Who was the FIRST King of England?

England has been around for centuries

heck even millenniums throughout their

extensive history they have been ruled

by mostly kings while many people may

know some Kings such as King Henry the

eighth or King Richard the first many

people do not know who was the first

which begs the question who was the

first King of England the first two

kings and the anglo-saxons were Alfred

the Great in his son Edward the elder

well they both ruled over the

anglo-saxons both did not rule over all

of England

there was still that Viking resistance

Alfred the Great stopped the Viking

invasion of Wessex at the Battle of

eddington in 878 making Wessex the only

anglo-saxon kingdom to not fall to the

Viking forces peace treaties were drawn

and secured Wessex from further

invasions from the Vikings but that did

not stop the Vikings in the eight 90s

when they attacked again but Alfred the

Great with the help of his son Edward

the elder kicked them out of Wessex once

again then Alfred soon died after and

his son Edward became King Edward's

cousin aethelwold joined the Vikings and

invaded Edwards territory of Wessex and

Mercia Edward retaliated with a raid on

East Anglia but his forces disobeyed his

orders to retreat and were met by the

East Anglian Danes at the Battle of home

in 902 the Danes had won but Edwards

evil cousin died so in a way Edward

kinda won fast forward to 918 all the

Viking forces south of the Humber

submitted to Edward Edward had taken

control of all of Mercia and East Anglia

but there was still the Viking control

kingdom of York and Northumbria by the

end of Edwards reign the Norse Welsh and

Scots called him father and Lord when

Edward died in 924 there was some

confusion on who would be his successor

it was between his two sons offal Ward

and Athelstan the confusion did not last


because offal ward outlived his father

by only 16 days so Athelstan was crowned

king of the anglo-saxons in 926 the king

of York citric and Athelstan made an

agreement to not invade each other but

the following year citric died and

Athelstan invaded them anyway with York

kingless it was an easy win many Kings

accepted athol stands over lordship

making apple Stan the first King to rule

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