Diary of a Wimpy Kid 🔥 Then And Now

hello everybody today we keep up with

the old cast of The Diary of a Wimpy Kid

series great have some fun out there

yeah an epic trilogy if you ask me right

yeah yep yeah so let's start with the

title character Zachary Gordon aka Greg


aka would-be kid well not that Wimpy


he looks good a handsome young guy hey

guys and most importantly he survived

middle school that's Lizzie Broadway

yeah I don't know if they're dating but

her dog is not a fan and check out this

photo whoever made that it looks super

cool as for acting Zachary appeared in a

few projects over the years most

recently in the series good trouble yep

he's dead he was also voicing a video

game character in Kingdom Hearts 3 so

that's cool and this year he stars in a

few movies horror dream catcher comedy

American Pie girls rules and drama

violet now fun fact about Zack although

he was voiceover Dan the famous audition

scene he really can sing next we have

Chloe grace Moretz who played Angie

Steadman a smart and witty friend of

Greg in the first movie she hasn't

changed that much looks great Chloe is a

pretty famous actress now and she was

millions of movies since then watch out

for her upcoming role in a live-action

adaptation of the popular cartoon Tom

and Jerry that should be funny and check

out this clip she did 10 pull-ups here

serious shape very impressive next Karan

Brar who played Treg Gupta the smallest

kid in the school thank God for Chirag

Gupta yeah thank God

it was a hilarious character looks great

now he changed a lot in these last 10

years and gained a few pounds

what know what's interesting Quran and

Zachary met recently so that's nice

it would be funny if he was now dating

Peyton lists a girl who played Holly

Hills hello Gregory well he had his

chances I'm Ann Quran and Peyton are

both famous Disney stars known from

Jesse and bump they bleeped siblings for

like nine years and this year we can

watch Quran in the Disney movie star

girl now check out how peyton has

changed hmm what can I say

she's always gorgeous no surprise that

Craig and Turab were so into her she

don't want this pretty yeah yeah almost

now aside from acting Payton keeps

herself busy with a music career you can

listen to her singles on her YouTube

channel and fun fact about Peyton and

Robert capron they both met before the

Diary of a Wimpy Kid it was on the set

of The Sorcerer's Apprentice and her

next cast member

Grayson Russell will want to see my

secret freckle he played Greg's weird

friend frankly yes he's changed a lot

frankly I wouldn't recognize him now

what's funny even zachary gordon had a

problem with that check out this post

fregley is that you that be me my man

and here he is with his boyfriend as for

a career Grayson so axe here and there

but mostly he's busy studying at Lee

University fun fact

in the books Rhett disliked fregley and

saw him as strange and creepy in the

movies though they're good friends at

least most of the time then we have Lane

McNeil aka patty Ferrell selfish brat

classmate and Greg's nemesis no she

doing here and one without a makeup

that's a huge difference

still I'd probably recognize her check

out her boyfriend Donny

they spent New Year's Eve and Finn

and what's she been up to career-wise

well not that much her last figure role

was in the TV series you me her but

besides acting Laney is a fitness

instructor so that's pretty cool

poor wimpy Greg didn't stand a chance

daddy next Conor and Owen fielding as

Manny Heffley yes

the twins played Greg's annoying little

brother these guys were three years old

in the first movie time flies

they don't act that much now but they

had a small role in the TV movie Kim

Possible and besides that thing both

boys are training gymnastics

here's Conor or maybe that's Owen

anyway it's nicely done now Robert

capron who played rally Greg's best

friend no offense for young Robert but

he looks better now he lost all his

chubby miss my name is Val a boxer and

check out his Instagram bio after /

writer / patient zero of the cheese


yes that's hard to forget it marks you

for life here's a photo with Jeff Kinney

the author of the Wimpy Kid books in the

air with middle school best friend these

guys met last year sweet


so Robert still acts a bit he was in a

few episodes of the series elementary

like a boss and this short film growing

pains but these days he's mostly focused

on writing work and this is his

girlfriend also an actress Julia link

came for the croissants Spade for the

silly ginger addicted to orange peels

zoo-wee mama can't agree more

after all rel-nei was always pretty good

with girls next devon bostick a.k.a

Rodrick Heffley

aka ice poseidon I've heard he looks

like youtuber ice Poseidon yeah maybe a

bit when he had hair anyways Devin looks

great now a few words about his career

he was in the movie Oh Josh

sci-fi series the 100 and lately in a

few episodes of the marvelous mrs. nasal

was so expressive last year he also had

a chance to catch up with his wimpy

friends did Bob stick was upset that we

hung out without him yeah you don't

wanna miss that

and after that they even met in a bigger

group with Payton list and director of

rodrick Rules David Bowers reunion

photos are great even if deaf Bob 6

beauty can't be captured on camera so

true or he's a vampire there's a lot of

things they don't know about McGregor


Rachael Harris who played Greg's caring

mother Susan she's way more blind now

but looks good for her age and here with

all the family she has two kids Henry

and Otto

as for the work she was a recurring

character in the popular series suits

and she's a series regular in Lucifer

and steve zahn aka Frank Heffley Greg's

father he looks older with that bird but

in fact he's older so that's okay the

same is Rachel Steve he has two kids

Henry and Audrey intriguing they both

have a son named Henry yeah

surprised me too so as you know Steve is

a widely known actor with many great

roles in his career a very talented guy

he even played a chimpanzee bad eight

and more for the Planet of the Apes now

briefly about the rest of the cast here

we have Alex Ferris

he played rallies friend Colin in the

first movie and one with his girlfriend

next Delilah Bella she played Taylor

Pringle a girl who Greg ruined a

birthday party Delilah is quite

successful young actress now she was in

the show odd squad and currently stars

in the series and with Annie I'm coach

Malone and I am your gym teacher and of

course coach Malone played by Andrew

McNee and one pick would family andrew

is also continuing his career as an

actor who is this Greg yes

don't tell him Greg then we have Melissa

Roberge aka Heather Hills

Holly's older sister and Roderick's love

interests she now stars in a TV series

manifest do you remember her look when

Rodrick ruined her birthday

epic honestly all the cast has changed a

lot 10 years a lot of time okay that's

all in this video guys remember to

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