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moon night good night was created by

writer Doug munch and artist Don Perlin

and his first appearance wasn't werewolf

by night issue 32 in 1975 originally he

appeared as an enemy of the character in

a - issue story arc

however moon night proved to be so

popular that new to reader to man he

returns a guest star in Marvel spotlight

spectacular spider-man Marvel two-in-one

and the defenders which helped to find

his background before he gained his own

run as a backup feature in Hulk magazine

he was then finally given his own solo

complex series in 1980 Moon Knight has

had several different ongoing since then

and of course has evolved quite a bit as

a character but now let's see what does

comp Gore genus munites real name is

marc spector and he was born in Chicago

Illinois as an adult Specter spends his

time training to be a heavyweight boxer

a US Marine and a mercenary he becomes a

skilled combatant and best friends with

a French pilot John Paul the champ who

he calls Frenchie while working for the

African mercenary Raoul Bushman in Egypt

the group stumbles upon an

archaeological dig whose crew includes

dr. Peter Elrond and his daughter

Marlene the dig hadn't covered in

ancient temple where artifacts included

a statue of the Egyptian moon God

khonshu but of course Bushman wants the

gold that will be found at the tomb and

could care less about anything else dr.

al ron finds out about this and tries to

stop him but Bushman ends up snapping

his neck in response to all rounds

murder Specter attacks Bushmen but is

beaten to near death and left to die in

the sub-zero temperatures of the desert

night roaming egyptians who worship the

ancient Egyptian gods fine Specter and

carry him to their temple helpless

before the statue of khonshu specters

heart stops khonshu appears to him in a

vision offering spectre a second chance

at his life if he becomes the gods

avatar of Earth Specter awakens raps

himself with the silver shroud that

covers khonshu statue and again

confronts Bushman after defeating

Bushmen mark returns to the US with

Marleen and Frenchy along with the

statue of khonshu he decided to continue

his work to fight the war against evil

and use the savings that he had

collected during his mercenary days and

invested it turning it into a small

fortune which he proceeded to finance


support his private war and set up shop

in New York City in an effort to this is

himself from his mercenary days mark

created the persona of Stephen Grant and

millionaire entrepreneur and high-roller

whose personality enabled him to walk

among the high rollers and elites of New

York City realizing the value of these

contacts as criminal activities are

often plotted and planned at cocktail

parties and boardrooms mark also decided

to create a persona for lower level

contacts and invented the identity of

Jake Lockley a New York City cab driver

through luckily he was able to make

several contacts on the streets so as

you can clearly see this character has a

bunch of different personas four to be


marc spector Stephen grant Jake Lockley

and of course moon night juggling his

different personas eventually put a

serious strain on specters mental health

and he suffered a nervous breakdown and

was deemed to be suffering from multiple

personality disorder

shortly after developing his costume and

weapons along with a customized

helicopter known as the moon copter

Frenchy posed as a French businessman

and made a contact with a group known as

the committee they had plans to capture

Jack Russell aka werewolf by night whom

they intended to use as a weapon to rule

the city and this my friends brings us

full circle because these events

happened in moon nights first appearance

in werewolf by night issue 32 and moon

nights origin was later given to us in

his own ongoing series several years

later but now I'm going to continue to

elaborate on moon nights first adventure

in comics since we did come full circle

after all Frenchy acted as a middleman

and presented the committee members with

marc spector as a mercenary and revealed

the moon knight costume and weapons

which Frenchy claimed that he had

created to battle Jack Russell after

Moon Knight was hired he successfully

defeated Russell but when he discovered

that the committee wanted to use the

werewolf as a weapon he released them

and defeated the committee and thus we

have the vigilante moon night speaking

of a jillion see a lot of people say

he's Marvel's Batman or just compare him

to Batman because they have a lot of

similarities they're both rich they both

use gadgets to help them fight crime and

they both creep around in the shadows

with their capes fighting for justice

all vigilante style skipping ahead a bit

in munites history the committee hired

Bushmen to attack Moon Knight once again

as part of their campaign they want a

Bushman to physically him in

both marks legs were severely broken I

mean just look at that it looks like a

herd of walkers were just gnaw at his


in any case Bushmen grew overconfident

thus leaving his guard down so in a fit

of indescribable rage mooon Knight used

one of his Crescent darts to carve off

Bushman's face all death of the family

Joker style unable to continue his

career as moon knight mark began taking

more in

painkillers and antipsychotics burning

through his fortune and was no longer

able to maintain his crumbling financial

empire later Spectre learns that one of

the struggling companies he still

retains ownership of has just made a

significant technological breakthrough

and he will once again be wealthy and

begins to rebuild himself and his life

finally getting himself out of his

wheelchair and beginning physical

therapy it's only afterwards that Mark

discovered that the Egyptian god khonshu

was responsible for the entire affair

his reputation had taken a nosedive and

so khonshu decided to ensure his night

of vengeance was firmly back in the

saddle nudging the committee and even

arranging for mark's wealth to be

restored while reminding him who in what

he is conscious night of vengeance in

the Marvel now rendition of who night

mark utilizes two personas the first is

Moon Knight which of course we all know

but the second persona is mr. Knight in

this persona he's dressed in an

all-white business suit gloves and mask

who consults the New York Police

Department and deals with common thugs

and crimes such as kidnapping and that

my friends brings me to powers and

abilities moon eye possesses a wide

range of skills and abilities including

military strategy and tactics

infiltration and stealth techniques

military interrogation and torture

techniques he's also a competent pilot

who could fly most types of aircrafts

he's an expert in a wide range of

military firearms including pistols

sniper rifles and machine guns with the

marksman's rating moon a is a highly

skilled combatant who is equally adept

in both unarmed and armed fighting

techniques he is a former heavyweight

boxing champion who has comprehensive

knowledge of weak points of the human

body Moon Knight is such a skilled

fighter he even defeated Deadpool in

vengeance of MU Knight issue 8 in jutsu

munites multiple identities he has

resistance to some psychic attacks munei

also loves his weapons and gadgets and

thanks to his immense wealth he is

financed and developed numerous weapons

armored costumes devices specialty

vehicles and equipment as Moon Knight he

has his crescent darts which are

basically his versions of batarangs you

have his trench in which is his version

of a grappling gun and then he uses

brass knuckles with spikes on them in a

katana and so on Munna has worn a

variety of body armor over the years his

default costume for years was a

full-body suit of bulletproof Kevlar

that was equipped with a two-way radio

in his cowl that enabled him to maintain

contact with the moon copter and now

that I've summed up his powers and

abilities clearly he's very similar to

Batman and that my friends pretty much

wraps up my recap of Moon Knights

history clearly I didn't mention every

story or aspect of Moon Knight

as that would be impossible since he's

been around for a very long time but to

recap everything for you moon net was a

dude who was brought back to life by the

Egyptian lunar god of vengeance and then

became a be a vigilante with a multiple

personality disorder

boom recapped but you know what time it

is it's time for me to give you some

reading recommendations you have moon

night divided we fall

vengeance of moon night vol one shock

and awe the central moon night vol 1

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