The Top 5 QB's In Houston Texans History

for a long time the position of

quarterback for the Houston Texans has

been a revolving door and if you ask me

who the top five quarterbacks in Houston

Texans history it'd be easy I tell you

the shun Deshawn

Deshawn Deshawn and Deshawn because he

throws hot fire but we have to be fair

and objective and cover the whole

history keep in mind that this is not no

elite list of all-time great

quarterbacks its equivalents if we took

the little giants and the replacements

combine them and say okay pick some

players so with that being said my name

is shin ado and here the top five

quarterbacks in Houston Texans history

honorable mentions Case Keenum and TJ

yates number five stage Rosenfeld's

filling in for an injured matt shop in

2007 San Jose with fellow saw a lot of

promise he had a pretty good arm the

team liked them and the fans like them

it seemed pretty good and then there was

that Colts game ie the helicopter spin



State was gone for the Texans shortly

after number four Ryan Fitzpatrick rod

Fitzpatrick seemed like who's gonna be

our guy

going for good player good quarterback

IQ and him and James Harden we're

getting ready to sell beards all over

the city after briefly losing his spot

to Ryan Mallett remember that guy he

makes up pop this pastor was back in the

game at starting quarterback but before

the gang somebody said to Ryan hey good

luck man

go break the leg and he did now it was

last time play with his exes number

three David Carr hold on hold on let me

explain no he was not Tom Brady or an

riders or packing the homes but he was

still first meaning he was our very

first quarterback in franchise history

so that alone has to mean something

basically a spot on the top five video

list was what I'm saying and whether we

want to admit it or not David Carr is a


Super Bowl champion I know I know

Graeme he won it as a backup behind you

like Manning for the New York Giants but

he still has one it's like when the

equipment manager of a high school

football team gets a letterman jacket

but they wet around campuses if they're

the leader in rushing yards and now

we'll never forget watching NFL Total

Access and seeing David cars bio that

read Super Bowl champion and first

overall draft pick we did not have great

quarterbacks oh oh my god oh yeah DeSean

yet number two Matt shop there really

was a point in time where Matt's job was

really good this zoom in to the Pro Bowl

twice and one of those years he got the

MVP injuries a bad line and shaking

confidence didn't mr. shop he had become

an interception machine not as bad as

Jameis Winston but so pretty bad

but sadly interceptions have become

synonymous with Matt Shaw rumor has it

his last game of the Texan Matt Schaub

got so mad they he threw a hissy fit and

then the hissy fit got intercepted

tragic hilarious but tragic more so

hilarious though number one dak Prescott

haha just kidding and at number one

deshaun Watson finally a quarterback we

can believe in he's young he's talented

and he's a good dresser hey Chuck you

call Capital quitting to sound up you

know what never mind

deshaun Watson is the future of the

Texas just keep him happy it'll be all

good he loved the city he loved the team

and he loves playing with his boy

DeAndre hi Oh No this shark please don't

leave through horrible 20 tweens with

some faith if the shot Watson leave the

Texans I'll do the first one screaming

please come back please come back please

hey were you saying please come Matt

nobody calls you man and that's my list

did you agree to disagree why or why not

let me know in the comments below also

let me know who would you put in your

top five my name is Sindhu please like

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