Do You Know the MLB Active HR Leaders for 2020?

all right so we're coming at you today

with another quiz i know two in one week

but i'm feeling it i had to record a

little bit in advance for some stuff but

it's still coming at you with the

quality content we're still keeping it

topical with the 2020 major league

baseball season i know that's what

everyone wants to talk about

we've got some bangers coming on the way

and as for a quiz banger this one's

gonna be a good one everyone loves

homers everyone loves no one if you know

all the guys who got the most home runs

so why not do a quiz about the active

home run leaders for the 2020 season

just like we did the other day with

active hits leaders we're talking about

home runs today the guys who are still

playing we've got the most home runs of

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go we've got 50 players

10 minutes not too many names not too

much time but we got to fly through

these we got to be quick we got to be


here we go 10 minutes 50 players

starting now as of july 24th so we got

albert pujols as the first one miguel

cabrera i believe this is encarnacion

for the next one encarnacion of course

rangers 401 ah cam i mean frasier will

be somewhere who's got 401 on the

rangers their outfield

shouldn't be that it's it's not elvis

andrews it's not regular door oh my god

who is this going to be

he oh he played mostly for the rangers

that's what i need to think of played

mostly for the rangers

i am not sure donaldson okay 401

played mostly for the rangers this is

shocking that i can't figure this one

out uh

it can't be adrian beltran yeah okay oh

nelson cruz nelson cruz yes nelson cruz

i always forget nelson cruz i know also

i forget

shinsu not today we are putting you on

the board nice and early

milwaukee brewers uh that's gotta be

ryan braun yankees i'm gonna go with

stanton oh it's not stanton is it

judge won't be on here why'd i guess

judge is it for the yankees 324

who's got 324 home runs on the yankees

third base is rochelle it's not torres

it's not

le mayhew it's not voight not gary

sanchez it's not

stanton oh played mostly for the yankees

i forget this is their primary team not

necessarily who they're on right now oh

canelo that's who it is uh cincinnati


312 is gonna be votto is going to be

bruce j bruce it is wow 312 home runs


kind of had a really good career jay

bruce casually like very very under the


arizona diamondbacks 298 diamondbacks at

290 that's got to be uh paul silversmith

paul goldschmidt no it's

not what um um that

really threw me for a loop 298


and he might not be with them anymore

whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa i mean

could tell martay is not gonna be that


who was on the diamondbacks i could hit

that many homers i know it's gonna be so

obvious once we actually get to it but i

can't remember right now tampa bay rays

longoria baltimore orioles is gonna be

it's not adam jones it's gonna be chris


and he gives us chris davis of the

oakland days love that los angeles

angels is going to be trout world oh

upton there we go boom trout leads me to


love it when that happens always feeling

good los angeles dodgers

her can't be it can't be months kemp

matt kemp yes okay now we're thinking

i'm getting the groove now

nationals is gonna be it's not harper oh

zimmerman yes ryan zimmerman of course

houston astros 242.

springer no he's 160. can't be correa

can't be out too bad can't beat bregman

he just hit 100 the other day hmm no

beltron's not still playing why am i

even typing that

houston astros ah we're gonna come back

to that one colorado rockies

234 uh aronado

it's not aronato is it blackman no it's

not charlie blackman 234 for the rockies

i mean i'm gonna put murphy on here it's

not murphy oh man why is this such a

why am i having such a hard time with

this primary team and they're still

active that's where it's gonna really

throw me off

pit uh pittsburgh pirates oh mccutchen

mccutcheon definitely has to be that guy

he is cleveland indians 232

is gonna be lindor can't be that many

um ah santana carlos santana yes

detroit tigers is gonna be have i typed

in martinez oh it gives me martin

love it didn't even think of russell

martin as being active jd martinez

loved that completely forgot he's with

the tigers wasn't who i was thinking of

atlanta braves

is gonna be freeman yes freddie freeman

chicago cubs

let's go bryan nope then it's gonna be

rizzo i think yep

rizzo baltimore orioles 207 oh these

orioles ones are gonna kill me because

trumbo it's not trumbo i really thought

it was gonna be mark trumbo i

really really it can't be mancini he

hasn't hit that many homers i don't know


weeders no it's not weeders he didn't

hit that many homers no way

okay we're going to stop whining and

complaining mariners 198 seeger

it is seeger minnesota twins 192. so no

no it's not donaldson it's not a reyes

it's not

cj crone it's not buxton it's not kepler

it's not

rosario can't be i don't mount malware

are they still counting him no

i don't know who this is why why am i

having so much difficulty toronto blue


bautista is he he's not active anymore

oh smoke

it is justin smoke love that baltimore

oh dozier dozier yes

baltimore orioles 180 who's on the

orioles that was hitting home runs who

are these players uh kansas city royals


let's go gordon and then let's go 182


docus yes and then hosmer yes washington

nationals 181

i thought that was gonna be harper it's

not him adam eaton no

is it um oh rendon it's not rendon who

the hell is this for the nationals

uh it's not eric thames why would i even

type that i mean is howie kendrick on

here he's not

oh my god this is so frustrating okay

chicago white sox

it's not kinerico oh abreu yes jose

abreu texas rangers 166

gallo no not hamilton odor no

can't be andrews mizare can't be

wow these are gonna be so tough because

the primary team that he hit the most

home runs for

you think i would know this off the top

of my head and i don't mets

i don't think it's david right it can't

be duda no wow i thought duda was a

really good guest um

cespedes it is cespares wow he said his

most home runs for them that's


st louis cardinals molina uh pirates is

gonna be

josh bell no pirates you polanco

can't be polanco can't be nope how about

pedro alvarez

no wow this is way harder than i thought

it was gonna be cardinals again

who carpenter carp carpenter it is matt

carpenter miami marlins is going to be

yellish nope is going to be ozuna

it is ozuna and then giants posey nope

how about

belt no how about pence oh hundred pence

was astros love that who is 148 for the


it can't be crawford can't be it's not

pence it's not

belt we already tried that sandoval it

is pablo sandoval while the kung fu

panda we're missing six i'd love to get

100 rocky's 234.

desmond ooh ian desmond's nationals

we'll take that rocky's first baseman

was i'm

clearly forgetting someone obviously is

mark reynolds maybe on here no he's not

i don't know

this is so frustrating this is so

frustrating rocky's catchers know

rocky's first baseman i can't remember

the last time they had a good first

baseman since todd hilton that might be

my problem here

second base le mayhew was before that

and now it's like mcmahon and murphy and

all that shortstop is story it can't

possibly be him

oh too low tulowitzky oh

i thought for sure it was too low i

thought for sure

brad hop is not active anymore who hit

200 who hit 234

for home runs and played with the

rockies this is not good

um or a bunch of orioles players which

are going to be so

impossible for me to figure out can't be

guerrero i tried mancini i tried trumbo

i thought trumbo for sure was gonna be

on there he's not l'oreal's outfield was

like adam jones we've already typed in


how about a smith how about a wilson


ah goodness they got to be active too

i'm trying to think of who's on teams

right now the mets

nobody should be on there the the

diamondbacks the pod tommy fam

no this is so frustrating oh neil walker

neil walker yes

is josh harrison one oh i thought for

sure that might have snuck in there he

was the pirates though

texas rangers we did frasier it's not

greg bird i can't even believe i typed

that texas rangers i already typed in

chew right i did type in chew there's


freeze david freeze now i know he's the


i don't know who these orioles ones are

that is really where i'm being stumped

rangers rangers rangers young no i


tx to share is not active i'm not gonna

bother typing him in

hamilton i know isn't active reyes

um sanchez we're gonna start going for

some generic names

johnson nope um

willis no oh this is so frustrating i

know you guys are screaming at me right

now screaming into the camera like how

don't you know who this is but i can't

figure it out

who was there with nolan aronado at the

start there's clearly

could cadier no he's not active anymore

active mark active we're not looking for

retired we're looking for active

wow dozier was a good one that i figured

out orioles orioles orioles orals and

they hit the majority of their home runs

with that team who could that possibly

be their catcher i covered first base

was chris davis and

like pedro alvarez played there a little

bit the outfield was trumbo they had

jones i'm clearly forgetting someone

shortstop was jj hardy it's not gonna be


oh machado there it is machado is one of

them and then who else was with them

in baltimore oh man machado i can't

believe i almost forgot him

we're down to three and i can't figure

out who they are texas rangers

um chirinos it can't be torinos it's not


down to our last 30 seconds i'm going to

try my best to get this i know like i'm

waiting so long but i i need to figure

this one out this one's going to bother


immensely and i know it's going to be so

obvious once i don't get it

yeah i did young braun um perez

shaw no this is so frustrating all right

i give up i can't do it 10 seconds done

carlos gonzalez yep forgot he was active

oh nick marchakis that's right nick

marchakis with the orioles

and mitch moreland with the rangers yeah

i don't know why i i knew mitch morgan

played for the

rangers but i always think of him as a

red sock now i guess because the world

series and everything but we did really

well 94

47 out of 50 all these guys i should

have gotten uh just

a blank because carlos gonzalez hasn't

been relevant in like a couple years

i honestly forgot he was in the majors i

don't think he's on a team right now

marche is opting out even though he just

opted back in today weirdly enough but

that's part of it as well and then mitch

moreland excusable i think this is okay

47 out of 50 is really good i'd love to

know how you guys do

in the comment section down below let me

know if you beat me or you lost me

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guys know the drill from here on out

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