Until Dawn - The Killer Explains His Actions

Josh josh Josh oh very good every one of

you you got my name and after all you've

been through good good you do good good

I mean how does that feel right

how does it feel do you enjoy feeling

terrorized humiliated I mean panicked

all those emotions that my sister's got

to feel once one year ago on the only

guess what they didn't get to laugh it

off no no no no no they're gone I don't

know if you noticed this Josh but none

of us are laughing oh come come come

come come why the long faces come on

it's good to get the heart racing every

now and then right and race they did I

mean every one of you just pitter pat

pitter pat I hope you appreciated my

little phantasmagorical spectacle I'm

not no detail too small that's how

opportunity missed it was such a delight

to play the puppet master to all of your

Pavlovian panic bodies I mean not that

shoe expensive and no retakes nope nope

nope only double takes oh you should

have seen your faces hook line and

sinker for every little stinker Josh why

are you doing this yeah don't even ask

this squirrely little runt he's got no

clue he's out of his [ __ ] tree he's

definitely off his meds oh come on you

guys revenge is the best medicine

you're done he might he's sick what come

on you guys are all gonna thank me when

you guys become internet sensation say

what what oh you better believe this

little puppies going viral ladies and

germs I mean we got the unrequited love

we got we got blood I don't think

there's enough hard drives in China

tipped account all the views we're gonna

get you guys what are you talking about

you asshat

Jessica's [ __ ] dead what did you hear


Jessica is dead you were gonna [ __ ]


ah guys guys come on seriously this is


you know shut up why'd you hit her man

huh what's it the [ __ ] hit her ah

what are you talking about Ashley you

piece of [ __ ] mm-hmm

oh I got so mad you don't hit a girl you

just don't dude dude Chris bro I'm not

your bro where we going

where you guys taking me boxing club bro

what I can't do anything stupid before

call police huh

I didn't do anything are you serious bro

goddamn murderers what you are I didn't

do it Michael please just listen to me

man I did not hurt Jessica

are you insane like I like really you

not understand what you've done I'm a

healer man I bring people together I'll

let you [ __ ] that's enough

wanna see you're not flying you are aa


alright not my fault you suckers can't

take a joke oh boy did I hurt you do you

just feel a little little bit pain right

now I'm so so sorry

stop it Jesus duck Michael I'm sorry man

I can't tell you how sorry I am that

something happened to Jessica but I

swear I swear to you I have no idea what


Josh be honest do you really expect us

to trust you for a single goddamn second

after all this [ __ ] you put us through

I'll just get along ah not [ __ ]



I'll expose your just tough bunch of boy

you can't hang out ik I just to try like

this guys huh

I like not like you got the guts to

really do anything about it anyway

really really really need to shut up man

oh ah oh I I mean I I don't even know

what you mean because I I don't have

anything for regret



yeah ah okay tie me up now okay he's

still Ryan

right right right still okay and time up

if they're just Wickham around hot good

buddy be a little wiggle room on what

does it take to shut you are not

sometimes okay not so tight ugh it's

like two ties that work in God's name is

he talking about this is hard to watch

you ever see sky ship before hey Mike

Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike what what

happened with Jess Mike you know what

happened no no I don't I got a problem


I don't remember killing test Christ no

I mean like I feel like I would remember

killing her you know she's too soft and

she's probably got like a really tight

butt shut your [ __ ] mouth

seriously what what did you think I was

gonna shoot him I don't know come on

Chris you know me better than that yeah

Chris you know me better than that

ah yeah well just next time give me a

heads up all right oh oh you poor little

bees you can't even get your good cop

bad cop routine Newark leave us to the

pros frog why don't you go back to the

lodge make sure everything's all right

stay here with this lunatic in the

morning Oh sleepover okay we order beats

up you sure you're okay yeah I want to

know everything's fine back there

see you in the morning