Who Is The Killer - Episode 1 - (Detective Mabs)

hey guys welcome back to another so my

name is mom and today we're gonna try

something a little different than my

regular Let's Plays but to start a tiny

little series on a game called who is

the killer this is episode 1 is the game

all about being a detective it's my job

to find out exactly well will be the

tutorial and find out now before you

guys get too excited about it I want you

to know that this is a mostly text-based

game with images here and there it's all

about critical thinking and finding out

clues and seeing who can be the

potential murderer so let's begin my

first time ever opening this I did to be

the description on the on the games page

which I will be putting a link also down

here and then let's just get started so

I'm going to read us get started and

well I'll go through this ok so you have

found yourself being trapped in the

castle with seven characters and one of

them is a murderer everyday one of the

characters is killed and you can only

stop the killer each action cost you a

cup of coffee for example you can

investigate the crime scene and find

important details every day you have

from four to seven cups of coffee mmm

you can also discuss the different

suspects with other characters including

themselves however you cannot go

straight to the most important facts

like alibis or secrets you have to

discuss other topics first the faster

you play word games the more points of

logic you can gain the needing you can

use later

so there are minigames in this during

your dream you can try to guess the

items on the painting either by their

outlines or by opening cells the more

items you guess right the more cups of

coffee you'll have during the next day

in order to win you have to arrest the

right suspect by the end of the day if

no more murders occur during the next

day you'll win if all characters are

killed within six days you lose in order

to arrest the suspect you have to

convince other character

to do so you have to discuss the suspect

with all other characters good luck all

right let's do this so um so we got the

Baroness this is a I think it's the one

of the characters as well so let's try

to work this together guys we'll go

ahead and just do this I think we'll do

this over the course of a couple days

and we'll figure it out now this is a

roguelike type of game oh I mean a

randomized experience why where every

single time it's going to be a different

person this is a one-time playthrough

this is episode 1 hopefully more

episodes to come out but the killer will

always be the same person in episode 1

so if you want to play this by yourself

go download the game right now plate

figure it out then watch this video to

see if we did the same things or not so

I you know if you like these games I

highly recommend you play the game first

or you can just watch this so let's

begin mr. K you know my name your friend

the Baroness has invited you to stay at

Hokkaido for a few days

unfortunately you and several other

guests have to stay here for at least

another 6 days there was an accident

this morning day 1 so the bareness is

right here huh alright this is the cook

Oh someone died already that has been a

murder the victim is the cook he was

found dead in his bed there was an empty

file next to the body so clue number one

file let's investigate the crimes so day

1 so we have to just talk to everybody

oneplus look I can get one energy on

Facebook if I share this around be like

oh god please help me team I'm not gonna

do that

ok so I talked to a lot of people they

want me to talk to the doctor I guess

that's fine since it was a file right so

I'll talk to the doctor okay the doctor

a man of around 45 if he came here with

a young lover the artist and he appeared

to be over in the moon feel free to ask

but don't be shy he invites you in a

friendly manner suspicious-looking guy

over here hints to discuss any other

character press on his or her portrait

so I'm

getting a ham and I'm gonna wear and

talk now I'm going to talk about the nun

what do you think about the nut find the

word knee yeah find the war nun okay so

these award games right here you know it

just tells you to find it find the word

didn't and so you have to find it quick

always I think had to be quick the nun

didn't always serve oops that's not the

I'm sorry

serve the what don't you have to do that

serve the Lord so here we go the nun

didn't always serve the Lord she was was

was she was once involved in a very

nasty affair the nun whoo so I you know

here's the thing I don't know how this

game works he could be like Oh on the

bottom left we have a we have a small

chance to fight us so if the thing

reaches the end it's over like I don't

think we can keep talking about this

thing so we have to keep going through

it so the more we do the easier it is so

the judge forced her or her forced her

to retire retire to to a monastery it

was best for everyone

particularly for I'm getting better at

this huh

particularly for her all right so so we

found it so the nun didn't always serve

the Lord

she was once involved in a very nasty

affair the judge forced her to retire to

a monastery it was best for everyone

particularly for her so I don't know

what this particular statement has -

because I don't know if it's a fact I'm

just going to assume that perhaps they

are but there might be a slight chance

that there could be lying's in this game

okay let's talk okay so that was the

doctor I really want to get to know

everybody so let's talk to the doctors

lover the artist charming lung young

lady of 20 to 25 her paintings are

popular because of their power and

frankness everything oh I'm sorry

everything that is happening is so awful

what would you like to know she says

isn't agitated - oh well would you like

to know she says in an agitated tone

hint discuss all right let's have her

talk about her husband the doctor or

like the lover all right it's deuce as a

doctor is rare we open with me except

for one thing worst thing at one thing

something happened here oh we're

starting again so some stuff 20 years

ago something bad oh he doesn't want to

talk about

okay so we learned something new let's

meet her over one more time the doctor

is very open with me except for one


something happened here 20 years ago

something bad he doesn't want to talk

about it interesting so something bad

with the doctor could be just a little

bit of misleading I so can read the top

here says all the characters are

connected by some story try to figure

out what it was and who has the motive

to commit the crime so from what we've

seen so far the nun wasn't always a nun

she had an affair with the Lord the Lord

made her do something else doctor and

artist are together

she says the doctor is very open and he

had an event here 20 years ago let's

talk to the judge

an old pal of the Baroness like all the

people in the circle

he has a poor sense of humor as likely

to be dishonest see we got some

dishonesty here we don't know if people

are telling the truth okay I mean I'm


let me see mr. K and who would you like

to talk about he says with a hint of

condescension in his tone all right

let's have him talk about the Baroness


I bet the Baroness

I know something but I'm not sure if I

can tell about it judge knows the

suspects allit alibi oh if there's a

pigeon that means the alibi

so remember an alibi is an excuse it

could be real could be fake okay he does

not trust me about okay okay okay so on

the top left of the portrait if there's

a little - red thing right there lemons

he won't talk about it oh okay that's

interesting well tell me about yourself

judge how about that

I take uhm things

they come as a judge I know that you

have to pay for [ __ ] all all your

actions and I'm very where isn't it very

guilty okay so okay we learned a little

bit stuff just from the icons he doesn't

want to talk about the doctor he doesn't

want to talk about the cook I think the

sauced icon here might mean suspicious

but he does know where the Baroness was

on the alibi all right so about myself I

take things there we I take things as

they come as a judge I know that you

have to pay for your actions and I'm

very guilty so as a judge is very

self-righteous it seems like but he also

has a sets him down because he also says

he is very guilty and we don't know what

that means perhaps it can allude to the

events that occurred with the doctor

some odd years ago we got one more cup

of coffee

let's try introducing ourselves to one

more person will talk to the Coronel

greeting brave warrior with a grey

moustache women are definitely one of

his weaknesses loud voice harsh manners

and an unkind look well my friend I'll

tell you everything I know

he says cheerfully in a deep voice okay

he doesn't want to talk to a lot of

people but there was a file of file you

know like a little bottle near the crime

scene of the cook let's have him talk

about the doctor as well maybe we can

learn a little bit more about the so

called event that occurred now I'm glad

I would do this again okay so I know

when I'll know I'm known this fellow for

a long time

where's that now for for many years he

really was really really hated other

people he hated other people

oh but now the artist is in his life

he's really started cheered up okay

let's do this

I've known about this stuff I've known

about this fella for a long time now for

many years he really hated other people

but now the autism his life he's really

cheered up all right so the end of the

day we've learned a lot of stuff look at

about the kernel he also knows the alibi

of the judge and there's very suspicious

of everybody interesting no one to

accuse just yet that's the end of the

day so we have to press another day we

didn't get to talk to the bareness or

none directly but I'll have to wait till

the next day so let's see oh what's that

thing on the top say only one character

knows how you use all kinds of weapons

whatever he/she says whoa so let's just

go on a wit okay let's just guess right

now who it could be

anybody honestly but once we end the day

and do another type of me game the day

like the next day will happen and

someone else will die I'm gonna say the

doctor is a very likely suspect just

because of the file but he could have

could have been stolen from anybody so

let's just go with the doctor for now

this is a little guess let's see who

dies the next day the end of the day who

is going to be next if you have arrested

the real murderer there will be no more

deaths but if you have made a mistake

the only thing left is pray to God go to

bed and have a good night's rest so I'm

sorry but I can't accuse anyone today so

using the point of logic 2/3 so using

the points of logic we can see a little

bit of a picture which leads to a clue

so what's this

press the cells to evil part of the

painting guess which of the items are

low is present in the painting I had a

dream everything was a vague there was

an item

what was it clock candle beetle knife

let's see here I can't see what is

holding Donny we can't see it we can't

see what it is but there is a clock

there there was a clock this I'm gonna

go the clock you up here's a cup of


alright cells that can be open so we

have to do little mini games about this

thing ok I had a dream everything was

vague there was an item what was it beau

photograph decanter or perfume

let's see there I don't know he'll

decanter this but I'm gonna have to go

with that oh it is a photograph you see

I don't know what to Canter's there's no


I don't know what I can't decanter is oh

whatever we got it I don't know what the

cancer is guys I'm sorry I don't know

that word but we got it I had a dream

everything was vague

what was it revolver ladder ba-cock dog

super [ __ ] it's not talking here is


two three four I don't know what that is

revolver a ladder a book a dog

I don't know button wrong I don't know

that I can't see what it packs in here

looks like the dream is over and the

next day will begin the day has begun

you had a dream and there were several

interesting details it gives you energy

which is pretty good awake day too

all right so let's see yeah there's been

a murder the victim is the doctor he was

shot down while reading a book there was

a cartridge case next to the body I knew

it I knew I knew it was too freaking

simple it was not the doctor I think it

had something to the event but we'd have

to end here so every single day will be

an episode until we figure out this

murder or someone dies so I'm gonna have

to end it here if you guys enjoyed

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hope you guys are enjoying this

different kind of I guess temple video

on my channel I'm really invested in

this game I really want to see what the

heck happy so thanks for being here hope

you guys are excited as well and I will

see you guys next time