What's a House majority leader, anyway?

if you've been paying attention to the

news lately you probably heard that this

guy just lost a primary and with it his

chance at re-election to the house well

I intend to serve out my term as a

member of Congress in the 7th district

of Virginia

effective July 31st I will be stepping

down as majority leader

yikes with Eric Cantor now out the door

is open to a big Republican leadership

reshuffle and it raises a question what

exactly does a Majority Leader do first

off it's important to note this guy or

gal is elected by members of his or her

party the majority party every two years

the majority leader is the chief

scheduler from the floor and decides

when to bring which bills to a vote

the house will revote HR 4810 that's a

big deal it basically means that the

majority leader sets the tone for the

party and helps push its legislative

goals and probably as importantly the

majority leader is also in charge of

blocking the other party from bringing

its favorite bills to the floor then

there's another key player the Majority

Whip and no I'm not talking about the

guy from house of cards it's all about

location location location

close to you out of the source Ohio your

property values

whoops are elected every two years to

their job is to whip members into shape

by rallying them to support key

legislation there the link between party

leadership and the rank-and-file members

and the ones in charge of building up

momentum or using it for big agenda

priorities get it got it good