How glass was invented?

we use it every day and we take it for

granted but really it is amazing

in fact there ought to be a museum to

celebrate it and there is Nicole takes

us on a tour from an ancient portrait of

an Egyptian King to a very fragile

baseball bat all of the fabulous objects

at this museum have one thing in common

they're all made of glass Lindsay is a

teen with a cool job she's what's called

an explainer at the corning museum of

glass an amazing tourist attraction in

upstate New York there are 45,000 glass

objects in this museum tracing the

history of glass making glass making

started about 3500 years ago so it's

actually a very old form of art at some

point long ago humans realized that when

lightning struck sand crystals that

formed were useful heat plus sand equal

to AH early glass production was mostly

for royalty the process of creating it

was time-consuming and costly then the

Romans discovered that glass objects

could be made quickly and easily by

blowing through a tube so when that type

of glass making was developed then

bigger pieces could be made and they

could be made a lot quicker and then

more people were able to own glass when

machines entered the picture glass

became even more widely used and while

artists continue to create handcrafted

Glass Works advances in glass making


the museum features innovations and

glass products the corning company

helped pioneer from mirrors for

telescopes to ultra-thin tubes that

carry information for modern

communication systems called fiber

optics but seeing how glass is made the

old-fashioned way is one of the biggest

attractions at the Museum is

glassblowing a dying art well a lot of

people ask that question and I think a

lot of people expect me to say yes it is

but it's actually not Eric and other

experts demonstrate why creating glass

is attracting a new generation of

enthusiastic fans and participants so

how can teens get involved in


well most large communities have a glass

making center and often they offer

classes and usually you can start those

as a teenager or you can come to the

charming town of Corning and see how

it's done by the Masters thanks for

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