Tim Drake Transforms Into The Joker!

Oh God I killed him I didn't mean to I

tried so hard to forget but I still hear

the shot still see his dead smile every

night the dreams get stronger he's there

when I sleep whispering laughing telling

me I'm just as bad as he is

we're both the same I'm calling an

ambulance no I'm all right

forgive me Terry I'm old nasty memories

twisting inside me like bad oysters

nothing really I'm perfectly fine now

how do you know my name there's nothing

about you I don't know that fake Terry

have a timeout kids can't let you spoil

a party too soon and Bruce I'm sure

you've got your monkey boy wired somehow

that's just peachy because I want you to

see every minute of this it's a killer


oh I never get tired of that Drake

you're the Joker that flabby oaf doesn't

even realize I'm using him as a

timeshare beneath this puckish exterior

lies the mind of a genius years ahead of

my time in the weeks young Robin was

under my tutelage I used him as the

subject of my greatest experiment

utilizing cutting-edge genetics

technology which I had pinched here and

there I encoded my DNA on a microchip

and set it into bird boys bird brain

here everything that was me has been a

sleepin all comfy and cozy inside Tim

Drake's subconscious at first I had to

limit the time I spent in Drake's body

he's not aware of what I do

chocking up any lingering memories two

bad dreams if his family misses him I

simply call wifey and tell her I'm

working late honey

the changes come at will now and soon

I'll be strong enough to live in this

body permanently mr. J's on the rebound

baby my comeback party's gonna set the

whole town on fire

so where should I make Ground Zero

Gotham general where our heroes dear

little Dana is recuperating or here in

the happy garden of mrs. Mary McGinnis I

always think it adds resonance to a

hero's mission to have some defining

element of tragedy in his background

don't you ah but the one and only

kickoff point must be stately Wayne


gone in a fast before Brucie can hobble

the safety or mount a rescue don't worry

I'll be hitting those other spots soon

enough adiós Brucie I guess I should

salute you as a worthy adversary and all

that but the truth is I really did hate

your guts

what about it kid any last words for the

old bat fart yeah Sikkim

the line Snoopy