Top 10 Richest Banks In The World


the ten richest banks in the world

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video there's a saying that says give a

man a gun and he can rob a bank give a

man a bank and he can rob the world we

found that pretty interesting so we

decided to do some digging and rank the

ten richest banks out there here's the

list number ten Barclays Plc 2.2 six

trillion dollars in assets established

in the 1690s Barclays is one of the

leaders in the UK markets the Barclays

Plc Bank is well-known to be the proud

sponsor of the English Premier League to

break the ice regarding the well known

bank we can say that the bank has

activities in over 50 countries and

satisfies the needs of 48 million people

number nine crédit Agricole group two

point three five trillion dollars in

assets headquartered in paris it's one

of the leading banking groups and

friends its main focus is on rural areas

with over 9,000 locations across 60

countries number 8 the Bank of China two

point three seven trillion dollars in

assets considered the oldest bank in

China it is one of the largest

state-owned banks in the world it was

established by the government in order

to have a stronger grip on the national

financial markets number seven

Agricultural Bank of China two point

four three trillion dollars in assets

this is one of the youngest banks in

China established only forty five years

ago focusing on agricultural loans which

exploded to over twenty four thousand

locations something you should know back

in 2010 the Bank got hijacked and over

seven point five million dollars went

missing in the Hebei province number six

JPMorgan Chase & Co two point four seven

trillion dollars in assets one of the

largest banks in the world JPMorgan

Chase & Co is the result of the merger

of for banking conglomerates Chase

Manhattan Bank

acquired Bank One Bear Stearns and

Washington Mutual they were also one of

the important players in the 2008

financial crisis but we're not going to

go deep into that one this time maybe

save it for another video


number five Mitsubishi UFJ Financial

Group two point five one trillion

dollars in assets I know what you're

thinking since when is a car company in

the banking industry Mitsubishi UFJ

Financial Group is actually the biggest

banking player in Japan back in 2005

Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group merged

with ufj holding and now they're

dominating the market in that area

number four BNP paribas two point six

trillion dollars in assets it is the

biggest bank in France plus the biggest

in Europe with over two hundred thousand

employees the French have been massive

leaders in the financial space they also

own big chunks of other European banks

in countries like Belgium the

Netherlands Luxembourg and more number

three China Construction Bank

Corporation two point six trillion

dollars in assets headquartered in

Beijing China Construction Bank

Corporation stands proudly as one of the

biggest banks in China with over 13,500

domestic branches a few years ago our

friends at Forbes ranked this particular

Bank as the second most powerful company

in the world but in terms of actual

assets it only ranks a third in this

ranking number two HSBC Holdings 2.75

trillion dollars in assets

HSBC Holdings known as one of the

largest banks in the world was founded

by the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking

Corporation in 1991 in London as a

holding company and very soon made its

mark as the biggest British bank in the

world with offices in 85 countries

they're actively expanding their empire

by smart acquisitions of smaller banks

from all around the world number one

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

three point one eight trillion dollars

in assets what a surprise the richest

bank in the world is another Bank from

China this is officially the biggest

bank in China and based on their assets

also in the world the bank is a

state-owned commercial bank with over

18,000 outlets and 106 overseas branches

globally it employs close to half a

million people that's more than the

population of Malta Iceland or Belize


that wraps up our rankings but we have

something we wanted to ask you guys what

do you think about China owning four out

of the ten richest banks in the world

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