Austin Winkler Talks New Band & Tour, Why He Left Hinder

hello hey guy that you can please that's


well that's often how you doing Austin

how are you buddy I'm good man a pot

here in the valley how you doing I'm

fantastic it's hot here in West Texas

but you know that coming from OKC it was

you know not as hot there but pretty

damn close very soon and I just visited

my parents last week a surprise and it

was miserably hot so tell me man you

kind of dropped out aside about three

years ago you were in the middle of a

tour and had to get your head straight

and get your hell together how you

feeling I'm just good man like I got

this freight fan together and we're

we're playing new stuff or play an old

stuff of playing covers for having all

kinds of surprises and I believe

Lubbock's I think the third stop on the

sewer man we're excited I love Lubbock

Texas man I'm not I'm not a Red Raider

fan or anything you know I'm boomer

sooner you know

boomer sooner as hard as I can be but

you know the Red Raiders a Boston good

people can either well yeah and you know

when it comes to music we can all be

friends just leave football out of it

yeah you know you know a lot of you know

wow I'm drawing a blank here glasses

Buddy Holly yeah come on yes Buddy Holly

we got a lot of narrative those van so I

just you know don't wear the boomer

sooner shirt on stage you'll be golden

bud yeah I think I'm probably wearing my

lesson in a few of those days yeah oh

yeah we've been big fans of yours and of

course hinder for a long time but you

still talk to the guys are you still

friends with them yeah I mean I look

like a few of them um you know they're

doing their thing and and I'm trying to

venture out and you know you know I have

no animosity towards them it's just you

know III kind of came to a place where I

felt like I was kind of flatlining not

physically but just artistically I feel

like we would call pull off the same

record and it's just missus my opinion

you know another browser so I wanted to

kind of broaden my horizons and I've had

a lot of fun brand and you know we're

buses to start this year so I think

people can see it well you know a lot of

people don't understand you get five

guys in a band five artists in a band

all with different artistic ideas it's

almost impossible to keep their

reigns working for the same goal for

that many years at one point someone's

go dude I want to do this but

everybody's gonna go no I want to do

this and stuff like that happens you

know it definitely does and you know I'm

I mean I'm a fan music I'm a fan of fans

and you know I should be honest today

when I see that happen you know and it's

not like a cyclic AMP brokenness and

especially you know I'm I'm part of

something I hate to see but there's

nothing I can divide that's how I feel

and something that I have to do to

fulfill me creatively yeah and I got to

say this they're their new singer

Marshall has actually been a buddy of

mine for many years since he was in

faction so when they come through I got

to hang out with the guys and you know

they're all loving it too so it looks

like everybody ended up in a great place

hahaha yeah we'll see it hurt it out but

yeah I mean much of the great he's a

great really great musician very

talented artist and you know I think

he's done wonders for those guys yeah

and he's a sexy - so well I mean I

wouldn't say that I we we flirted a

little bit but we never really never go

through to the next level

ah we haven't as far as the public is

concerned in this interview so I'll just

leave it but you know you're a sexy

- so when you get into town you

and I can flirt and then we'll have like

a rivalry going okay

I do indeed I wipe out like the last one

minute of this interview like last 60

seconds over just wipe it out I promise

I promise no little here this is still

West Texas trap so let's talk about your

new stuff who's the who's in the new

band with you I mean it's you kind of on

a solo thing but you've got a great band

who's in it anybody we know um I'm not

sure maybe like I've got um I've got two

Colombians and I've got two with

consignee and signing up at the word -


and you know so two guys from Milwaukee

are in a band called a loss of the name

the great artists their brilliance and

the two Colombians that I got one's a

producer and one to also produce it but

he's also toured with I can't even name

right now Maria diamonds or something

like that

oh he's played Lollapalooza and

and tear it all over the world and I've

got I've got a great group of guys and

anything that are just eager to to be a

part of this project and you know ah you

know how they ended up on my doorstep

but this is that you know it's all

working out we're having a blast or

playing private shows here to kind of

get this thing rolling and then the

first show is in Tyler Texas Knoxville

awesome so I'm lovesick radio is this

your first real piece of work since

going solo well I mean yeah absolutely

yeah the thing is that I've got like 45

or 50 songs that's like you know I

haven't just been holed up in a cave

I've been holed up in a studio right I'm

sick yeah trying to you know take my

time with this project and kind of have

a lot of fun with it and you know it's

it's definitely different from hinder

but at the same time it's not because

it's still we can't take the rock out of

my voice and can't take the passion out

of my lyrics so the bottom line is what

I always strive for you know whenever I

was 14 is to write lyrics that are that

are true to me and then that mean a lot

to me I think that's what you know kind

of you know launched the endurance

because it's the lyrics I wrote what

that was so personal other people feel

ancient so it's still kind of same

project it's just different sounds man

like hitch it's trying to reach a bigger

audience there's nothing that's nothing

to do against dogging rock radio or or

going away from my roots just has

everything to do with trying to reach

your body are like a figure audience

with my knife which is an artist man let

me go hey man you're doing your thing

and that's what we we hope everybody

gets to do because that's when the art

and the music is genuine and real

otherwise it sounds like canned BS you

know well that's the thing I cannot you

know nothing against everything I'll

always but I kind of felt like I told

y'all flatlining up it I felt like we

put up the same record four times and my

neck that didn't you know I started I

started kind of holding on to song since

I was like you know I don't want this to

kind of get once into the to the process

machine of what the standard is for a

hand attract at that way well you know

carry you is a great song it's

definitely you it's got your voice but

yeah it sounds like it to branch out

it's a new and new way I was just

listening to in the office where we came

in here it's a great track man awesome

thank you yeah that was actually one of

the first ones I mean I I wrote that

while we were still cheering with maybe

even before welcomes a free shirt came

out like I wrote that and I just kind of

pigeon-holed it and kind of put some new

sounds on it I mean I love that song I

love that jacket it's kind of basis of

like I can kind of be of anything with

this project and working on so it's kind

of like the the staple point of where to

start and where not to end go anywhere

with it all right before we go let's

step back just a little bit because

obviously I think the biggest thing will

you guys ever have Mac with hinder was

lips of an angel the thing it's just

exploded did you ever see the videos

where people were using it for like

their first dance songs at weddings and

just laugh your ass off and go it's

about cheating no no I've heard about

those murder others things the thing is

I out so I'll take it to my grave man I

never actually when I was writing the

song I never actually said I was

cheating I said it you make it hard to

be faithful alright that you've alluded

it's on the idea of the beholder its

artistic license right yeah okay Austin

is a faithful and straight man and your

mother would happily let you marry him

right is that what you're saying for the

ladies yeah during the day and then

during the night so far something

different about me I like it

hey she never hurt you slag to me yeah

come on there you go you're right you

got us there hey man thanks for taking

the time and calling him with us today

man there's been a blast

absolutely man you coming after the show

or not oh hell yeah I'm gonna come out

I'll swing by and we'll both because I'm

sober myself and we'll both sit there

and I will not drink or whatever no we

can watch everybody else will throw shot

some other things will be fun