Who Would Be King of America if George Washington had been made a monarch?

today I'm going to explore the question

who would be king of America today if

George Washington had been made a

monarch the first thing you need to know

is that there is no easy answer to this

question George Washington did not have

any biological children so even if there

had been a King George the first of

America it's not immediately clear who

his successor might have been that's why

I've come up with not one but three

different scenarios based on three

different relatives that he might have

chosen and the second thing you need to

know is that this video is not meant to

be taken seriously like all of my who

would be King videos I'm doing this just

for fun and perhaps to teach a bit of

history along the way now it is true

that in 1782 a u.s. army officer by the

name of Colonel Lewis Nicola did write a

letter suggesting to George Washington

that he accept the title of King but

Washington strongly rejected the idea

and since then the idea of an American

monarchy has never been seriously

suggested but let's have some fun anyway

I've labeled the three lines that we're

going to trace the senior line the

Custis Lee line and the Mount Vernon

line and we're going to look at each one

in turn


before we look at the potential heirs of

George Washington

let's first quickly look at his

ancestors the first member of the

Washington family to live in what is now

the United States was John Washington he

was born in England and first arrived in

the colony of Virginia in 1657 there he

ran a tobacco plantation was a colonel

in the local militia and was elected to

serve in the colonial government as a

plantation owner in early America he

obviously was also a slave owner as was

George Washington a few generations

later John's estate was inherited by his

eldest son

Lawrence who was George Washington's

grandfather Lawrence married Mildred

Warner who happened to be a twelfth

generation descendant of King Edward the

third of England this means that George

Washington like most US presidents had a

little bit of royal blood in him

Lawrence died when his middle son

Augustine was just four years old so

Augustine who was George Washington's

father was actually raised by some other

relatives until he turned 18 after which

he inherited some of the land previously

owned by Lawrence and John Augustine

married twice with his first wife Jane

Butler he had two sons as well as a few

children who died young so these two

individuals here were half-brothers to

George Washington after his first wife


Augustine married Mary ball George

Washington's mother together they had

four sons of which George was the oldest

and a daughter named Betty Augustine

died when George was only eleven at that

point his older half

brother Lawrence inherited the father's


Lawrence served in a war against Spain

known as the war of Jenkins ear and

ended up naming part of his land after

his commanding officer Edward Vernon so

from this point forward the main

washington property was known as mount

vernon lawrence had four children but

all four died very young so when he

himself died the land was split between

the next two eldest brothers Augustine

jr. and George August jr. was supposed

to get the main property Mount Vernon

but he opted to take a different piece

of land instead and this is why George

Washington the third son ended up with

the main estate there is obviously a lot

that I could say about George Washington

being that he is one of the most famous

people in US history but let me just hit

the highlights

George served during the French and

Indian War in which the British defeated

New France he then ran his plantation

becoming very rich and becoming involved

in politics as tensions grew between

Britain and the 13 colonies he sided

with the revolutionaries and was

eventually chosen to serve as the

commander-in-chief of the Continental

Army during the American Revolution of

course the Americans won that war and

George Washington ended up serving as

USA's first president now here's where

we're going to depart from actual

history and enter alternative history

let's imagine that instead of becoming

president he was made king and reigned

until his death in 1799 what would have

happened next of the three possibilities

that I'm going to suggest with you let's

start with the one that I think is the

least likely to have happened

it's the scenario shown in the middle in

gray as I mentioned George Washington

did not have any biological children

however he

did have stepchildren and adopted

children after the French and Indian War

he married a widow named Martha Martha

had two young children from her first

marriage John and his sister Patsy these

two became George Washington's

stepchildren and were raised at Mount

Vernon John however died from an illness

during the American Revolution his two

youngest children one of which was his

only son were then adopted by George and

Martha Martha being the biological

grandmother and George being the step

grandfather that adopted son born the

same year that his father died had been

named after George Washington

his full name being George Washington

Park Custis Parke Custis being the name

he inherited from his biological

father's line when George Washington

became president young George was only

eight years old he was raised in the

presidential mansions and was thus a

member of the very first first family

but if George had been king instead of

president would he have chosen his

adopted son as his successor especially

since this George was so young probably

not but let's imagine that he did what

would have happened next well his

adopted son would have reigned as George

the second for a very long time 58 years

and then the throne would have passed to

his only surviving child Mary and guess

who the Queen's royal consort would have

been none other than robert e lee the

famous general who led the Confederates

during the u.s Civil War now we're

dealing with alternative history here so

if America had been a monarchy instead

of a republic would it have even had a

civil war perhaps in that scenario you

would have had a row

public in north separating from a royal

south but let's imagine the country

remained together remained a monarchy

and ended up abolishing slavery without

the civil war what would have happened


well Queen Mary would have reigned until

her death in 1873 and then the firstborn

son of Robert Lee named George

Washington Custis Lee would have become

George the third in real life he didn't

have any children so let's assume in

this alternative history that that was

still the case the throne would then

have passed to his nephew who was the

third person to have the name Robert Ely

but in this scenario he would be the

first Robert to have been king so he

would have been King Robert the first

now obviously if all of this had

happened you'd probably have ended up

with different marriages different

children and different lifespans but

again we're just assuming that

everything stays the same except for the

existence of a monarchy in this case

Robert the first would have been

followed by his brother who would have

become George the fourth and then by his

son Robert Ely the fourth who would have

been Robert the second now I wasn't able

to confirm whether robert e lee the

fourth is still living or not maybe

someone can let us know in the comments

if he is he's currently 95 and according

to this scenario would be a longer

reigning monarch than Queen Elizabeth

the second if he since passed away the

King according to this first scenario

would therefore be his eldest son robert

e lee v this robert e lee is a high

school athletics director and was

actually in the news recently stating

that he was supportive of the statues of

his famous great-great-grandfather being

torn down

okay so that was the Custis Lee line and

like I said is probably the least

plausible of the

scenarios to have occurred the second

line that we're going to look at is the

line shown in red I call it the senior

line because it follows the senior most

biological line starting from George

Washington's father Augustine in most

royal dynasties if a King dies without a

legitimate biological heir the throne

usually passes to a younger brother or

the younger brothers air because Kings

usually don't have any older brothers

because if you're the King you were

either the oldest brother to start with

or your older brother died without any

heirs and that's why you ended up as

king but in this case King George the

first would have had an older brother

with an heir and I think there's a good

argument to be made that he would have

passed the throne on to that senior

biological line rather than to an

adopted line or to the line of his

eldest younger brother

although Augustine jr. was only his


whereas Samuel Washington was his full

brother Augustine jr. and George shared

the same father and therefore Augustine

juniors son William would have been seen

as being the most senior male in the

whole Washington family in fact George

Washington's nephew William was the

first name listed among the executor of

George Washington's will so if we

imagine that William would have been the

next king of America the line would have

proceeded as follows there would have

been King William the first for eleven


King Bushrod for twelve years

King Spottswoode for 34 years and then a


Bushrod the second for a nice long

fifty-three years and these unusual

names certainly would have set the

American monarchy apart as being unique

but from this point there

are two different ways that history

could have gone I think it's most likely

that if America had adopted a monarchy

it would have adopted a system of

male-preference primogeniture like Great

Britain had at the time of the

revolution male-preference primogeniture

means that the throne always goes to a

son unless there aren't any sons and in

that case it can go to a daughter so


Bushrod Washington did not have any sons

and therefore in this scenario he likely

would have been followed by a queen

Estella Estella didn't have any children

though so the throne after her would

have passed to her male cousin named Lee

before passing to Lee's daughter who

would have become Queen Adele after

Queen Adele we would get the current

Queen which would be Queen Brenda so

under this scenario we now have a queen

Brenda reigning since the year 2000 and

we would have a new royal house the

house of Hanson named after her father

the husband of Odell now at this point I

should mention that all of the names at

the bottom of this chart are all real

people who live in the real world as

private citizens am therefore not going

to give you a much information about

them because I don't want people

tracking them down and doing what Tony

Robinson did in britain's real monarch

in that documentary he showed up at some

guys house in australia and said hey

guess what you're the real king of

england so yeah please don't do anything

like that now for those of you who are

curious as to what would have happened

had a male-only system been used in that

case the throne would have passed from

Bushrod ii to his brother who would have

become king james and then it once again

would have gone to kingly although in

this scenario kingly would have reigned

a little

longer and would have been followed by

his cousin's son William who would have

become William the second but here

something interesting happens

William was actually the last male only

descendant of Augustine Junior and

therefore upon his death the line

actually would have jumped to a male

descendant of George Washington's eldest

younger brother Samuel so even if we had

gone with George's younger brother to

start with and had followed a strictly

male only succession we would have ended

up with this same person here eventually

and that person would have been King

Paul he would have reigned for twenty

years and would have been succeeded by

his son Richard who would be King

Richard and the current king note that

this male only scenario is the only one

in which we get a House of Washington

still in place okay so that's kind of

scenario 2a and 2b we still have one

more scenario to look at and it's shown

in green on the right hand side and

personally I think it's the most

plausible of them all remembering of

course that none of these theories are

actually all that plausible I call this

last line of descent the Mount Vernon

Line and as far as I know it's never

been suggested by anyone else in any

various imaginary scenarios whereas

these lines have the Mount Vernon

scenario who is based on looking at the

will of George Washington for a clue as

to who he might have chosen as his royal

successor in his will he left the bulk

of his estate not to his eldest nephew

but to this nephew here named Bushrod a

different Bushrod than this Bushrod over

here the

inheritance included the main Mount

Vernon property which is why I call this

the Mount Vernon line but it also

included all of the private papers of

George Washington we can therefore

conclude that Bushrod must have been

someone that George trusted and admired

a great deal

Bushrod is also the only person in the

Washington family other than George

Washington to hold a really high-ranking

position in the US government

Bushrod served on the Supreme Court from

1798 to his death in 1829 he was

appointed by the second US President

John Adams therefore in this alternative

world that we are imagining I think

there would be a strong case to be made

that Bushrod was the kind of person that

George Washington might have chosen as

his royal successor so if he had what

would have happened next

basically we just have to trace the

ownership of the Mount Vernon property

Bushrod didn't have any children so

after he died

Mount Vernon was inherited by his nephew

John Augustine Washington the second so

we would have had a king

Bushrod for 30 years and then in King

John the first for 26 years followed by

a king john ii for just six years if we

go back to actual history for a moment I

should mention that John a Washington

the third was actually a Confederate

officer he died during the Civil War he

was also the last private owner of the

Mount Vernon estate he was unable to

keep up with the maintenance of the

property and so he petitioned both the

federal government and the state

government to purchase the estate in

order to make it a historical site

neither showed any interest though and

therefore instead he ended up selling it

to the Mount Vernon ladies Association


has owned it ever since and currently

runs it as a charity but back to the

imaginary scenario if John had been made

King he would have been followed by a

king Lawrence or perhaps nicknamed King

Larry and then by three more John's we

would have gotten a John the third John

the fourth and a John the fifth now

according to my research this John a

Washington died in 2009 and left no

biological heirs so to find the most

senior heir after this point we'd

actually have to go back a few

generations and then trace down another

branch of the family where we'd end up

with a Mary Washington who

coincidentally served in several

leadership positions over the years in

the National Society of Washington

family descendants now I wasn't able to

find her obituary so I assume she's

still living if she's not the next

person in line would be her son Lawrence

so we get a king Larry the second if

anyone has any better information about

this particular branch here you can

mention that in the comments so there

you have it I've given you three

possible scenarios resulting in four

possible candidates for the throne of

America today if George Washington had

been made King which line do you think

would have been most likely do you

support Queen Brenda King Robert King

Richard or Queen Mary let me know in the

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