Dire Straits | Mini Documentary


rather like uber British band dire

straits never impressed fashionistas

with their sartorial style their pong

Shawn for headbands and baggy shirts

smacked more of a local pub bands in a

stadium rock act and their nice guy

image flew in the face of snarling punk

groups like The Sex Pistols and the

clash and to begin with the four-piece

formed by Mark Knopfler and his brother

David in 1977 were doing it tough as

their name suggested I was selling

guitars to to live and Street on

people's floors and things but even then

Mark had a feeling dire straits were

destined for something great I knew it

was gonna happen one way or the other

yeah after finding British success with

their debut single Sultans of Swing

their record company Warner Brothers

thought their middle-of-the-road rock

sound might also go down well in the

u.s. it soon became clear they were

right I think dad's face was the first

record that they'd had from a British

band for some time by a new British band

which which was air playable was

programmable as far as they were

concerned because it sounds like an

American record their self-titled album

sold 2 million copies in the US alone

and led to a world tour

we arrived in America to a completely

sold-out to complete press mania and

media overkill if anything and you

sometimes flip around six stations and

you get one of our songs was being

played simultaneously on every air band

you could get that worldwide popularity

continued through the release of their

next four albums which spawned hit

singles like Romeo and Juliet private

investigations walk of life and money

for nothing it's gets really silly when

something happens worldwide that size of

that size and there's another attention

however after the phenomenally

successful world tour of 1986 to promote

brothers-in-arms mark decided it was

time to take a break from the group

distinctly remember lying on a bed and

saying enough he took time off to

concentrate on side projects and

although the band reformed briefly in

1991 to release their final studio album

on every street mark has since been

plowing his efforts into lower profile

pursuits such as producing for other

artists and writing film scores