R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe Talks about Love and 'Coming Out'

hi this is McGirt indie pixie aka faith

and young and on behalf of mod calm I'm

interviewing Michael Stipe check it out

Michael you've expressed a lot of

frustration about how the media is

handled you're coming out and your love

life what do you think is the biggest

misconception that you would like to

clarify today honestly the hardest part

of it is that I don't think I'd ever

been in love before before the guy who

I'm with now and I didn't I never wanted

to say that because the people I was

with I wanted to honor who they were as

people and and it was men and women and

that is what it is but I wanted to honor

that and and I didn't want to I didn't

want to feel like I don't know that that

was that was kind of that would that

cross the line of privacy for me and you

want to honor a relationship you want to

honor the beautiful parts of it and the

things that were great about it and

maybe it wasn't maybe you weren't seeing

eye to eye or maybe it didn't work out

for whatever reasons but you don't have

to dismiss that out of hand or

completely you know I'm saying so a lot

of my silence was really was was not not

because of how I felt about my sexuality

I was very clear about that with my

friends my family my band the people

around me it was more about not

dishonouring those who I had had

relationships with and that was a lot of