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mugs Zuckerberg was a Harvard freshman

with a gift for computer program less

than a decade later he's the face of a

multi-billionaire summer program that

connects over 1 billion people around

the world currently he's only 31 and is

one of the five founders of the biggest

social networking site Facebook in 2016

his net worth was established at forty

eight point nine billion John which also

makes simple of the youngest

billionaires on this planet today we

tell you the amazing story of this young

entrepreneur who became an idol for

every startup enthusiast across the


his coding experience began at learning

the Atari basic programming with the

help of his father but he was learning

so far that his dad needed to hire a

professional developer just to train him

why he was still in school he took a

college graduate program in computer


he built a program called Zack net where

the computer at home could communicate

with his father's computer at his dental

practice he also used his creativity to

build computer games often out of ideas

his friends would draw from him in

college he was already known as a

programming prodigy due to the work he

had done in high school in the college

he wrote a program called course math

that help students make decisions about

the courses they wanted to take based

upon the choices of other words in hub

the students have books called Facebook

if they have names and pictures of paper

that's left in student dorms mark built

a website that randomly showed two

pictures of males and two of females on

a people that visit at the side had to

choose which person was hotter this site

was called Facemash and it went up in

just one beacon it was built just for

fun but it became so popular that the

college shut it down because of its

popularity as it calls the Harvard

servers to crash because of the heavy

loaded cars and also some students don't

like the idea of

pictures being used without permission

and Mark Zuckerberg was supposed to

apologize for his actions

in 2004 he began writing in new whips

which he called the Facebook along with

Eduardo Saverin Andrew McCollum Chris

use and Dustin Moskovitz were the other

four cofounders of the website the site

was initially just a Harvard sign but

soon expanded to other colleges and

universities the social project started

gaining momentum really fast at Mark

Zuckerberg decided to drop out of

college and dedicate his time entirely

to the website he and his team moved in

a small house in Palo Alto

let's later became the office of the

young enterprise by 2005 the Facebook

was renamed as just Facebook the site

opened up to anyone over a study in 2006

by 2007 the site had over 1 lakh

businesses listing their companies on

face band creating pages by 2011 it

became the largest digital photograph

force and had over 350 million people

accessing the website on May 18 2012

Facebook made its IPO offering for 21

million shares to private investors at a

price of $38 this Sept a value of the

whole company at hundred and four

billion dollars it's made Facebook the

biggest business going public till day

almost everybody wanted to buy a paste

of the booming social Meraki so raising

almost sixteen billion dollar from the

market was like a walk in the park

however then stent well well for the

investors just two weeks after the IPO

the market price of the shares fell

dramatically by twenty seven percent to

twenty seven point seven two dollars per

share during the next month the price

went down even further reaching a level

around $19 all this doom made investors

really happy some of them lost around

50% of their investments in just a few

months later more than 40 lawsuits were

filed just after the first week of IPO

the price however recovered in 2030 and

currently it's around $41 nevertheless

Mark Zuckerberg

remain true to his initial vision to

create a website that the entire world

can use to communicate openly and easily

with one another he has turned down many

opportunities to set aside often for

multi billion dollars on he has even

turned down chances to increase the

site's income from a driver instead

preferring to keep the user experience

clean and pure the end result of all

this hardware is one of the world's

biggest online businesses and an icon of

the Tegra nice

he's now rubbing shoulders with

prominent world leaders although its

true value is debatable it's saved a sec

at Facebook add its creator Mark

Zuckerberg by two of the 21st century's

most influential controversial and

potentially powerful figure