Who are independent voters?

political independence a group that can

swing an election make up about one in

three of all voters but within that

broad label we found four distinct

strains of Independence according to a

poll analysis from the Washington Post

in the Kaiser Family Foundation more

than six and ten independents actually

aligned closely with either the

democratic or republican party about

half of these are disguised Republicans

they overwhelmingly voted for John

McCain in 2008 and planned to vote for

Mitt Romney this year they also fit the

demographic profile of Republicans they

are overwhelmingly white older male and

more religious the other half are

disguised Democrats they voted for Obama

in 2008 and will vote for him again this

year they consistently side with

Democrats on the issues and are more

secular and tend to live in urban areas

about a quarter of what we call detached

independence they have low interest and

engagement in politics the overwhelming

majority are not registered to vote and

nearly 9/10 did not vote in 2008 and the

smallest group of independents are what

we call deliberate errs they are true

swing voters and they are divided almost

equally between Obama and Romney but

more than a quarter say they wouldn't

vote for either candidate if the

election were held today