Rocker Dan Reynolds Opens Up About His Divorce - Extended Cut

So we're talking about the documentary

and you still are, you said you are still Mormon.

And a lot of people are saying, why

are you still in that organization

if they discriminate so much?

Tell everyone why you've decided to stay.

You know, I really think first and foremost, if you ever

want to make real change within your community,

or your religion, whatever it is, your family,

you have to be a part of it.

You can't be from the outside, yelling.

I know Mormons.

I know how we are.

When people are yelling at Mormons,

like, when the Book of Mormon musical came out,

it was like a lot of Mormons were really embarrassed

and were like, hey, we're not like these stupid like robots

and stuff.

And it's like you feel attacked.

You shut your door.

You don't listen, even if there's truth to be had there,

even if it's a funny musical.

It's amazing.

You know what I mean?

You're going to shut your door.

And so for me, I think that I know that.

I know Mormons need to talk within our community.

There's a lot about Mormonism that I love.

I love the family values.

I love-- I served a Mormon mission.

It was really difficult and lonely.

But I love a lot of the service aspects that I learned.

There's a lot of things that I still cling to.

And, you know, there's a lot of days where I don't

know even if there's a God.

But there are days that I want to believe

that I'm going to be with my daughters,

you know what I mean, for infinity.

That sounds amazing.

Do I know that?

I tell her I know that.

But hopefully she's not watching this right now.

Well, show it to her later.

All right.

So you're talking about your three daughters.

And I know this is really difficult because you--

your wife is a big part of this film.

And you're going through a divorce right now.

And that's got to be just the toughest

thing to be-- first of all, to go through a divorce.

But especially when you have young babies.

And now, you're watching this film

and watching your wife be a part of it.

So I know that's hard.

Yeah, it's-- you know Aja is the reason that I am anything


All activism in my life, all musical accomplishments,

come from her.

She's my best friend.

Has been my creative partner for 10 years now

and hopefully for the rest of my life.

And marriage is just it's-- it already is difficult to begin


And then when you add a husband who's

gone 90% of the year doing something that I really

believe in, it's just tough.

So we're just working through it.

And we're going to continue to co-parent together.

And I love her.

She's my best friend and yeah.

I'm glad, I'm glad.

I think you're a great guy.

I like you so much.

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