Who Would Be King of Italy Today?

today I'm going to answer the question

who would be king of Italy

if Italy wanted to restore its monarchy

in previous videos I looked at similar

charts for France Russia and Germany and

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we'll start by looking at some maps

nowadays Italy is a single united

country and therefore many people assume

that it was always that way however it

was not for most of modern history Italy

was broken up into a bunch of smaller

parts in fact it only became a single

unified country in 1861 prior to

unification Italy actually consisted of

three kingdoms several duchies a Grand

Duchy and the papal States which were

under the direct control of the Pope

what happened during unification is that

this king over here the king of Sardinia

became king over all of Italy but then

after World War two Italy decided it

didn't want a king anymore and it became

a republic instead but let's go back to

the mid 1800s when there were three

kingdoms within the area we now call

Italy first there was the kingdom of

Lombardi of Venetia this kingdom was

actually a part of the Austrian Empire

and therefore its king was the same

person as the Emperor of Austria so I'm

not going to talk about who would be the

king of the kingdom of Lombardi Venetia

because that would simply be the same as

who would be the Habsburg monarchy which

I've already covered in my video about

the Hapsburgs again I'll put a link to

that in the description but I am going

to talk about these two kingdoms the

kingdom of Sardinia first because it was

their king who went on to become the

king of all Italy but I'll also talk

about the kingdom of the two sicilies

and answer the question who would be the

king of the Two Sicilies today so let's

begin the rulers of Sardinia were from

the House of Savoy the rise of the House

of Savoy came in four stages first they

were the counts of the region of Savoy

second they were upgraded to become the

Dukes of Savoy

third they expanded their territory and


the kings of Sardinia and then forth

they became kings of all Italy the first

king of Italy was Victor Emmanuel the

second he has a number two because there

had been a previous King Victor Emmanuel

of Sardinia he was followed by his son

Umberto the first who quite likely has

the most epic mustache in all of world

history we then get Umberto Sun Victor

Emmanuel the third it was Victor

Emmanuel the third who was king of Italy

during World War two and he also briefly

held the title Emperor of Ethiopia he

abdicated in 1946 when it became clear

that the monarchy would likely be

abolished the hope was that the people

might be happier with his son Umberto ii

as king but the people voted to become a

republic and therefore Umberto ii only

reigned for about a month but Umberto ii

lived until 1983 and was head of the

house until then he had a son named

vittorio emanuele and that son is still

living you'll notice that in all of my

charts I tend to use English names for

the historical rulers but for people who

are currently living I usually use the

name in that person's language so here

vittorio emanuele is the italian

equivalent of victor emmanuel anyway

vittorio emanuele is currently 81 years

old and he has a son named emmanuel

filiberto so it seems as though the

answer to the question of who would be

king of italy is pretty simple it would

be this guy and after he dies it would

be this guy

but it's actually not that easy

you see vittorio emanuele did something

that at the time royals and former

royals were not supposed to do he

married someone of unequal rank in other

words someone who was not a member of

the nobility this is called a non diner

stick or morganatic marriage his third

cousin named Amedeo claims that this non

dynastic marriage bars vittorio emanuele

and all his descendants and therefore he

as the next senior male is now head of

the house you see all of these kings of

italy only had one son each and

therefore if vittorio emanuele is out

this line over here suddenly becomes the

senior one it traces its origins to

Amedeo the first who was the second son

of Victor Emmanuel the second and also

briefly king of Spain there was a period

of three years between Queen Isabella ii

of spain and her son Alfonso the 12th

when Spain flirted with the idea of

making the House of Savoy the ruling

house in Spain as well as in Italy but

this didn't last and therefore the line

reverted to its next most important

title which was the Duke of Aosta Amedeo

being the current Duke so at the moment

there is a dispute between these two

individuals as to who would be the

legitimate king of Italy unlike his

distant cousin Amedeo who is currently

75 years old married a person of equal

rank he married princess Claude from the

French House of Orleans her brother was

Henry count of Paris one of the main

contenders for the throne of France he

actually passed away just a few short

weeks ago Amedeo and Claude had one son

together I'm Monet and he also married a

person of equal rank princess olga of

greek and denmark now when i say there

is a dispute between these two

contenders i mean there is a dispute in

2004 at the wedding of the current king

of spain king philippe this guy actually

punched this guy twice in the face so i

guess even royal weddings can have

guests that get out of hand anyway I'll

leave it up to you to decide which one

of these folks you think has the best

claim to the throne

but before we go let's look at the

kingdom of the two sicilies

that former country was ruled by a

junior branch of the spanish royal house

of war bin' known as the house of

bourbon-two sicilies but their kingdom

cease to exist in 1861 when it became

part of Italy the last king of the Two

Sicilies was francis ii and he did not

have any sons so when he died the next

head of the house was his younger

brother Alfonso Alfonso had a son named

Ferdinand Pius but and that son had only

daughters so when this person died in

1960 things got a bit complicated

the next most senior male at that point

was Alfonso the duke of calabria however

Alfonso's mother was a Spanish princess

and there was a time when Alfonso was

actually in the direct line to the

throne of Spain and because of this he

was required to give up all his other

titles and claims in the end he never

did become the king of Spain because

several other children were born

including king alfonso xiii and this

pushed him down in the line of

succession but if we accept that this

calabria line is barred because Alfonso

gave up his rights then this line over

here would now be the senior line it's

known as the Castro line as these

individuals were dukes of Castro so at

the moment these two individuals here

are the main candidates for the throne

of the Two Sicilies if it were ever to

be restored again I'll leave it up to

you to decide which one you think has

the better claim interestingly Pedro the

duke of calabria is the first cousin of

i mone the future Duke of Aosta this is

because his mother was also from the

French House of Orleans okay that was a

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