Benjamin Burnley Opens Up on His Mystery Illness

we're really stoked to be here I'm just

glad to see you right now because it's

been a while because last couple times

you were here um you know you've been

you've had some issues going on whatever

right whatever you read on the internet

which is what I've read it's all true

because it's the end of something yes

most everything on the internet is true

99.5% of the last couple times you

weren't really doing radio interviews

and you just kind of you know would do

your thing and then come out and do

shows and stuff but I saw you in the

mean greet line earlier I'm like this

dude looks so happy right now

yeah I mean you know life is for living

and when you first get sick I'm still

sick I'm still very sick when I first

happened I mean I was very concerned

about it didn't know what it was still

don't know what it is and so it affects

you and it makes you just kind of have a

lot of anxiety and fear of losing your

life but it's been a long time and

life's too short and I've done

everything that I could possibly do to

on my end to try to get some sort of

answers as far as whatever the condition

is or whatever is going on you still

don't know now doctors have not been

able to help me whatsoever

that's like widely known now that the

medical community just completely let me

down 100% so it's very disappointing

your good days and your bad days I take

them well they're all it's always there

I always am not at a hundred percent but

why shouldn't say that because I do give

a hundred percent but there's definitely

some days when if I'm fatigued that I'm

fatigued and sick or if I have a cold

and I have a cold and I'm sick with this

so there's those types of things but the

condition is what it is and it's

constant it's I feel it right now and

you know it's just being able to do this

as a blessing and being able to do it

with who I'm doing it with