Al-Qaeda leader in Syria speaks to Al Jazeera


these men are members of a Nora Ephron

it's one of the most powerful groups

fighting against forces loyal to Syrian

President Bashar al-assad it was created

almost two years ago

it's an al Qaeda affiliated organization

that the US UK and UN considered a

terrorist group a Nostra wants to

establish a Syrian state that ruled

under Islamic law known as Sharia not

much is known about its leader abu

muhammad al Juhani he joined al qaeda to

fight US forces in Iraq and his first

ever interview al Jazeera stays here a

loonie scene he speaks to Jelani who

wanted his identity hidden he says his

fighters have the upper hand in Syria

the battle is almost over we have

covered about 70% of it and what is left

is small we will achieve victory soon we

pray to God to culminate these efforts

with victory it's only a matter of a few

days a new surah keep secret the number

of its fighters in Syria but estimates

suggest that it could be anywhere

between 5,000 up to 20,000 fighters most

of the fighters are said to be Syrian

who fought you as troops in Iraq they

used suicide attacks and have

strongholds in different parts of Syria

the UN accused Syrian rebel groups

including an aura of committing

atrocities against government forces and

civilians but when Al Jazeera visited it

live back in 2012 these people came out

in their hundreds to voice their support

for the group a nusra also suffered the

blow one hundreds of its foreign

fighters defected with their weapons to

join another Al qaeda-linked group known

as the Islamic State of Iraq and the


but along with other powerful rebel

brigades and nusrah remains strong and

does not recognize the Syrian opposition

in exile its leader also reject the idea

of going to an international peace

conference in Geneva we will not

recognize the results of the Geneva 2

conference nor were the children or

women of Syria those taking part in the

conference have forgotten the sacrifices

and the bloodshed besides who has

authorized them to represent the people

above all they have no presence on the

ground we cannot allow the Geneva 2

farce to fool the nation or allow the

people to sink back into decades of

injustice oppression and dictatorship

and because the war in Syria has

polarized the region along ethnic and

sectarian lines

Jelani is now warning Arab States

against the improved relations between

the u.s. and Iran those regimes are now

running out of options as the

superpowers have turned against them the

ferocious tide of the Iranian Shias is

now coming and all of these states are

now in jeopardy the new Iranian Ally has

taken their place if the Assad regime

remained in power which is in the

interest of the superpowers and of the

Iranian Shias then the next target will

be the Arabian Peninsula the nature of

the conflict in Syria is sectarian

regional and international almost three

years of war have killed over 120,000

people and forced more than 7 million

out of their homes and country on

marsala Hal Jazeera