Little Girl's Wish To Work at Dairy Queen

well how sweet it is a little girl with

a rare disease getting her wish to be

the boss for a day at a Dairy Queen

Erin Weis reports from Georgia the

moment I put that visor on her head this

morning she's been a happy happy girl

the head of her daughter Allie who's

recovering from not one but two brain

surgeries a year old was diagnosed with

moyamoya a rare brain disease that

causes her to have strokes about a week

before she had her surgeries and mom was

a basket case of course looking for

relief they went to their hometown Dairy

Queen relief didn't just come in the

form of a blizzard but also an employee

who made Ali's day they had their own

little conversation they bonded it was

like they were best friends before we

left and mom was relieved too to see her

daughter smile in the midst of a battle

that conversation would lead to more

than the its and family could imagine I

turn around call my hey let's do

something for Ally to let her know that

we care and they did by giving her a day

of her own and allowing her to be the

boss is having a blast aside and we're

had a blast with her I think she can be

a pro at this

Ally impressed everyone with her

customer service skills leaving some to

believe that she might have a future at

the restaurant and there's so many fun

things and I'm taking people's orders on


these people can see me reporting I'm

Erin wise