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today we're talking about

form i9 and how to complete that form if

you're new to hr

you should know that this document is

used to verify that individuals hired

for employment

are actually authorized to work in the

united states

employers must complete this form for

all new hires

it doesn't matter if the company has

five employees or fifty thousand


both the employer and the employee must

complete this form

the new employee must then present


as evidence of their identity from a

list of acceptable documents

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let's take a look at the two main

sections of the form i-9

this is section 1 of form i-9 first you

want to be sure that in the first


all the required fields are completed by

the employee

starting from the last name all the way

down to the telephone number

there are some fields that are optional

in this first section

such as other other last names used

um you can see here i put any even

though it's

optional it is required for you to at

least put

an a into this field and not leave it

blank for not

applicable also the employee's email


is optional again if there's no email

address from the employee you want to go

ahead and not

leave that field blank but also select

any be sure

that the date of bird is actually filled

out that's a common mistake that i see

new employees make what they'll do not


leave it blank they'll enter today's


um just by an era and not leave their

date of birth

or enter their date of birth in this


so again you want to be sure that all

sections here are completed

let's move down to the

section where the employee selects their

citizenship status

so for the purposes of this example i

put an x next to

a citizen of the united states but the

employee has some options here

they can select citizen of the united

states um

national non-citizen national of the

united states

or um permanent resident or if they have

more authorization they can enter that


let's go down to the employee signature

we want to be sure that the employee is

actually signing section

one of the i9 and entering today's date

or the date that they're completing this

section again

this is a common mistake that we see


is that the employee will forget to

enter the date

last the form asks if

the employees are preparer or

translator for this form so for this

example the employee did not

use a preparer or a translator to help

them with this form

so i selected x here

let's move on to section 2 of the i-9

now this is the employer's section to


section 2 of the i-9 should be completed

within three days of the employee's

hire date

so at this point the employee will

present supporting documents

from the list of acceptable documents on

page 3 of the i9

so this is the list of acceptable

documents that the employee

will have the opportunity to choose

which documents that they're going to


the employer cannot specify which


the employee presents from the list

however if the employee needs some

guidance on which documents to select

it's always a good idea to explain to


that they can either select one

item from list a or present

two items one from list b

and one from miss c so let's go back to

section two

starting with section two we want to be

sure that we're taking

the or copying the last name

first name middle initial and

citizenship status

from section one of the i9

then you're going to take the supporting


from the new hire and enter that


here in this section so for this example

the employee presented a driver's


and a social security card so

you're going to enter the document title

which is the driver's license

the issuing authority for this example

it's the state of georgia

the document number which is the

driver's license number

and the expiration date from the

driver's license

for the social security card the

document number is always the social

security number

and also the social security card does

not have on an expiration date

so instead of leaving that blank i went

ahead and

entered any

keep in mind that the employee must

present original documents

to you you cannot accept photocopies

of their supporting documentation

now let's scroll down to the last


of the section two um here you want to

enter the employee's

first date of employment so their higher

date the first day they're actually

doing work for the company

then you want to go ahead and sign as

the authorized

representative for the company enter

today's date

the title your title which could be the

human resources manager or whatever your

title is

your last name first name the

name of your business address city state

and zip code

again just like section one we don't

want to leave any fields

blank in section two because those can


um fines if you're ever audited

so there it is that's form i9

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