to cancel and I'm just

like okay let me transfer you over and

so I don't get to see what actually

happens but I do have friends and I tell

them hey if you

I'm gonna count with homeadvisor make

sure that you cancel out their account

completely and like don't let them

hassle you into like oh let me pause

your leads for you or anything like that

because that's how they're gonna get you

and you're gonna think your leads are

pause and that you're not gonna get any

more leads and then once that paused a

comes comes up to turn on your leaves

then there goes that rockabilly again

wow yeah well you you're brave to do you

see a lot of a pot like contractors who

actually love homeadvisor at all like

have you ever met somebody or deal with

somebody who like super happy pays the

bill all the time can we go ahead pause

for a little bit it's very it's like

finding a unicorn in working with

homeadvisor like I take on a lot of

calls every single day and so it's

literally like amazing when you get one

of those calls from they're like hey I

just need to pause my leads I have too

much for coming in right now I'm up for

the next like two or three months like

there are people that it's working out

for but for the majority of the people

that calm advisor is starting to like

contract on they're just getting scammed

like left and right and I honestly think

that there's like they're generating

like false leads because like we get

some very bizarre names come through and

favorite crust credits for it and then

it gets denied and then we have

contractors calling in and saying like

hey why is it denied it's like um like

do you but are you going stop reading

this information like them

who would name their child is name like

are you guys reading any and information

and then like we have to fight for that

and then our manager goes oh yeah I

don't know why that was denied and it's

like you guys know why it was denied you

guys just want to take their money and

then say here here's some credit but you

won't get your money back for it like

give us the money and we'll give you a

saint another fake way Wow

yeah now you heard it for yourself guys

pretty disturbing isn't it

told you so if I would give you one

advice today the advice would be do not

hire home adviser to generate leads for

you also it's not only my opinion some

employees there you heard when Catherine

said she advising her friends cancel

completely so if you're the contractor

and you already using home advisor and

you're not happy and you want to cancel

make sure you record the conversation

about canceling new services I've done

it twice and two times they did not

cancel they put it in pass and later on

just to resume it and keep charging me

for their leads so when you're done with

them even if you're using the service

right now make sure you call them and

say I don't want to have nothing to do

with you I don't want to compete with

you I don't want you people defined my

company on your service cancelled

completely a request cancellation and

make sure it's done otherwise you're

gonna get charged more for more fake

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