The Last "King" in Ireland

- [Narrator] To the north and west

of Ireland's County Donegal, is windswept Toraigh Island,

surrounded by the hungry waves of the Atlantic.

Less than 200 people live here,

including Ireland's last and only king,

a tradition that goes back 1400 years.

- My name is Patsy Dan Rodgers,

the King of Toraigh, as they say,

and you're very welcome to Toraigh Island.

- [Narrator] As king of the island,

Patsy's role is mostly symbolic.

In the sixth century, a visiting saint created the role

in order to unify the islanders in defense of pirates.

But Patsy's very proud of his island's rich heritage.

- [Patsy] We have our own Ghaeilge language.

Everyone speaks Ghaeilge on the island.

We have a very strong culture, musicians.

- [Narrator] Patsy's duties as king are few,

but he takes his role as island ambassador very seriously.

- People come from various parts of the world,

from a number of countries to meet me and to see me

on the island and to talk to me.

When I accepted the simple honor of the king,

I thought it would never come to what

it did come to now.

It's quite serious now.

- [Narrator] Of the roughly 150 people who live

on Toraigh Island, many are over 65 years old,

and the island struggles for tourism

and help from the mainland.

- I am almost 70.

Many are over 70, and the island is not going

to really depend on that type of age,

as much as we'd like to.

They would like to see now the population

of the island growing and also a few jobs to teenagers

and the island to start swinging again.

(Irish music)

- [Narrator] Patsy may be the only Irish king,

but his hope is that he won't be the last.

- (Patsy) When I am on my dying bed, hopefully before that,

somebody will come up and offer to take the honor

of the King of the Island.