IS PROJECT ZORGO LEADER ALIVE ? 😱 (TOP OF PYRAMID) Spy Ninjas CWC Chad Wild Clay Vy Qwaint Daniel

guys look how big the pyramid is right

it's so huge oh my god guys so now

we need to go to the top of this pyramid

guys because in the last video

we called the pc leader and he told us

we can go to the top of the pyramid and

become a project server leader so that's

why guys

i brought this mask so i'm going to wear

this because you need this mess

get inside the elevator and even pieces

koi has this mask guys

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if you're on the spine in your side so

yes let's go inside the pyramid

are you ready are you ready oh my god

guys so now we need to go inside

the pyramid and i will take you guys

with me so we can see

if the leader is alive guys as most of

you know chad buckley defeated the wrong

project zorgo leader so me and peter

squire are going to the top of the

pyramid to see

if that's true as we call the pc leader

and he responded and he answered our


guys we're doing this for you guys so

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first one hour let's go inside the


come on come on come on what's going on


guys this place looks insane but we need

to be careful and we need to watch out

for hikers guys

if you see someone suspicious comment

down below right now

whoa guys this is the same place as

steven sharer was

oh my god all i know is that chad and v

have been in this

project zorgo headquarters it should be

at the top guys or anybody that could

look suspicious

security guard there either real or fake

i'm not sure

all right keep your eyes out for chad v

or anybody

guys we need to watch out because even

steven sharer was looking

for chad walker in this play and he

couldn't find anyone

guys whoa look we need to go to the top

of this place as you can see guys

yo this place is huge guys we need to

find the elevator to get to the top

now so let me search and i will update

you guys

we found the stairs so let's go upstairs

oh my god oh my god guys we're going to

the top of the pyramid guys

we need to be careful that there's no

other hackers guys

okay this is quite be careful careful


guys i can't believe you're now

here at the top that's where chad and we

also was

oh my god whoa look how big this place


guys you can see the whole pyramid

oh my god this place looks crazy right

go down go

comment down below if you also see that

oh my god what are you doing there

guys the group of hikers are here inside

the pyramid

do you think they know that you're here

guys i thought protozoa was defeated

what's going on guys is still working

is it are they tricking us what's going

on guys it's really weird guys comment

down below if you also see

the hackers there squire let's get out

of here

let's get out of here guys oh my god oh

my god oh my god oh my god fast

fast whoa this was the same spot ass

stephen share guys you sure was in the

same spot guys hold up i think that's

chad look shares end of the hallway

someone's down there yeah i'm pretty

sure someone's down there

hold up if he was looking for chad walk

lands on guys

comment down below if you remember that

have a look at this clip it was crazy

chad hang on chad is that you chad

it's me oh wait hang on sharers i'm in

the wide open

people from all over the hotel could see

me and then he went there even at the

end of the same holiday we are right now

and he found chad walker but that was

not the real chad walker that was a

hacker he disappeared it was crazy

by the way do you know how hackers

disappeared no not

really really no i don't know i don't


yeah i don't know okay guys see was


trying to take the paper couldn't take

the paper because that was the craziest


that i could disappear have a look chad

wild clay it's me

you want me to grab the note got it


chad and then when he took the paper

guys you won't believe

what was inside the paper there was some

crazy messages

oh my god guys you need to have a look


cwc chad wild clay will meet you here at

1400 hours

that's four we need to do a lighter test

guys so comment down with the questions

we have

now we need to go to the top of that

pyramid guys and see

where the leader is and what the hell is

he doing

why is he still alive guys guys wait a


there's someone there look oh that's a

hacker look

that zacker attackers in front of a door

that's another room inside we need to

get inside the room somehow to see

what the hell is inside maybe inside the

room is the project

so go leader oh my god can you believe


and by the way what is the dog in the

present what is that dog in the hand of

the same one

five hiker oh my god it looks like the

same dog as this is the same

that's always annoying chad walked a

week wait

oh my god all right behind everything

oh it's crazy

oh my god

oh my god did you see that they went

inside the room

oh my god guys okay guys i came inside

the room

and i think i saw the leader inside that

room can you believe it

guys it's time to go come on come on

oh my god we need to be careful oh

wait a minute guys let's do it come on

oh oh my god guys look that's the leader

oh my god guys what is the prize what

leader doing there is the process leader

on the bed

oh guys the price of leader is in a


that's a private hospital it seems you

see that

do you agree with me it's a private

hospital yeah oh

oh my god guys what is the leader doing

there look

that's 715. oh my god look 705 is giving

something to the pc leader

i'm going to use my phone and i use it

as a voice enhancer and we're going to

hear what they're talking about let's

put it on speaker

look what they're talking about

attention this is the most important

liquid of all time this will be used to

brainwash all the youtubers

we're going to make them all work for us

and i call this the b235

version 2 because the first version that

was created by joseph banks

did not work at all and i'm really


this will work way better and can not

wait to use it

on chad wild clay and v quaint the next


guys what is that drink then what is the

p20 35

or p400 what is that guys what is it pe

400 230 i don't know guys what is that


guys oh my god this thing that's so


oh my god guys this is crazy wait a


there's someone with the red clothes

coming inside who is that red clothed


ms kingpin i hope you doing well

i'm really glad that we can now work

with you in a team

to stop more youtubers than ever before

as you know rebecca zamolo is also a big

treat to us

so we can really use your help but in

return you need to help us

to stop the spine ninjas guys who is

that with the red clothes and this

glowing mask

oh my god that's a new hacker or

something guys what's going on

we need to go inside and unmask the

project so we'll leave it guys

wait a minute wait a minute look there

there are spine ninjas

seven one five go get them now

oh my god let's oh my god guys come on

guys make sure to subscribe with the

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