Joey Chestnut pummels record 74 hot dogs to win Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest for 11th time | ESPN

when all the world's languages are

poured into a single bowl the word

recognizable to all will be freedom the

force that binds our atoms together the

legacy we leave our children and he will

fight at any cost for its cause until

his spine collapses under the burden

until his bones are cracked and

splintered and traped like jock on

pavement until he lies coins on his eyes

dude he done wages-paid battle one he

will fight for he is a champion of now

and of always of north and of south of

the air of the fire of the sea of the

land of the free of the 4th of July of 1

dashes under God indivisible he is

champion Yahweh shuts nah



eleventh title on the line that Nathan's

record the world record all on the line

coming up next the corner a surf and

snow while at Coney Island opened in

1916 by Nathan Handwerker who had

immigrated to the United States with his

family just four years prior selling hot

dogs for a nickel apiece here at serpent

Stilwell 45 already right now a head of

the seventy dog Payson Kearney starting

to make up some time here that patients

getting a little tight right now Melanie

Collins yeah if you're talking about the

pain Joey's a new world record he has to

be at the 48 or 50 dog mark in we've

talked about it hopefully years ago when

he lost the match Tony similar

conditions obviously the humidity is

gonna get to all of the eaters that are

competing chestnuts still well ahead of

the field though look at that margin and

you look at some of the eaters you look

at Darren breeding I think that you know

it's looking like food karaoke he's

mimicking exactly what Joey does two

dogs two ponds dunk eat two dogs two

ponds jump eat but I could grow my hair

out like Stephen time it doesn't mean

I'm gonna hit the high notes on dream on

and I want to ask you while we have a

moment before we get to the end whatever

happened to Liv Tyler I was a fence I

thought she was Armageddon rocks all

over again I feel like I'm watching too

much Netflix I've got a couple

recommendations for you we'll talk about

that minutes in ten seconds chestnuts

still well ahead of the field but behind

that world-record pace being tested by

Esper Stoney Frieden said toddie a

little bit of a slow start today

chestnut trying to get that pace back up

to about seven and a half inside a four

to go we're about a half or

three-quarters of a dog off on DPM as

opposed to last year but Joey still

can't can maintain a pace that these

other eaters just can Stoney came out so


and forty seconds now ladies and

gentlemen Joey told us that he had

salmon for dinner Sunday night and

nothing but liquids and a protein shake

on Monday fasted of Tuesday came in

about 215 pounds at contest time a lot

of those folks who are unfamiliar with

this think that everybody is going to be

a 400-pounder not the case Joey runs ten

miles a week he said it helps his

endurance and his breathing as he catch

to about this point when you start to

Nuala wall around the 3-minute mark it's

amazing his form you know we talked

about Walter Hagen and golf Bill Russell

and basketball both had 11 titles I'd

like to mention Messi and Mark Messier

the Rangers let's go to war 11 and mess

was the man he guaranteed victory I

don't think Joey Chestnut went as far as

to guarantee victory but I think the

confidence level has been very apparent

these last few days margin a little

tighter now but still great

16 margin for chestnut he will sleep the

sleep of a thousand martyrs if he can

take on the belt yet again again the

question is what we have potentially up

to six eaters reached 50 this year we

were expecting to see perhaps the

highest average with the pace pretty

slow right now with the conditions chess

not proving once again why he's the

tyrant lizard king perched atop the two

food chain he's just unbelievable

mom again it can be a race for second

third fourth and fifth higher prize

money for those finishers the absolutely

finisher at the top and pride as well I

mean synchronically go home third and

fourth you know but but Joey just coming

off with the gloves off it means so much

for the aw shucks smile Joey is tossed

aside stability and chivalry this is war

for Joey on the corner surfing skill he

is the William Tecumseh Sherman a

hot-dog-eating marching to the sea went

to stop at Nathan's Famous appropriate

on this federal holiday on the 4th of

July it begins with the masseter muscle

in the job pound for pound one of the

strongest muscles in the human body

putting down 280 pounds of force on

those hotdogs what Joey is done for

digestion is what blockchain is doing

for computing there should be a coin I'm

gonna pitch Michael Loeb I don't need to

hear you give me Joey coin the give me a

crypto I can trust Byzantines

fault-tolerance get Shelly Palmer on the

phone the chestnut if you will we're

gonna be exchanging those in a short

amount of time approaching 60 and

blowing away the rest of the field right

now Joey Chestnut you know we talk about

fake news what's real what's fake I got

a couple things that are real here's the

truth we are witnessing greatness

athletic mastery this is not a parlor

trick this is not sleight of hand

this is Major League Eating 'he's best

ever Joey the best ever to play the game

you want another truth

radicchio is the sweet the wine of this

summer my friend

the esophagus of a champion the stomach

of a warlord we've been told 60 hot dogs

nobody even close right now cicadas

esperan breed and all battling for

second behind the greatest eater of all

time Joey Chestnut a mere half minute

away from number 1118 margin for Joey

Chestnut this place will erupt the

countdown has begun

once again it's become old and it's

become common place here at Coney Island

Nathan's Famous bones July 4th Joey

Chestnut owns America alleged already

the legend continues

number 11 for Joey Chestnut here at

Nathan's unbelievable the skill that he

displayed I mean the margin these guys

were on his heels and he kicked them

away let's go over to Melanie Collins

with the winner thank you guys Joey

congratulations on your 11th mustard

belt in these hot humid conditions how'd

you get it done today oh my god I found

a vicious rhythm as the judges were in

front of me they're all screwed up they

couldn't see how fine what number I was

on I just I just had to ignore that and

just keep meeting 74 hot dogs all right

flew a man I earned it and I was aiming

for 75 but at 74 I'm happy

Carmen Carmen did great the only person

ever he is that much other than me is

Kobayashi and he eat it amazing and I uh

damn it it's great proud and beautiful

day well we don't know the exact number

yet but you just managed to completely

outpace the competition how did you just

continue to do that

Judit I I'm just feeling good today I

was a FG I was happy I think happy in

hat I you know I got any better being

because I love to eat and I love beating

that got to be able but uh so I just

have fun and I was enjoying the food and

beating the heck out of the guys next to

me so it congratulations enjoy the win

thank you okay

still waiting on official results but

Joey Chestnut

again the separation today that he

showed making a clear statement about

where he stands amongst this field is

everything he said of years ago he's got

the capacity of the Grand Coulee Dam and

it's just that's what it comes down to

it sits and speed and technique that I

talked about that you know flute karaoke

you can mimic him but you can't you

can't mimic that capacity you knowing

some guys having some don't or maybe

Joey has it no one else does an

incredible run once again by Joey

Chestnut 11 mustard belt

fantastic day in Coney Island Adam I

hope you enjoyed it


coming up next the American cornhole

League Pro Invitational over on espn2

right down the road from where we are

here at Coney Island for a change

the master of ceremonies George Jay

Melanie Collins our fantastic crew here

in Brooklyn Adam Amin st. so long from

Nathan's world and famous wishing all of

you a very happy and safe 4th of July

Joey chest on your 2018 Nathan's Famous

champion 11 clustered belt for chestnut