Who is this King of Glory? - Paul Washer

he died the father gave his son when you

say things like Jesus died

shouldn't you stop for a moment there's

something I mean he died he really died

and it was his blood shed on that tree

that's the only reason the black film of

your sin could be washed away that blood

on that train

the slaughter of the Son of God and that

man that God that man Christ Jesus rose

again from the dead and on the

fourteenth day he ascended up to the

right hand of his father and for the

first time in all the history of history

a man walked up to the doors of heaven

and cried out what we find here in verse

seven lift up your heads o gates and be

lifted up old ancient doors that the

king of glory may come in and all of

heaven behind those doors are in utter

shock in silence wonder finally a brave

one lifts his head and begins to speak

who is this King of glory

who dares speak to these stores no man

has ever dare come this far or lay his

hand to the latch of this wall who is

this King of glory

and all of a sudden before the Messiah

the Christ the Son of God the man for us

cries out the Lord strong and mighty the

Lord mighty in battle lift up your heads

old gates lift up your heads ancient

doors that the king of glory may come in

and in the first time of all time

those doors open for a man he walked

through those doors and everything that

has ever been made fell on its face

all hail the power of Jesus name the

Angels prostrate fall bring forth the

royal diadem and crown him Lord of all

crown him with many crowns this lamb of


and I could just see him now walking up

to his father bold it was his right

climbing the steps of this throne that

would lay Solomon's throne look like

paper mache and sits down within it

without even asking permission and looks

at his father not as a question as an

aggravation and says father it is

finished and the father says son it is

finished indeed

this Jesus whom you crucified God has

made him both Lord and Christ

don't think I will even ask you to make

Jesus Lord of your life that's the most

preposterous thing I could ever tell you

to do Jesus Christ is Lord of your life

whether you serve Him or not whether you

bless him curse him hate him or love him

he is the Lord of your life because God

has given him a name that is above every

name so that the name of Jesus Christ

every knee shall bow and tongue confess

that he is Lord some of you will bow out

of the grace that has been given to you

and others will bow because your

kneecaps will be broken by the one who

rules the nations with a rod of iron

but I will not apologize for this God of

the Bible I come from a long line of men

most of them buried but all of them well

received in glory thinks not about the

opinions of men or the way the rest of

the evangelical community is going to

walk I want you to know there is a God

in heaven and he is worthy of all praise

and glory and honor and he demands such

from you and he has made it possible in

his glory in his love for you to come to

him and he cries out all who are thirsty

come and drink all who are hungry

comedies why do you spend your money on

that which will not satisfy come and

drink from me he says wine and milk

based upon the sure mercies of David I

will treat you good for my ways are not

your ways they're higher than your ways

as my as the seed grows because water is

poured upon it my word my promise will

not pay he commands everyone in this

room to repent of their sins and believe

the gospel

to seek him while he may be found