Pat McAfee Reacts To Colts Claiming New Kicker

the Colts claimed a new kicker yesterday

chase McLaughlin from the 49ers who was

in relief of Robbie Gould the Patriots

also put in a claim for him but the

Colts are higher up in the waiver due to

the record so are the Patriots wanted

him because of NIC folks injury then had

kite four-bath who no idea how it got

that job now they are without a kicker

going into the weekend unless both can

get healthy I'm not sure what they're

gonna do I'll be excited to see maybe

Jake Bailey their punter will kicked I'm

not 100% sure about further coats I put

my ear to the ground

phone some people and I was like excuse

me don't you think I should be told like

isn't this something I should I go on

I'm one of the only people that go on a

lot of big shows and talked about the

Indianapolis Colts on a regular basis

this is something I'm pretty well don't

you guys think that you should give me a

heads up if you guys are thinking about

bringing in another kicker and I was

told no I heard finitary teased me he

has had an injury that sparked up so

they were like alright we have to do

something but they did cut another

player to make room for this guy on the

roster so if they're gonna cut Vinatieri

or send him to IR or something like that

they would have cut the other guy to

make room for the roster I'm not talking

nobody's giving me anything by the way

which I don't know if I respect or hate

I think I respected I guess because you

hate rats you respectfully hate it I

respectfully hey I respect it but I hate

that they're not giving me any Intel I

have not gotten a text from the GM which

I would expect if we're gonna make moves

like this but I have not gotten to I

didn't text Vinnie I don't want to hear

I don't want to put him in a situation

so I don't know anything from anything

all I do know is that they wouldn't have

cut another guy to make room for another

player if they were gonna make a move to

either send him to IR or gonna whatever

was gonna happen I would assume that

that won't happen unless they just want

to get rid of the guy which the other

guy which I'm not on for said sure but

for me this is just a statement that

Vinny's knee is hurt we all have seen

the performance this year has not been

up to Adam Vinatieri standards now

granted this past week he had three

misses two of them being blocked only

one of the block was his fault the other

one a guy got in the backfield before he

even got a chance to kick it basically


eighty-five yarder you don't see a lot

of people hit 55 yarders and he hit that

ball well just drift it to the right so

the miss was bad he's had a lot of

misses to show though this has not been

Vinay Terry's best work I will not

disagree with everybody that's saying

that but in this particular case I have

no idea how it's going to turn out I

have absolutely no clue what we got left

how many weeks to bail at four yeah four

weeks left in the season you're bringing

a guy I even know I did it's very

interesting about seven thousand tweets

came to me as soon as it was announced

last night like oh what do you say about

this what do you say about this to be

honest I have no idea I have no clue

what's happening and nobody's giving me

any information which I hate yeah I mean

Vinny had an MRI on his D so it's not

like it's not this is my knees now

granted my only hobby as a child was

kicking a soccer ball against the wall

the side of my house right I didn't play

video games I didn't watch TV I had

never seen a Disney movie until a couple

years ago I mean my only hobby was just

blasting a soccer ball off the side of

my house so let's assume that my knees

have gotten more reps in kicking things

than possibly any human in the history

of existence and that's that's just what

I did for fun was just blast the ball

off the wall for hours at a time and

granted it helped me immensely I mean I

kicked a soccer ball 124 miles an hour

that got me a lot of places I got to

travel the globe playing soccer strictly

because I had the strongest leg didn't

always have the best conditioning but

they would bring me in late in the

second half and say hey pal need a big

one out of you I would do that I got a

chance obviously to kick a 65 yard field

goal misses 70 yard field goal coming

out of high school because of this and

got a scholarship to West Virginia to go

and do my thing miss couple kicks there

and make a lot of kicks miss couple get

to the NFL punt maybe enough money to

take care of everybody in my life


so that kabhi of mine definitely helped

but my knees took a real beating through

this my hips whenever I was in the NFL

like year five my right hip I thought it

tore my hip flexor

I guess I just had a bruise on there or

something like that it came on your body

whenever you're doing something that's

so explosive a lot of people

underestimate the amount of explosion

that is needed to kick a ball to

generate enough force to get a ball to

propel off of your foot and travel 60

yards 50 yards things like that it's a

lot of explosion yes

the thought of kicking a ball

is easy ninja the thought of not just

ninja by the way ninja speaks for a

bunch of people that I've been talking

about football forever because

commentators that made it sound like

it's easiest thing because in comparison

to all the other positions in football

it is much easier physically than all

those positions

you're not ramming your head into things

you're not blocking people you're not

tackling people on a regular basis

you're just kicking a ball but to do

that act it takes a lot of explosion

that's why you take the average Joe and

you say hey here's a football throw it

and they throw it well no gang is

rolling back and they catch it it's like

okay here's a golf club hit the golf

ball they can hit a golf ball pretty far

they can't control it but it can go a

little bit of a distance give them a

frisbee they can throw it give them a

baseball they can play catch but you ask

them to kick the ball or punt the ball

they stink at it that's just the way it

is so to say that kicking is easy I

think although the act of it is

potentially easy in comparison to other

positions in football but to be good at

it you have to have a lot of explosion

you have to be able to move something at

a rapid rate and to do that a lot of

your joints take a beating that's why

finitary kicking here in what 46 years

old is so impressive to me the fact that

his joints have been able to handle the

wear and tear and the beat up to get to

this age Jeff fievel's did it Morten

Andersen did a Gary Anderson did it

these guys that can play in this

explosive position that by the way once

you do it you have to go sit for

probably 30 maybe 45 minutes and come

back out and be explosive again much

like a I don't even know what it's like

I don't even I don't even know the

comparison really I don't I don't think

there is a comparison to it so the fact

that his joints have held up he's had a

lot of surgeries that surgeries on his

knees yeah that surgeries on his hips

these are things he rehabs his warmup

process is something that's like two

hours long even for practice he has like

a two hour long routine that he has to

do so he can go out and kick and not

muscles and ligaments tear apart so the

fact that his knee is hurting is

something that I would have expected

years ago so now I think we're

potentially seeing the residual effects

and I think hindsight we can look back

and assume that there might have been

something wrong with him his body wasn't

generating or acting a full cylinder

like we it has in the past but for this

the MRI on the knee the year that he's

had I mean finitary is gonna have to

have a real conversation with himself

and I am not envious of him in that

moment where he's gonna have to talk and

maybe he'll come back

maybe he'll dominate next year maybe

he'll do all that but for me if vin

Oteri's knee is very hurt and he's not

able to kick the rest of the year and

chase McLaughlin is the kicker I think

what we should all do is just thank Adam

Vinatieri for his service for everything

he's done I'm excited for his future I'm

not gonna try to lean him any different

direction I don't know what the hell

he's gonna do but I am a little bit

worried that he brought in another guy

off of waivers because that probably

means that he is not able to go this

weekend which could potentially lead

into others or maybe it's just one

weekend he takes off and he comes back

and finishes this thing off I don't know

we'll see how it all works out