How Jaime Lannister Became the Kingslayer (Game of Thrones)

Jaime's nickname of the Kingslayer is

something he gained when he was only 17

so 15 years before the start of the

series his dreams of becoming one of the

heroic and honorable Knights in all the

tales and at the moment he broke his

oath and he killed the king he swore to

protect he hates this name since it's

used an insult and as a way to look down

on him and remind him what he is but his

story is a complicated one Jaime has

always been his father's pride and joy

Tywin Lannister always had high hopes

for his twins Cersei would be the queen

and Jaime a knight in the next lower of

Casterly Rock

chowin would make it his life's work to

make this a reality and things were

looking like it would happen the twins

have always been admired for their good

looks Cersei who was born just before

Jamie looked so similar to her twin


that even Tywin had trouble telling them

apart when they were young I'm sure this

had a lot to do with the fact that Tywin

was living in King's Landing during this

time so he probably didn't see that much

since he was the head of the King to his

childhood friend Aerys a second George

Martin really wanted to drive home the

point of how inseparable the twins were

by writing that Jaime came out holding

his sister's foot during the birth Jaime

has always been witty and a very skilled

swordsman but had some bad qualities to

his character too he's impatient and

doesn't take anything seriously he's

great with words but doesn't share the

same level of intellect as his father

and more brother Tyrion at the young age

of II the Lannister kids lost their

mother Johanna after she gave birth to

Tyrion while sir she was always cruel

and hateful towards her little brother

Jaime was kind and loving when a very

few were especially their father Tywin

who saw him as the reason for Joanna's

death and an embarrassment to his family

right after the death of their mother

the princess of Dorne came to visit

Casterly Rock with her children Oberyn

and Elia Martell the Martell siblings

were a few years older than the

Lannister twins but just as inseparable

they heard stories about tywin's newborn

monster and wanted to see the aim for

themselves we met you and I many years

ago I think I would have remembered that

unlikely you had just been born the

whole way from Dorne all anyone talked

was the monster that had been born to

Tywin Lannister

I had twice the size of his body a tail

between his legs claws one red eye the

privates of both a girl and a boy

Cersei was saying that she hoped he

would die soon and hurt the newborn she

only stopped when Jaime told her to the

Martel's were there to negotiate a

possible betrothal between Cersei and

Oberyn and with Jaime and Elia something

the princess of Dorne and Johanna

previously worked out before her death

but Tywin was holding Cersei three

Prince Rhaegar Targaryen zweite and

wanted a better match for his heir so

turned them both down and offered Tyrion

for Elia which was seen as an insult

Tywin will get served it's karma years

later when Cersei would be rejected as

regards princess and Jaime turned out to

Squire for Rhaegar ironically enough it

would be Elia to marry Rhaegar and

become a princess Tywin was able to find

a beneficial match for Jamie however

funny enough he was planned to marry him

off to Lysa Tully just imagine that

relationship playing out and the flaming

dialog outcome for me Jaime was even

sent to Riverrun to spend time with lace

on Tully's the two sat beside each other

during every meal but Jamie was only

ever interested in cat and like his


Brendon Tully and all his war stories

brendan nicknamed the blackfish was a

well-known Knight

so Jaime was as fanboying over him like

he did with all the famous knights and

all the stories but King Aerys would

ruin tywin's plans yet again something

he enjoyed doing to his hand for as long

enjoyment Aerys now commonly referred to

as a Mad King all over the Seven

Kingdoms named a 15 year old Jaime

Lannister to the Kingsguard this was all

Jaime ever wanted he's a born fighter

not a lord who has to deal with all the

boring work but he would find out his

appointment wasn't recognition of his

talents there was another slight on his

father the Mad King already crushed

Tywin's hopes of Cersei marrying Rhaegar

and now he took his heir from him since

a Kingsguard members chose for life

without marrying or holding any titles

or lands this would make Tyrion the new

heir Tywin was furious but kept his

composure and politely left his position

as head of the King and returned home to

Casterly Rock the future alliance with

the Tully's was now over but it's not

like Jaime when Eliza anyways he only

had eyes for Cersei the twins were not

only inseparable as children but also

experimented in the bedroom

one another when they fell asleep

together their mother Johanna found out

through a mate casting them in the act

and they were very young but she never

told Tywin Johanna only separated them

with my castle and threat to tell their

father if they ever did it again they

were free to be together again and fall

in love after Joanna's death

he'd be their art and Jenna talent

younger sister to look after the 3

Lannister kids afterwards Jenna was

fairly close with her older brother

Tywin during this time until she

mentioned to him that Tyrion was more

like him than Jaime ever will be after

being turned out to Squire for Rhaegar

Jaime would live with Lord summer


and Squire for him at the age of eleven

the Cray calls are when the Lannisters

prominent bannermen in the westerland's

known for their strength and skills in

the battlefield so it made sense the

only details we get about his time

within the creeks Hall Castle is that a

larger boy who was the castle bully

tried to bully Jaime but that didn't

work out for him this bully was merit

free who I made an entire video about a

couple weeks ago he's a hilariously sad

character and I'll link to that video at

the end of this one if you wanna check

that out Jaime hated the other squire in

merit free for all his bullying ways

Jamie seems to have started off as a

great kid with being the only one to

respect Tyrion and hating bullies during

the last of the four years he spent

swine for Lord Crakehall

Jamie would experience his happiest

moment in his life he already earned

himself a reputation after winning

attorney melee at the age of 13 but at

the age of 15 he would help defeat the

Kingswood Brotherhood in a forest near

King's Landing call the Kingswood an

outlaw band began attacking travelers

and highborns the Brotherhood became so

dangerous that Barristan Selmy and

Arthur date of the Kingsguard

were charged with defeating them while

his fellow Squire Mara Frey was making a

fool of himself

Jaime was proving to be one of the

greatest fighters in the Seven Kingdoms

one of the more dangerous outlaws was

about to kill Lord summer Craig Cole but

Jamie was able to save him he even

briefly cross swords with the most

famous member of the Kingswood

Brotherhood called the smiling Knight

Jaime describes him as his generations

mountain it would be Arthur Dayne to

defeat the madman who was a smiling

Knight after the successful campaign

Arthur knighted Jaime himself he was

Jaime's hero and everything he wanted to

be Arthur Dayne may not have been the

Lord Commander of the Kingsguard but he

was the most skilled and deadliest

fighter in the realm Jaime

one night he was free to return home to

cast a rock since he no longer needed to

serve summer Crakehall

he stopped by King's Landing on his way

back home to visit Cersei who was now

living there with their father

it was Cersei that first put the idea of

joining the Kingsguard into Jaime's head

there was a vacant spot and if he was

sworn in they can live together in

King's Landing and love each other since

he couldn't marry not sure how Cersei

the scheming did it but a month later

the Mad King wanted Jaime on his


he did it the slight Thailand but Cersei

must have planted that seed Jaime would

be sworn in by the Lord Commander Gerold

Hightower of an attorney at Harrenhal in

front of a large crowd the youngest ever

sworn in but not for his skills the Mad

King would further insult Lannisters by

forbidding Jaime from participating in

attorney so he wouldn't gain any glory

instead he was forced to write back to

King's Landing to guard over his wife

Rey Ella and young son Viserys the older

Knight Gerold Hightower offered to go

instead so the young Jaime could

participate but the Mad King insisted it

would be Jaime things would get even

worse for Jaime when he found out Tywin

resigned as head of the king and will

return home to cast a rock with Cersei

he only agreed to join so he could be

with Cersei after being separated for so

long but who'd find himself alone in the

capital here he would truly get to know

the Mad King Aerys always wanted him

close where he could see him since he

was extremely paranoid the mad king and

queen rarely shared a bed but one night

when Jaime was standing guard

he heard the Queen's cries as Aerys

raped his wife Jamie began to question

his duty not knowing if he should defend

her until her sworn brother Jonathan

Airy reminded him that yeah they should

protect her but not from the king during

Robert's rebellion while all the other

Kingsguard fought in the battlefield

Jaime stayed by the mad Kings side in

the red keep as a sort of hostage

Jaime tried to fight in the war but I

would not eating a Targaryen or even

respond to the messages Aerys would

never let him go the Mad King realized

he may lose this war and his City so he

had one last crazy plot arranged he had

his Pyromancer

please wildfire all-around King's

Landing in secret Jaime was one of a

handful of men who knew about this the

moment the rebels stormed the city the

Mad King would blow the whole place off

killing every man woman and child it

would be talent to make it through the

city gates first to

attack so the mad king ordered Jamie to

bring him his father's head or he would

burn him alive like he did with everyone

his paranoid mind considered to be a

traitor Jamie saw the leader of the

pirate masters in disguise preparing to

light the Wildfire so Jamie took out his

sword and killed him he then approached

the throne room where Ares was in full

crazy mode he asked whose blood was on

his sword he reminded him that if it

wasn't Tywin's he would burn after Jamie

told him whose it was the Mad King

ranted the iron throne for some reason

where Genie was led us through town once

man immediately barged in the room

before Jamie could figure out what he

was gonna say or do next they asked who

he intend to name as the next king

another turkey Orion Tywin Robert

Baratheon were all options to Jaime

he believed another Targaryen would be

too risky considering their madness

Tywin was never loved by anyone and the

rebellion would just continue if he was

crowned so Robert was only practical

choice in Jamie's eyes but he told his

father's men to name whoever they wanted

he ordered them to tell everyone the

king was dead now the war was over Tywin

was afraid that Jaime would do something

rash in his time alone in King's Landing

since it had always been in his danger

to do so and he was right I'm sure Talon

would have preferred someone else during

their hands instead of his son who he

still considered his heir or bacteria

even though he was a Kingsguard member

for some reason Jaime decided to sit on

the Iron Throne with his sword across

his lap while he waited for the next

group to enter the throne room he'd be

Ned Stark and his man next Ned judged

him from being an Oathbreaker and

Kingslayer while also believing he won

the Iron Throne for himself since he was

sitting on it Ned just soundly rode his

horse up to him and waited then Jimmy

laughed and said have no fear Stark was

only keeping it warm for our friend

Robert it's not a very comfortable seat

I'm afraid

Ned wanted Jaime since the wall and

during the Nights Watch for his actions

but Robert decided to pardon him and

allow him to remain on his Kingsguard

it's never explained why Jaime decided

to sit on the Iron Throne

even though it was clear he had no

intentions of caming it for himself but

his work wasn't done there are two more

of the mad Kings Pyromancer still around

he knew about the Wildfire Jaime

dedicated the next couple days to

hunting him down in case they decide to

follow through with the mad Kings orders

of burning the

all from then on he would be known as a

Kingslayer any hope of being a loved

hero was lost when he killed the Mad

King and saved all of King's Landing as

a child his father tried to tell him

that you could not eat love nor buy a

horse with it nor warm your horse on a

cold night but he was never as cold as

his father Jaime's intentions were good

but no one knew the truth mainly because

he didn't tell anyone if they were gonna

call him a villain he may as well play

the part but after all these years of

built-up emotions he let it all out -

Brienne who he just recently met the

Kingslayer yes doth Breaker who murdered

poor sad Aerys Targaryen Jaime snorted

it's not Aerys I rue it's a Robert I

hear they've named you Kingslayer he

said to me at his coronation feast just

don't think to make it a habit and he

laughed why is it no one named Robert


he's [ __ ] the room apart yet I am the

one with the [ __ ] for honor

when I came out rules are he was dressed

as a common man in arms hurrying to a

postern gate i slew him first then I

still Aerys before he could find someone

else to carry his message to the

pyromancers days later I hunted down the

others and slew them as well Bellus

offered me gold and Geragos wept for

mercy well a sore is more merciful than

fire but I don't think Geragos much

appreciate the kindness I showed him the

knight of the Kingsguard are sworn to

keep the Kings secret would you have me

break my oath Jimmy left do you think

the noble Lord of Winterfell want to

hear my feeble explanations such an

honorable man he only had to look at me

to judge me guilty

Jaime lurched to his feet the water

running cold down his chest by what

right does the wolf just a lion by what

right a violet chevre took him and he

smashed his stump against the rim of the

tub as he tried to climb out guards

he heard the white shell the Kingslayer

Jaime he thought my name is Jaime Jaime

hated his new name and how everyone

perceived him but didn't regret killing

the king he actually believed it to be

his greatest achievement his biggest

regret happened about three years after

Robert's rebellion and to 86a see Jaime

would have a short visit at Casterly

Rock but he would spend time with his

little brother Tyrion who was 13 at the

time not far from their home the common

girl was being harassed by a group of

men on an empty road

Jaime chase

after them while Tyrion comforted the

young girl named Aisha she was only a

year old when he was 10 and Taisha would

quickly fall in love and marry two weeks

after the marriage Tywin found out his

son married a common girl ELISA is just

a gold digger and made sure to put an

end to it

Tywin ordered James tell Tyrion that she

was just a [ __ ] and the whole thing was

orchestrated by him since it was time he

became a man and lost his virginity

Tywin had all his guards rape her and

pay her a silver coin to prove to Tyrion

that she was just a [ __ ] Tyrion was to

give her a gold coin after he slept with

her last to prove lattice turds are

worth more Tyrion trusted Jaime so he

believed that Taisha

just played him along this

psychologically damaged cherien he

believed no one could ever love him

which is the beginning of his drinking

and whoring days and I'm sure some

depression many years later in the books

Jaime was able to come clean to Tyrion

before let him escape his execution it

seems like this could be the end of

their loving brotherly relationship in

the books the show decided to make their

farewell not so dramatic and cut this

all out instead replacing it with just a

hug goodbye

after being viewed as a villain and hang

around Susi for so long Jaime started

losing the moral compass he once had

he's fathered all three of his children

even though she married the king which

is a serious crime this reckless act of

treason would endanger all of their


his love for Cersei caused him to do his

most unforgivable act in the series that

we all remember well it only be through

his time with Brienne that he begins to

revert back to his old self before he

was the Kingslayer