MOTLEY CRUE's Vince Neil Is Getting JACKED


gone are the days that we refer to him

as Vince Mele no longer that's over

that's old news he is now singularly and

must only be referred to as stupid all


listen Vince Neil is in the gym getting

ready for that supposed motley crue

stadium tour that is going to be kicking

off in June does anybody think that

motley crew is going to be playing

stadiums in June of any kind I'm not

saying that people won't be going back

to work I'm not saying that people won't

be going to maybe even movie theaters I

just do not foresee a situation where

they will allow stadiums football

stadiums to be filled up in June I

really it just doesn't look like that I

want that to happen but it just doesn't

look like that so listen people are

wondering they were wondering whether or

not Vincent Vince Neil I can't I got to

get rid of it I got to remove that from

my vocabulary so people are wondering

whether or not Vince Neil was going to

be able to perform with the band after

there were some videos of him performing

where he certainly didn't seem like the

best singer that he could be


so when they announced this big tour and

ticket prices were so expensive people

wondered you know am I gonna get this

dude at his best well the answer is now

yes we've heard over the past that

members of motley crew been saying look

Vince Neil is going to be in shape their

manager even said this motley crew

manager Alan Kovac said some of them are

working with the trainer some of them

are working with the nutritionist to

make themselves the best they can be

he said we were in November when the

discussions were happening and these

guys were already into regimens of how

they get ready to tour and now it's

being said that Vince Neil is working

out like a madman in preparation for the

band's stadium tour his longtime

girlfriend celebrity makeup and beauty

educator Raine hannah has said here is a

video that she posted to her Instagram

story showing old Vince in the

background getting frickin swole baby

she was doing one of those q a's on

instagram and someone said how's Vince

preparing for the tour are you going

with him on tour and she said wouldn't

miss it for nothing he's working out

like a madman designing his wardrobe and

gear also working closely with the band

guys on show prep here she is they're

working out they're getting swole in the

gym Vince doing what he needs to do to

get ready for the big show and that is

quite exciting again people have been

critical of him saying you know he needs

to get in good shape and it really does

look like he's getting in shape now and

that is just totally kick-ass I hope

that this tour does still happen even if

they have to postpone portions of it but

you know it's good for rock it's good

for fans to get out of their homes and I

really hope that one day that they can

get out of their homes and go to these

amazing shows and and just enjoy the

music and have a great time anyways

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