Glenn Frey | Eagles Co-Founder Remembered

I do want to celebrate we all do the

life of Eagles co-founder Glenn Frey so

many celebrating the rock and roll

legend this morning he passed away at

the age of 67 and ABC's Chris Connelly

takes a look back at his incredible

contribution to the music world

as a principle singer-songwriter and

guitarist with the Eagles Glenn Frey

helped to define the sound and

Sensibility of Southern California rock

in the 1970

that 1972 career-defining smash just the

first in a steady stream of irresistible

melodic hits with FRA at their Center

including peaceful easy feeling to Kela

sunrise UK

with countrified lionize

while harmonizing with Don Henley on

their lyrics to Hotel California

Frey and Henley form the Eagles in LA

after a stint and Linda Ronstadt's

backing band they went their separate

ways at 1980 before reuniting in 94 Frey

in the meantime turning up as an actor

on Miami Vice right now your business is

25 grand up front and as a solo artist

hitting with you belong to the city and

the heat is on Glenn Frey died Monday in

New York at the age of 67

the Eagles website saying in part words

cannot describe our sorrow nor our love

and respect for all he has given us this

is Good Morning America Chris Connolly

UC News Los Angeles

a lot of that video that you're seeing

is from the Eagles documentary if you

have not seen it you must be transcends

time generationally just holds up he

will be missed our thoughts and prayers

go out to that Frey family so every

second I hit it and know this we're

singing along I'm sure you are at home