I-Team: Georgia Insurance Commissioner Wants Board Members' Resignations

and we begin tonight with the Fox 5

exclusive on a story our i-team has

followed for more than a year now there

is a major shake-up going on at the

Georgia Department of Insurance George's

new Insurance Commissioner John King has

asked the entire board of directors of

the Georgia underwriting Association to

resign according to a federal indictment

former Insurance Commissioner Jim Beck

stole more than 2 million dollars from

Georgia underwriters Association while

he was running the company

senior I team reporter Dale Russell has

this exclusive interview and says King

wants to start fresh with new leadership

Dale tonight John King has been a police

chief and a military commander in combat

he comes to this new job with no

experience and insurance but plenty of

ideas on how to rebuild an organization

he calls stagnant I'm asking for the

board of directors to resign Insurance

Commissioner John King has let Georgia

National Guard combat troops in Iraq and


he says asking the Georgia underwriting

Association Board of Directors to step

down so he can start fresh was no

problem what if they say no I'll thank

them for their service the Georgia

underwriting Association or GU a is an

insurance company created by the

legislature for Georgians who can't find

insurance anywhere else this is the same

organization that former Insurance

Commissioner Jim Beck is accused of

stealing two million dollars from the

alleged to have perpetrated a fraud for

five years involving his closest

associates his family members in May a

federal grand jury indicted back on 38

counts of mail fraud wire fraud and

money laundering the indictment alleges

Beck set up a web of companies with

friends and fraudulently billed gu a

more than 2 million dollars governor

Kemp suspended Beck and appointed John

King as new commissioner Beck pleaded

not guilty to the charges those was one

of the first tasks that the governor's

asked me to work really hard to

reestablish that confidence in the

public of Georgia in this age and seeing

the leadership of this agency King a

former police chief of doraville and a

Major General in the Georgia National

Guard it comes to the job with no

background in insurance

sharp eye for potential trouble looking

at you know some of the folks that got

brought in that probably have no

business in in in in in government

service King has fired some people

reassigned others

he plans to examine gu8 operations and

financial stability but he's not going

to investigate a now two-year-old arson

of a property owned by GU as former

director Jim Beck do you have a suspect

I don't actually earlier the i-team

reported on a number of troubling issues

involving the arson of a Carrollton

property owned by Jim Beck and insured

by gu a the i-team obtained a copy of

Beck's insurance application that showed

some two weeks before the arson Beck

nearly doubled his insurance coverage

from 95 to 186 thousand dollars Beck

told us it was because of renovations he

was doing if you have an unfinished

basement in your home and you finish it

you really under an obligation to tell

the insurance company you've done it

because you've materially changed what

their insurance an internal memo written

by the insurance department lawyer at

the time obtained by the i-team stated

we are concerned the insurance could

have been obtained under false pretenses

and GU a did not report suspected

insurance fraud the allegations are

disturbing I mean that just the way that

the case rolled out King says his farm

marshal's office by law can investigate

the arson unless they're requested to do

so he believes the Carroll County

District Attorney and the FBI know the

facts we've reported I'm pretty sure

that they're aware of those

circumstances yet Beck could return to

his old job if he's found not guilty

King says he'll be ready would you run

against you absolutely there was no

doubt in my mind I will run against him

why because I see the need at this

agency touches so many Georgians in so

many ways

they deserve an ethical moral leader

that does the right thing every day now

Commissioner Kings letter asking for the

resignation of those twelve gu a board

members went out this morning a king

plans on shaking things up a bit saying

he will talk to people from all walks of

life to find who will be the best fit

for the future noob or Dale Russell Fox

5 News

rust sanae all right