Watch Bill Hader Meet His Idol, Dateline's Keith Morrison, For The 1st Time | Sunday TODAY

you're a huge Dateline fan huge daily I

notice about you yeah well you're in the

right building we thought since you're

such a huge fan we'd go up to one of the

Dateline edit days and watch how they

put together I love that I'm story yes

you do that yes it looks like the SNL

floor I'm just seems like there's more

murders more murder

thanks one of these that Keith Morrison

Locker have you ever met any of them

that's guys no is this us here guys come

on in she was fully involved with this

his Pulliam all the best actually I

actually do have to take a TRACON from

him oh yeah you know can you do want to

read for me please for the script that

you have how horrified those wealthy

folk would have been had they known the

deadly secret officer Wilson was about

to expose on the wrong end of America

Street that too creepy let's take the

temperature of the room here for a

second pointer these are perfect oh my


man when you standard my career ago oh

really wow this is cool man no I John


Larry David there's so many of us were

like massive fans of yours and we'll

always be like I'm super rad man Thank

You Man he means that you should have

heard him reciting word for word the

episode I've seen this one she say this

- Keith yeah the one we like is when you

say but then there was that DNA

oh that pesky DNA and then you did say

that you think I said that I think you

did say that I think I think it sounds

like I have to say there are stuff we

say that you didn't you haven't said but

we would like you to say like a dad shot

you in the face thought about bills

impersonation probably extended my

career but no I the first time I my

daughter lived in New York and I was in

LA and she phoned me at about you know

whatever it was nine o'clock on a

Saturday night and she's screaming into

the phone and laughing I say Jeff watch

Saturday night

what the hell are you talking about

so then she hung up and I had had to

watch it then I didn't know with it

what's the expression I didn't know

whether they should go blind very weird

I got to tell you I ever imagined well

you did with the thing with Seth Meyers

and Seth was you know I'm with Keith

Morris and jealous yeah he's my favorite

person yeah so no we I yeah no I mean

that that was one of those things where

I would do it and around the office I

would just walk around going on oh and I

would like just get a voice or I never

do writers really what we should try to

do then on the show and so ya know that

I and then over the years other people

you know when I work at South Park those

guys really like them or Ben Affleck

when he came it was the first time we

tried it was when he was hosting and he

was laughing really hard and then yeah

so now people are just huge fan I'm so

nervous right I had a feeling when I saw

him on the thing I was like I worked on


I know it's a setup when I see it they

got three cameras I know something's

going on keep in from LA just to be here

now that's a true story that's crazy


there's some victim in the other room

and you're supposed to be interviewing

you're like hold on I want to do a bit

real quick with a guy doesn t on SNL

saying where are you at where you going

are you working currently on a story

right down the hall we really we're wow

I want to check it out if I can some of

it yeah yeah let me see some of it these

are the our best lifelong best friends

of the victim and they're sitting on the

front porch talking to the cops the day


day after she was killed your narration

and stuff takes a lot of the edge out

you're almost kind of like them used by

these guys look at these dirtbags

probably trouble you those people that

you were pretty sure guilty oh it's fine

oh yeah you really know they're guilty

or they may be killed more than one and

they're trying to put on a good


Wow it's that's really what's the banter

like after that are you like is there a

Starbucks around here I think we should

leave now it's like are you ever like

when they cut you're like I think you

did it and then you like leave and then

walk out well I think you're guilty

those are the hardest ones to work

because I could tell you don't like the

person or you feel like oh this person

clearly it's not in the Charleston a

fair one the the girlfriend I remember

you in that interview you do not like

her you do not like Curtis I was like

I'm watching it and out loud by myself I

went Keith does not like this woman you

know she had something to do with then

she's like I had nothing to do with it

and you she was such a nice person liar

yeah great work you guys did a great

word the crafting a thing out of foot it

was about but you having to like write

all that stuff they just have the same

photograph but I want this having worked

in clothes going oh god they only gave

him my two photos and they're trying to

get as much as they can out of every boy

you wouldn't want to do a promo yeah

I'll do a problem yeah I wanted I was

gonna see if you want to take a picture

in the video no one tells a story like


or do they that's so rad