And Then There Were None (2015) - Ending






two little soldier boys sitting in the

Sun one got frizzled up and then there

was one one little soldier boy left all


he went hanged himself and then there

were none you wondering about their

livers and kidneys you won't believe the

doctor when he said I was dead none of

you checked Armstrong made it so much

easier he was very keen to forge an

alliance I don't know what he thought

was gonna happen when he ran out into

the night to meet mates Trump said I was

gonna save him I'd lied about the

success of my surgery the mass the

tumour is spreading there's nothing to

be done but I wait the inevitable it's

quite extraordinary painful well not

long now though why are you doing this

because justice comes to war I told you

that were you not listening the evidence

that led me to convict Edward Seton was

considered too terrible to be made

public it was the stuff of nightmares


and where others were revolted miss


I was fascinated and when Seaton looked

into my eyes he could see that I was

thrilled he knew that I was a kindred


I mind his neck snapped I felt as if I

have been handed a gift Morel maybe

there's something in there there are

differences between Seaton and myself

all his victims were innocent you are

all guilty now imagine the detectives

arrived to find a house full of

slaughter and the handiwork of you and


everywhere yeah but UN Owen himself is

nowhere to be seen

but who else could have fired the final

shot that ended the life of the

unimpeachable judge ten bodies and no

murderer packet of disappears

so unfathomable

they'll be worrying about a few years no

wait this doesn't there's no more

bullets there can be no final shot

because the gun is empty

there are no new products damn it one

spoiled no it's not spoiled yes it is

that a corpse is everywhere an enemy

left and not just you there's me he was


no he was quite the same as to the lot I

thought he was insane he killed us all

and I shot him to defend us it was all

know you took it Maggio lover got his

blood on your feet

don't believe us they believe me last


what a big idling when you are miss clay

for your car my favorite really fine

about a judge but I could save us but

yeah I'll keep your secret but I will

save us


you forgot the one that shocked me