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a number of factors I mean the main

factor I think is the Bill Shorten

wasn't liked or trusted and a lot of

Morrison's campaign was focused on

shorten you notice he spent most of his

time focusing on their policy

initiatives and what they'd mean and how

much they cost and creating the

impression of a big spending big taxing

alternative that couldn't be trusted and

then there were issues within that sort

of franking credits which although they

only affect about 4% of the retirees

they were used as a basis for a fear

campaign about what he would do to

retirement incomes and related to some

superannuation changes and a scare

campaign just by word of mouth really

the possible death duties and wealth

taxes and so on big scare campaign that

frightened a lot of people and that's

the one difficult demographic that moved

but beyond that I mean there was a lot

of uncertainty about Labor's policies

that people thought they might have laid

out a bit but how much didn't they tell

us you know this sort of thing you've

just said about shorten being unlikable

how do you then feel about the

comparisons being made between shorten

and yourself in 1993 when you lost the

so-called look we had a very broad-based

agenda in difficult times I mean the

economy gone into the recession that we

didn't need to have sort of thing there

was a sense of extreme pain and in the

economy generally in society more

broadly and so we've brought a

broad-based reform agenda in every

single area of public policy a shortened

just picked three tax concessions and

tried to make that into a radical policy

and I guess in terms of tax there are

hundreds of tax concessions you could

look that he picked three it was all

about trying to create the impression he

was going to hit the top end of town to

the benefit of middle income or low

income earners not so much live incomes

of middle income earners that it was all

about wealth distribution not about

wealth wealth creation it was a very

divisive strategy that doesn't work in

Australia so I think he left himself out

there on the extreme left of your life

of the debate with those sort of

initiatives at a time where he's not

liked I mean in the terms of the

two-party - in terms of the regular

polling he was never

in front is preferred Prime Minister hi

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