Australia's leadership battles: A brief and bloody history


any action to do anything else but to

treat mr. Gordon as the leader of the

government and to give him undivided

loyalty the question of who will be

leading this party and dubli Prime

Minister of Australia will be decided by

my party in a ballot at 6:30 this


Bob ought to resign opening the way for

a leadership balance Paul Keating

confirms he will challenge and followers

say he has the number his unshakable

belief in the need for an emissions

trading scheme split his party room this

is about the future of our planet and

the future of our children and that I

accept that Malcolm would have preferred

that I didn't do this why should the

Liberal Party give up the job of being

an effective opposition just so that

Kevin Rudd has a trophy to take to pepin



it is a massive day in Australian

politics for Julia Gillard challenging

Kevin Rudd

to become our next prime and ask my

colleagues to make a leadership change a

change because I believed that a good

government was losing its way having

said all that folks we've got a zip


shows Mr Rudd is more popular with the

public but in caucus he was

comprehensively trounced Julia Gillard

has won the ballot 71s votes to 231 I

bear no grudges I bear no one any malice

I can assure you that this political

drama is over history as the nation's

first female Prime Minister was thrown

out of office by a resurgent Kevin Rudd

I have written to the governor-general

asking her to Commission Rudd as Prime

Minister of Australia it is Kevin Rudd

57 votes Julia Gillard 45 votes


to the future the revolving door took

another swing and kevin rudd is once

again a leader of the parliamentary

Labour Party well thank you very much a

little while ago I met with the Prime

Minister and advised him that I would be

challenging him for the leadership of

the Liberal Party this is not an easy

day for many people in this building

leadership changes are never easy for

our country the ruling Liberal Party

voted out the old leader in favour of

the new following months of infighting

and crumbling voter support my pledge

today is to make this change as easy as

I can

they'll be no wrecking no undermining

and no sniping I believe that I had the

best prospect of leading the Liberal

Party to success at the next election

now that wasn't to be today the result

of that ballot was Malcolm Turnbull

leader of the Liberal Party by a margin

of 48 votes to 35 I've seen leadership

I've seen leadership challenges before

and it's a resounding vote of support in

the leadership team