Who Is The Last Jedi?

hey brother we've stretched a 46 second

teaser trailer into nine minutes of

video before you think we can't do the

same with a single poster well you'd be

wrong in case you missed it which are

really doubt because you are back on the


Star Wars released the name of their

next movie Star Wars Episode eight the

last Jedi so of course the question

today is who is the last Jedi man I do

not know how Star Wars does i meanyou're

think this would be a really nice easily

interpreted title but no of course not

slash Jedi what does it mean I mean most

obvious and immediate thought is that of

course Luke is the last Jedi because at

the end of Return of the Jedi

that is fact he is the last Jedi and in

the opening scroll of the force awakens

it even named Luke as the last Jedi boom

right there so you think that'd be it

right Ted close call it a video yeah

right what do you new here we are not

even close to being done with this Luke

might be the most obvious candidate and

the only Jedi remaining at the end of

Return of the Jedi but in the force

awakens we learned that Luke was

training up a new generation of Jedi

before one of his pupils kylo Ren turned

to the dark side and like totally

screwed everything up nephew am i right

actually I don't know it'll have any

nephews then you want to get on that but

on the topic of nephew the title could

also be referring to the last version to

ever earn the title of Jedi who could be

kylo Ren like he could be the latest

person to earn the title as in the last

Jedi and if the title is referring to

him calling him a Jedi then it could

also be alluding to the pull of the

light side he was feeling in the force

awakens honestly though I kind of doubt

it I feel like him murdering Han Solo

you know his father at the end of the

last movie kind of severed that tie

permanently or at least for the time

being but that still doesn't mean the

last Jedi isn't referring to kylo Ren it

could be referring to his mission in the

force awakens he tells Darth Vader's

helmets that he will finish what he

started as a fade-out lab that was a

really weird sentence talk to my helmet

here now the mobi leaves what Vader

started pretty ambiguous but kylo

hunting down the last Jedi would be a

pretty plausible interpretation of that

mission as it is what Vader spent most

of his time doing after the Clone Wars

and after imagine kylo ren's motivation

to do just that cut down the less Jedi

is pretty high after he got his butt

kicked at the end of the last movie by

our last candidate because Rey herself

could also be the last Jedi or at least

I think by the end of the movie if I had

to guess I'm betting that much like the

Empire Strikes Back the last Jedi is

going to be the movie where the bad guys

do most of the kicking of the butts

I mean it's totally fair really the

resistance data just blow up the

first-order giant super planet size base

in the last movie and this idea is also

reinforced by the fact that the font on

this poster is red the color typically

associated with the bad guys in Star

Wars except when it comes like x-wing

vs. TIE fighters where suddenly the good

guys have the red lasers at who made

that decision interestingly though the

red font is not unique both Revenge of

the Sith and return of the Jedi also use

red font on their posters and in one of

those movies the good guys end up

winning today so it is certainly not

definitive but either way I think we are

definitely going to have some parallels

from the Empire Strikes Back plotline

and maybe one or two from a new hope

mainly that Luke will train Rey similar

to how Yoda trained Luke and that Luke

will die fighting kylo Ren much the same

way that obi-wan died fighting Vader

yeah yeah yeah I said it Luke will die

and Rey will be the last Jedi calling it

but that is all assuming we are

interpreting Jedi as singular because of

course Jedi is also the plural of the

Jedi if it is plural that could also

support the idea that kylo Ren is

hunting down Luke and Rey as intelligent

necessarily have to die who knows maybe

Luke and Rey will make some big heroic


stand-up the last two Jedi but I doubt

it because like I said Lucas so going

down being plural would also open the

door for more than just Rey or Luke to

be considered the last Jedi after all

Finn does handle the lightsaber pretty

well in the force awakens I mean he even

manages to trike a blow on kylo Ren

although to be fair he does also lose to

a stormtrooper so there's that Ben just

using the lightsaber isn't necessarily

conclusive as there's no rule against

non force users using a lightsaber but

typically when a non force user does use

a lightsaber it's more dangerous to the

user than their opponent so just silly

ask me I mean this is totally plus what

something use of the force the user is

unable to use the lightsaber to deflect

blaster bolt at which point you're

basically just bringing a sword to a

gunfight unless in fact you are fighting

another force user who has a lightsaber

in which case you are still just

bringing a sword to a lightsaber fight

and you can't even use the force so good

luck with that regardless all of this is

to say that sim does manage to use the

lightsaber to hit kylo Ren suggesting

that he could be force sensitive

although personally I am not a big fan

of that particular plot line but it is

plausible of course all of that is

assuming that the last Jedi is referring

to single people not Jedi as in like the

organization or religion because the

title could also be suggesting the end

of the Jedi's altogether this would

again mean that Luke is in fact the last

Jedi or was maybe he came to the

conclusion in all of his years of

seclusion that the Jedi had it wrong or

maybe he begins to Train Rey and she

come to that conclusion

like maybe she decides the Jedi are just

too inflexible so yes she wants to be a

lifetime force user but not a Jedi

specifically personally I can't imagine

Star Wars doing away with Jedi in favor

of some new religion or ideology but

they did get rid of the Sith and the

Empire and the Republic and plenty

characters like Anakin and Count Dooku

have decided that they stopped agreeing

with the Jedi Code and left the Jedi

Order but maybe the best example for

this scenario is ahsoka from the Clone

Wars who also leaves the Jedi Order but

just because she stops agreeing with

them not because she wants to go all

like Darkseid on everybody and I think

that pretty much sums it up but I will

point out just one more thing could not

but notice that the bad guys are called

the first order and the name of this

movie is the last Jedi

so maybe order has a second meaning then

like rather than just an organization or

a troop of the military it is an actual

command which brings up the question

what is or was the first order for now I

guess that's just something to think

about but bad my question for you and

everybody else's who do you think is the

last Jedi do you agree with me Luke will

die and Rey will in fact be the last gen

eliminate your thoughts in McDowell

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