Daniel Chapter 7 - The Identity of the Little Horn Power, Why it’s Not Antiochus Epiphanes – Part 2



welcome back to angels in the Glen today

we're going to continue our study in

Daniel chapter 7 building off the

patterns of Daniel chapter 2 now in the

first part we saw that we built off the

patterns of Daniel chapter 2 on the

screen you see the metalman image head

of gold chest and arms of silver belly

and thighs of bronze legs of iron feet

of iron and clay followed by a stone and

that stone would go on to a great

mountain filled the whole earth and we

saw the same pattern emerged with a

little bit more detail in Daniel chapter

seven successive world kingdoms followed

by Jesus Christ

followed by God's eternal Kingdom okay

and we saw a lion representing Babylon

then a bear raised up on one side

meaning medo-persian Empire Persia would

grow stronger it had three ribs in its

mouth does that ring a bell

B e el head to conquer Babylon Lydia and

Egypt Babylon Egypt Lydia that was

actually the order that it conquered it

Babylon Lydia Egypt BL e but bell sounds

easier to remember and then followed by

medo-persia came what the kingdom of

Greece that's right

which was a leopard it had four heads

and that those four heads represented

the Fallen Greek Macedonian Empire after

Alexander the Great Falls his generals

would split up the kingdom can you clasp

that idea CL SP Cassander Lysimachus

Seleucid Ptolemy and those are the

divided kingdoms of the Greek Empire

around 300 AD 300 B 300 BC and then it's

followed by a ferocious beast okay it

has iron teeth representing Rome and

that beast would have ten horns okay in

the same way that the legs of iron would

have would continue on it wouldn't fall

entirely the legs of iron will

transition to the feet of what iron and

clay ten toes in

feet ten horns on this beast okay we're

gonna unpack more about those ten horns

and then there was a little horn that

comes up from among it okay and it was

had a mouth and eyes and was speaking

with boastful words and then what

happened we saw a judgment scene the

Ancient of Days took his seat courts at

books were opened

okay so this is a courtroom scene this

is the heavenly courtroom scene Christ

Jesus son of man approaches and is

presented before the Ancient of Days and

he receives a kingdom that it's Dominion

is everlasting it will not pass away it

will never be destroyed okay that's the


now let's pick it up in verse 15 watch


as for me Daniel my spirit was

distressed within me and the visions in

my mind kept alarming me I approached

one of those who were standing by and

began asking him the exact meaning of

all this so he told me and made known to

me the interpretation of these things

okay now this angelic being is going to

give him a summary of the entire Book of

Daniel 7 Tyre chapter of Daniel 7 look

at what he says this is the summary

verse 17 these great beasts which are

four in number are four kings who will

arise from the earth there's no guessing

at what these beasts are four kings who

will arise from the earth verse 18 but

the Saints of the highest one will

receive the kingdom and possess the

kingdom forever for all ages to come

okay God's people possess the kingdom


that's wonderful prophecy gives us hope

this is why prophecy is not just about

history or some symbol symbols that

don't really mean anything

no these symbols mean something and it's

pointing us to a deeper truth that while

there's world successive kingdoms that

are beasts in power that are

antagonistic against God's people in the

end when Christ returns the saints of

God possess the kingdom forever and

forever for all ages to come and it

won't be given to another people

that's the summary of the Book of Daniel

chapter 7 right there now let's get some

more detail here and this is the pattern

I want you to see emerge look at Daniel

7 verses 19 through 22 and let's go

through it and I want to show you this

larger pattern that emerges because

we're gonna get some more detail okay

really important because what we want to

do is we want to identify who this

little horn is we want to accurately

identify who this little horn is from

the Bible verse 19 then I desired to

know the exact meaning of the fourth

beast which was different from all the

others okay exceedingly dreadful with

its teeth of iron and its claws of

bronze and which devoured crushed and

trampled down the remainder with his

feet oh wait a second hold on did you

notice that what's going on with that

verse it says it says with its teeth of

iron and its claws of bronze huh I

thought we were talking about the the

the Roman Empire here right because legs

of iron okay it's got teeth of iron but

then why would it have claws of bronze I

mean doesn't bronze point to the Greek

Empire yeah that's exactly right you

said you know what the Roman Empire

loved old tradition they loved the old

and the ancient okay they respected it

in fact they respected the Greek Empire

even though they had conquered it okay

and so what they did was in fact it's

called the Greco Greco Roman Empire so

to speak because they actually liked the

way the Greeks organized their gods and

goddesses except they said oh you know

what we like the idea of the god of Zeus

but let's call him Jupiter okay and so

what they did was they transition I'm

not here to go through all that history

but they basically they took the gods

that Greek gods and goddesses and gave

them new names for their Roman gods in

fact Greek was the language was a very

popular language the the the educated in

the elite actually wrote and spoke Greek

even Marcus Aurelius one of the famous

emperors in the Roman Empire would

actually write his meditations in Greek

translated today we can read them in

English today so it's no

coincidence that there would the Greek

culture would be influenced on the Roman

Empire okay that's why it has the the

bronze Claus let's keep going verse 20

it says and the meaning of the ten horns

that were on its head the other horn

which came up remember this is that

little horn that came up after the ten

horns and before which three of them

fell namely that the horn which had eyes

and a mouth uttering great Bose and

which was larger in appearance than its


okay we're learning a few more things

about this little horn okay it says the

horn which came up and before which

three of them fell okay three of those

horns fell namely the horn which had

eyes in a mouth or and grace bosun which

was large an appearance in its

associates verse 21 I kept looking and

that horn that little horn was waging

war with the Saints and overpowering

them until the Ancient of Days came and

judgment was passed in favor of the

Saints of the highest one and the time

arrived when the Saints took possession

of the kingdom now I've highlighted some

keywords on the screen there and I want

to basically point this out because a

pattern is emerging in verses 19 20 21

and 22 and that is Rome little horn

judgment look at the pattern that

emerges the fourth beast Rome then we

move to the little horn and then it says

the Ancient of Days came and judgment

was passed in favor of the saints of the

highest one okay so you have Rome little

horn judgment all right that's the

pattern you see okay Rome little horn

waging war judgment and the time arrived

when the saints took possession of the

kingdom now look at the interpretation

in the next four verses okay you're

gonna see the same pattern emerge but

it's gonna be a detailed explanation of

that pattern of Rome little horn

judgment pick it up in verse 23 thus he

said the fourth beast will be a fourth

Kingdom okay no question about it beast

is a kingdom this fourth beast is a

fourth Kingdom on the earth which will

be differ

from the other kingdoms and will devour

the whole earth and shred it down and

crush it that's exactly what Rome would

do verse 24 as for the ten horns out of

this kingdom ten Kings will arise and

another will arise after them so what

are horns and Bible prophecy no question

about it right here Daniel 7 verse 24 10

Kings will arise 10 horns 10 Kings and

another will arise after them another

King will arise after them that's that

little horn back to the scriptures and

he will be different from the previous

ones he's different and will subdue

three kings he'll take them out verse 25

he will speak out against the Most High

and wear down the Saints and the highest

one stop right there whoa one of these

kings is gonna speak out against who

he's gonna speak out against God

Almighty God the Father okay it's

attacking a God he speaks out against

the Most High back to the scriptures and

wear down the saints of the highest one

meaning there'll be persecution of the

Saints and he will intend to make

alterations in times and in law huh

we're learning a little bit more about

what this little horner this little King

is doing okay keep reading on and they

will be given into his hand for a time

times and half a time okay that's a

prophetic time period we're gonna unpack

that in a minute it's verse 26 but the

court will sit for judgment and his

Dominion will be taken away that is the

little horn annihilated and destroyed

forever verse 27 then the sovereignty

the Dominion and the greatness of the

kingdoms under the whole heaven will be

given to the people of the saints of the

highest one remember the whole picture

that you're seeing here in Daniel

chapter 7 is God gives the kingdom to

the Saints of the highest one that's the

message here finish out the scripture

his kingdom will be an everlasting

Kingdom and all the dominions will serve

and obey Him on the screen same pattern

emerges fourth Kingdom Rome another will

arise this is one of the little horn

judgment Rome little horn judgment okay

let's unpack these scriptures even more

because who is this little horn there's

a lot talking about this little horn

okay a lot is going on here this is war

against the Saints okay let's go back to

verse 8 it says Daniel says this while I

was contemplating the horns okay Daniel

is contemplating he's thinking about

he's pondering them he's basically

thinking through about these 10 horns

he's thinking about the successor States

after the fall of the Western Roman

Empire and behold that means look

anytime you see behold in the Bible that

means look look behold another horn a

little one came up among them okay I

want you to get the picture of this a

little horn comes up from where among

the ten horns okay physically

geographically you pictured this

physically geographically you have the

successor states of the Roman Empire

successor States okay those are the

German barbaric tribes the allamani the

Burgundians the the franks the Lombards

you keep going okay

symbolically representing ten okay they

varied in number we talked about that in

Daniel 2 okay a little horn comes up

from among them okay and so they come up

with in that Western Roman Empire

among those barbaric tribes that's where

this King comes up from and it says

three of the first horns were pulled up

by the roots before it if you pull

something out by the roots

what does that mean yeah

that means you've completely eliminated


okay you clip something off at the top

not much you take it out by the roots

you've completely removed it it's not

coming back okay and behold this horn

this King possessed eyes like the eyes

of a man and a mouth are in great boasts

let's do this let's identify ten

characteristics of this little horn and

then we're gonna unpack the unpack who

this little horn is it's very important

I want to give you ten characteristics

of this little horn it's a little horn

we got that in verse eight it comes up

from among the ten horns okay

three horns are pulled up by the roots

okay that means three Kings are pulled

it by the roots it has an out eyes and

mouth speaking great Bose verse five or

number five characters number five it

speaks out against the Most High

okay that's clear number six it arises

after the fourth Kingdom and after the

ten horns

now that's very important to understand

and I'm underscoring this and

highlighting this one I want I really

want to drive home this point it arises

after the fourth Kingdom and after the

ten horns now I am NOT trying to insult

your intelligence I want you to look on

the screen and I want to ask this one

simple question I'm gonna ask you this

did the horn arise did the lion have a

horn no the lion did not have a horn

okay the horn that little horn didn't

come up during the Babylonian period no

of course it didn't did the bear have a

horn no of course the bear had three

ribs in its mouth it has no horns what

about the leopard did the leopard have a


no the leopard that that Greek Empire

did not have a horn that is speaking

great boasts and a mouth with eyes and

everything like that no it doesn't now

let me ask you this the next Kingdom

after that this great ferocious beast

did this beast have that little horn

okay pause yes but only after the ten

horns come up okay so that beast

ferocious exceedingly strong has ten

horns and then a little horn comes up

from among them okay and then it removes

three so it arises after the fourth

Kingdom and after the ten horns that

means that that little horn in the

history of time has to be after 476 ad

because it would be 476 ad that the

political entity of the Roman Empire

would end and it transitions into the

successor states the German barbaric

tribes so it has to come up after 476 ad

that's a very important point to

understand that's number six number

seven it's different from the horns it

persecutes the Saints it intends to make

alterations in times and laws that's

number nine and number ten the Saints

are given into his hand for a time times

and half a time now there's more that we

can discuss about this but those are ten

characteristics of this little horn

which we spent basically half the

chapter talking about half of the

chapter of Daniel 7 is basically talking

about the ten characteristics of this

little horn alright now I want to point

this out to you this is a prophetic time

period number ten

Saints are given into his hand for a

time times and a half time meaning that

would be a time prophecy period of a

time times and half a time how do we

translate that how does that translate

into literal days and years that we can

understand well let's take a look at it

on the screen time times and half a time

that would be a prophetic year of a time

would be one prophetic year times plural

with an S would be two prophetic years

and a half a time would be just that a

half of a prophetic year that means we

have three and a half total prophetic

years now remember when we study the day

for your principle in Daniel chapter one

we said that any time you see a day in

Bible prophecy you translate that into a

literal year well

we've got three and a half prophetic

years so how many prophetic days would

that be well let's first convert today's

so how many prophetic days are in a

prophetic year well using a lunar

calendar of 30 days per month 12 months

that means 1 prophetic year would have

360 prophetic days as we keep going

along times to write prophetic years

there would be 360 times 2 would be 720

and a half of a prophetic year would be

180 days if you add those up 360 720 180

1260 days so now we're talking about a

time times and half a ton that's

essentially 1260 prophetic days meaning

day for your principle we would have

1260 literal years that's how long the

time period will be that this little

horn would take the God Saints captive

okay they would be given into his hand

okay here's 10 characteristics of the

little horn on the screen all the way

down to number 10

Saints given into his hand for a time

times and half a time 1260 literal years

we're in the area of the successor

states of the Roman Empire after 476

okay arises after the fourth king and

after the ten horns just take a look at

this take a look at this timeline

horizontally on the screen you've got

Babylon medo-persia Greece Rome 476 okay

western roman empire ends successor

states of the Western Roman Empire

emerge after 476 the German barbaric

tribes and it has that little horn has

to come up okay at the after that time

period and it would take the Saints

cabbage for twelve hundred and sixty

years now before we identify who this

little horn is I want to give you

context and I want you to take a look at

this timeline on the screen the

it's important that we have context

around who this little horn is and and

our human nature's okay if you look in

the timeline you'll see the creation the

flood the exodus Babylonian captivity

destruction of Jerusalem okay at

creation and then you see the timeline

of the Babylonian Empire medo-persia

Greece Rome divided room Europe 2000 ad

just to today okay now I want to point

something out God creates the heavens in

the earth and at creation says Adam you

know have dominion over the the earth

the animals the beasts and he says just

don't eat one of the trees in the tree

Garden of Eden but Adam eats the

forbidden fruit and he falls okay he is

disobedient okay if you move to so this

is an example of deception okay Satan

deceived Eve Adam was so devoted to Eve

that he didn't want to her died and so

he eats the forbidden fruit disobeys God

okay and mankind is plunged into sin

after the flood right remember when we

reached the flood though the righteous

are just Noah and his family eight

people are on the boat they come off the

boat and it's not too many years later

that the Tower of Babel is established


descendants from Noah's the righteous

his righteous family would fall into

apostasy and they would actually build a

tower veiler

putting the strength on themselves

building this tall tower so that if

another flood occurs they would be able

to survive it okay

even after God releases his people and

brings them out of bondage from Egypt

what happens he brings them to his holy

mountain and he gives them the Ten

Commandments and not within just a few

weeks later they're worshiping a golden

calf right after they did all the

miracles of releasing him from Egypt and


through the Red Sea and to his holy

mountain they are now in apostasy their

worship being false gods and false idols

okay this is important to understand

because when we identified this little

horn I want you to see the nature of

humankind and then the pervasiveness of

sin in our own lives why did they go why

did God let the children of Israel go

off into captivity in Babylon because

they had sinned he sent messenger after

messenger after messenger to them and

they continued to despise and mock him

they didn't want to hear it

okay stop sinning stop sinning but then

his his patience runs out and he's got

to take him captive to Babylon and even

after he takes them captive to Babylon

and the seventy years are complete he

brings him back some actually stayed in

Babylon okay and they had neglect for

rebuilding in the house of God they were

more concerned about their own houses

okay by the time you get to Christ you

have self-righteous ritualistic

Pharisees who are just ensconced and

emboldened in their way of life Jesus

would even say you search the scriptures

yet in them they speak of me they missed

the first coming of Christ because they

were so religious and Farris itical in

their ways their hearts were hardened

and they were hard they didn't they had

the scriptures but they didn't

understand them and I'm saying this

because when we identify this little

horn we need to take a look at our own

sinful nature in fact Paul would put

people on guard with the scriptures in

the New Testament that in the church

there would be wolves that would come up

among them acts 20 verse 28 Paul says

this be on guard for yourselves for all

the flock among which the Holy Spirit

has made you overseers to Shepherd the

Church of God which he purchased with

his own blood I know that after my

departure savage wolves will come in

among you not sparing the flock and from

among your own selves men will arise

speaking perverse things to draw away

the disciples after them

you see Paul understand what's going

what's going on from within

Church would come a falling away ships

walls would come in and they would

basically speak perverse things and draw

disciples after themselves okay he would

actually speak of this in multiple

occasions look on the screen here in

Galatians he has to remind them you

foolish Galatians you were doing so well

what caused you to fall away okay why do

you think that you can perfect your own

self by the law it's only through faith

in Christ that you're saved he's got to

correct the errors from early believers

in Philippians he says they all seek

after their own interests not those of

Jesus Christ in first Timothy 5:15 some

have already turned aside to follow

Satan okay

in second Timothy 3:8 so these men also

oppose the truth men of depraved mind

rejected in regard to the faith you see

there's a constant spiritual attack

going on even after the church is

established at Pentecost okay the church

is under attack savage wolves are coming

in Satan wants to distract men from the

truth men and women and children in the

whole world from the truth and he does

this in fact Paul has to emphasize this

in second Thessalonians 2 verse 1 he

says now we request you brethren with

regard to the coming of our Lord Jesus

Christ and our gathering together to him

that you do not be quickly shaken from

your composure or be disturbed either by

a spirit or a message or a letter as it

is from us to the effect that the day of

the Lord has come look what he says in

verse 3 let no one in any way deceive

you for it will not come unless the

apostasy comes first okay apostasy

apostasy means falling away meaning a

falling away from the gospel of Jesus

Christ from the Apostolic gospel that

the Apostles preached when Christ rose

from the dead okay he said a falling

away from the church would have to come

first and the man of lawlessness is

revealed the son of destruction who

opposes and exalts himself above every

so-called god or object of worship so

that he takes his seat in the temple of

God display

himself as being God okay a lot of

people are miss applying the scriptures

here because they're thinking a literal

temple in literal Jerusalem when this is

talking about spiritual Jerusalem okay

this is spiritual Babylon okay the

apostasy must happen first first John

2:18 children it is the last hour and

just as you heard that Antichrist is

coming even now many antichrists have

appeared for this we know that is it the

last hour I should say this Antichrist

you might think someone who opposes

Christ or who is against Christ but it

also means at the same time Antichrist

it means someone who stands in the place

of Christ okay a substitute for Christ

alright let's keep going

so look at this we have Babylon

medo-persia Greece Rome divided Rome one

thing I want to point out is this is

that in 312 ad things change okay this

is after the cross of Christ 31 ad in

312 ad Constantine the Great in a dream

or literally he sees a Christian sign in

the sky followed by these words by this

sign you will conquer okay and it's chai

row it's the first symbols of Christ and

he basically has his men paint this

symbol on their shields and he defeats

Maxentius at the Battle of Milvian

bridge okay and now he becomes the sole

ruler of the Western Roman Empire

okay this is in 312 and that changes his

mind towards Christians he actually now

becomes the favored Christianity now

this wasn't true of previous Roman

empires okay previously Christians were

persecuted and it was sporadic I mean

most Romans even after the time of

Christ they were offended by Christians

why were they offended by Christians and

I need to I need to go through this

history sorry bear with me I know this

is a deep Bible study but I need to give

the history so that we understand who

this little horn is so I just need 10

minutes of your time to really

understand the history of this so the

Romans are generally offended by

Christians why they're offended by

Christians because you should be

sacrificing to the Roman gods and they

weren't sacrificing to the Roman gods

and the idea behind it was if you

sacrifice to the Roman gods then the

Roman gods will be benevolent towards us

and they will caused our harvest as

harvest to be plentiful and there won't

be floods and earthquakes and so when

they see the Christians not sacrificing

to the Roman gods they're thinking oh

the Roman gods are gonna bring wrath

upon us so when an earthquake a fire a

flood or there's a bad harvest or severe

weather that destroys crops or something

like that happens they say Christians

they blame the Christians all right now

in fact what's interesting is different

Emperor's had different attitudes

Christians and Emperor Trajan would

actually establish a I guess my words

Don't Ask Don't Tell policy or at least

from what I've read basically it's a

policy that basically says Roman

officials aren't to expose Christians

nor are they to engage in anonymous

accusations now by the time you get to

302 303 ad Diocletian takes a drastic

turn and Diocletian hates Christians and

he persecutes them for 10 years until

Constantine wins at the Battle of

Milvian bridge and it changes everything

and what Constantine does by 313 ad is

he issues the Edict of Milan now the

edict and banana is basically this it

says be benevolent towards Christians

okay he basically says you can be a

Christian freely and openly without

molestation all are free to worship as

he pleases and property that previously

was confiscated he returns to the

Christians Christian churches were

returned and turned back over to the

Christians so he believes they might

have divine favor and preserve and

prosper their success together for the

good of the state okay drastic shift now

it's not that Constantine suddenly

gained religion okay he says oh oh


Jesus Christ died for my sins no it's

different he still has embossed on his

coins sol invictus or Unconquered Sun

and that's the Sun God he was still the

chief priests he was the pontiff s

magnimous of the Roman church-state cult

but constancy Constantine sees

Christianity as the means by which he

can hold the empire together because

think about this he has a vast empire ok

he has multiple diverse cultural

identities across the Empire from the

Visigoths the German barbaric tribes to

Africans - to the Greeks and and it's

like how can he keep the Kingdom

together and he realizes Christianity is

a means by which he can do it because it

transcends all those diverse cultural

cultures and he says wow you can be a

Greek you can be Latin you can be a

slave you can be free you can be gentle

you can be Jew you can be poor you can

be rich you can be anything and you can

be a Christian and that's how he says

says so he by transforming the Roman

Empire into a Christian Empire

Constantine can now unify the

splintering Empire and succeed in

holding it together

now here's what something interesting ok

if you look on the screen you see the

Council of Nicaea in 325 AD I need to

unpack that a little bit what that means

is this basically a Christian priest

named arias starts to teach a doctrine

that Christ is not of the same substance

of God okay that Christ was actually a

created being this is what arias

preached okay now arias was gaining

father were followers and the bishop

from Alexandria Egypt excommunicates him

because he believes that Christ wasn't

the same substance as the Father okay

and that's where this teaching would be

called Arianism okay that Christ was not

of the same substance

Constantine picks this up and he says

wait a second wait a second look at this

there are factions developing up in the

church and there's different doctrines

and different beliefs this is not good

so in an unprecedented move by his own

authority he calls the church council

constantine the emperor of rome calls a

church council and says let's settle

this and essentially that's where they

have the Council of Nicaea and at the

Council of Nicaea in 325 AD that would

be the establishment of the fact and the

doctrine that Christ is of the essence

of God in fact it says very god of very

God begotten not made being of one

substance with the father and that would

result in the Nicene Creed because

Constantine Constantine wanted the

church to flourish and he gave them all

sorts of advantages Christian priests

were equal to the priests of the Roman

gods he exempts them from taxes state

and even state responsibilities that

might interfere with their religious

duties um you can even leave your

property to the church okay

now the council of nicea in 325 D wasn't

the final word on arianism but it did

advocate that Christ was one with the

Father and so what happens is there's

still controversy over this that

teaching still is pervasive in fact it's

pervading all levels of society okay

people are talking about it some people

believe that Christ is one with the

father other believe know he was created

being by 380 ad Theodosius the next

emperor basically declares that the

Nicene Creed is the one true faith and

threatens dissenters with legal

penalties at least he tries to he

basically says he calls into being a

single unified Catholic that means

universal a Catholic Christian Church

applying to all mankind and he issues

the Edict of Thessalonica in 380 ad on

the screen you can see that basically

Christianity it becomes the official

state religion of the Roman Empire

amazing now think about this Rome

embraces is a polytheistic Empire

worshiping multiple gods and now by

three hundred eighty AD Rome the Roman

Empire becomes

Christian nation and so the idea of a

heretic now is defined by law and it's

punishable if you offend and break those

particular rules and regulations and

laws of what would define a heretic now

he wanted uniformity throughout his

empire now here's where it gets

interesting Theodosius separate from any

church state religion issue that's going

on a riot breaks out that's unrelated to

any religious Arianism and he deals with

the riots swiftly he basically has all

the people associated with the riot

killed okay he just wants to deal with

it quickly and this this doesn't go over

well with the Bishop of Milan okay and

Ambrose the Bishop of Milan basically

excommunicates Theodosius from the

church okay which is really interesting

because he felt that he he basically

would execute he came from the church

and he wouldn't allow him to take the

Eucharist okay the Lord's Supper I mean

and that was the right that would

separate believers from unbelievers okay

now Theodosius doesn't take any action

for about eight months

okay he's trying to decide what to do

because he he basically is struggling

with this does he turn his back on the

Eucharist and deny Ambrose's authority

because if he did he would reveal that

the Christian Church was in fact not

greater than the emperor now he realizes

that the church in his own mind was

greater than the state and it held the

empire together

so he basically subjects himself to the

authority of the bishop and and offers

several months of penance

and what he does even further after that

is he orders that all Roman temples are

closed and abandoned so that the

Christians could knock them down and

build Christian churches okay he

announces that the Olympic Games will be

held one final time before their

permanent cancellation

and he announces that any act of worship

made in honor of the old Roman gods

would be an act of treachery against the

Emperor himself amazing a vast shift

from a polytheistic religions empire

into a monotheistic single Christian

Empire now one more thing after 380 AD

by 429 ad Emperor Theodosius ii forms a

committee to codify all the laws since

constantine back in 312 because the laws

were written over all over the place and

he wanted to codify put them all reduce

the redundancy clean up loose laws and

everything it takes 22 scholars 9 years

to complete 16 books total covering

political socio nominal cultural

religious subjects and in it the

codified law includes the imposition of

what we'll call orthodoxy okay because

since arianism was a controversy at that

time it was ongoing it had 65 decrees

against heretics I think about this

sixty-five decrees in the state law

against heretics if you don't believe a

certain way if you don't do this if you

don't do that then you can be punishable

by law because of your religious

practice now this is where it gets very

interesting the barbarian tribes are

hearing of Arianism and Orthodox

Christianity and Clovis the first king

of the Franks embraces Catholic

Christianity and he essentially goes

after the Visigoths in 508 ad because

they were Arian okay he embraces the

Theodosia law code the 65° against

heretics and he now is partnering with

the Catholic Church essentially church

and state are merging and under

Belisarius the general Belisarius from

the east under Justinian he would go

after the vista bandulus and

Oster gossin 534 and 538 ad because they

too were Arian so you can see up on the

screen right there okay Catholic

Christianity was the only faith in town

these are the three horns that were

removed okay that little horn power

would what uproot three horns those were

the initial dates when those particular

kingdoms were attacked because of

religion religious differences okay it

had nothing to do with military conquest

it had everything to do with religious

authority and religious orthodoxy okay

those are the three horns that removed

and there was no Baptist

there was no Methodist there was no

Protestant at this time no there was

only one church okay and so I want to

point this out Biden on May 7th in 538

ad on the screen the 3rd Synod of

Orleans would re-establish old church

laws and passing of new ones and this

would be he intends to change times and

law in Daniel 7 okay that happens in 530

ad I'm going to come back to that

particular date May 7th 538 ad as we

continue studying when we get to

Revelation because that would be the

beginning of the time times and half a

time okay and if 538 ad is establishment

of the beginning of the time times and

half a time we identified that as 1260

literal years let's add this to the

screen 1260 literal years would lead us

to 1798 okay now let me ask you this

question there's only one entity that

fits those ten descriptions that we just

identified there's more descriptors

there's more characteristics in Daniel

chapter 7 but I just gave you ten okay

there's only one entity that can fit all

those descriptors in fact we have it's a

little Kingdom it comes up from among

the ten horns three horns are pulled

eyes and mouth speaking great boasts it

speaks out against the Most High it's a

religious entity it arises after the


after the ten horns it's different from

the other horns it persecutes the saints

it intends to make alterations and times

and law and the Saints are given into

his hand for a time times and half a

time okay there's only one entity that

can be this power what power existed

from 538 to 1798 there's only one power

that existed it's the church state

system of the Middle Ages

okay the saints of God were in this

system okay it wasn't that the people

were bad no they were the Saints they

were taken captive but the system was

corrupted from within and we need to be

careful as individuals when we start to

move away from the Bible and start to

adopt traditions of men and start to

allow the world to creep in the same

thing can happen as what happened during

the Middle Ages when the Word of God is

compromised and traditions of men are

replaced for the laws of God okay and

that allowed this power this church

takes system okay corrupted the church

from within and it caused and it

persecuted the Saints okay this is not

and now that power ended in 1798 I think

about this 1798 birth the general birth

da Napoleon's general storms Vatican

City tapes Pope Pius the six captive

insists to the Italians you have your

freedom back okay now the French

Revolution is the most is the most

significant event in Western

civilization why because the church

state system comes crashing down

monarchy comes crashing down equality

Liberty for all mankind

and so that church date system ends in

1798 judgment was taken okay

Church a system is never before to

that's done away with

okay that was during the Middle Ages but

God's Saints were the ones that were

taken captive okay this isn't against

any one people or anything like that

says these are God's people I want you

to understand that this is where our

church came from this is what happened

this is what happened this happened

during the Middle Ages and I don't have

time to cover all that history but I

just want you to understand that little

lauren power is nothi than the church

state system of the middlee medieval

ages now think about this remember

legs of iron legs of iron and they

transition into what feet of iron and

clay right you have the Roman Empire by

the time you move into the Middle Ages

what do you have a Dan another

descriptor Holy Roman Empire where did

that come from

that's exactly right Holy Roman Empire

Church state system combined all right

this is why our forefathers and Western

civilization at after the French

Revolution would say you know what we

want to make sure this doesn't happen

again and so a first amendment in our

Constitution is essentially there should

be no law established in terms of any

religion right I'm not going to go into

it but they learn our forint founding

fathers learn the lessons of the

medieval ages okay of that Roman

church-state system and they said we're

not going to combine religion and state

again because it only leads to bad

things okay so again this isn't against

the people because remember who in the

end let me go to this last verse right

here who in the end is judgment in favor

of I'm gonna pull this up it's basically

the last verse verse 26 but the court

will sit for judgment and his Dominion

will be taken away annihilated and

destroyed forever

then the sovereignty the Dominion and

the greatness of all the kingdoms of the

whole heaven will be given to the people

of the saints of the highest one these

are the Saints that were persecuted now

the kingdom is given to them his kingdom

will be an everlasting Kingdom and all

dominions will serve and obey Him

amazing scriptures this is all happening

in Daniel chapter 7 now there's one

other thing I want to point out and that

is this just give me two more minutes

and we'll

to a close some people like to identify

that little horn as they don't identify

the Roman church-state system as that

little horn they identified as Antiochus

Epiphanes okay I've got multiple study

Bibles I loved my multiple study Bibles

and for some reason they they conclude I

believe incorrectly that that little

horn in Daniel 7 and Daniel 8 isn't IKEA

as epiphanies I'll tell you why it can't

be because if you take a look at this

graph right here and you take a look at

all the characteristics of the little

horn those 10 characteristics let's see

where this intact as epiphanies actually

appears okay and he appears during the

latter part of the bronze the Greek

Empire okay

you have Cassander Lysimachus Seleucid

and ptolemy okay Antiochus Epiphanes

would come under the Seleucid Empire

okay and it would be 175 to 164 BC

that's when Antiochus Epiphanes would

rule and look where he's at he's before

the cross of Christ okay

now how is it how could in Takas

epiphanies fit all those 10

characteristics of that little horn and

look on the screen okay let's see if

those characteristics apply to in Takas

epiphanies okay a little horn meaning a

little king okay I guess that first one

might apply to him that seems fair he

was a little king it comes up from among

the ten horns and I don't know that that

really doesn't fit because those 10


that's basically the successor states of

the Roman Empire so that's way past 476

so it doesn't fit number two number

three three horns are pulled out mmm he

doesn't fit that one he doesn't he

didn't he didn't uproot three other


like we saw the Visigoth vandals and

Ostrogoths i'm an eyes and a mouth

speaking great i guess you could apply

that to him he did have an eyes he does

have a mouth and he spoke greatly

boasting lea number five speaks out

against the Most High I guess you could

potentially apply that to him in the

sense that he set up

idols in the in the Jerusalem Temple and

sacrifice pigs and everything maybe

that's speaking out against the Most

High it's possible number 6 per rises

after the fourth Kingdom and after the

ten horns no there's no way Rome has to

has to has to continue on after 476 the

successor states of the Roman Church of

the Roman state have to emerge the

barbaric tribes so it doesn't come out

that different from the other horns hmm

I don't think so

Antiochus wasn't different from the

other horns he was just one other King

and in the seleucid empire persecutes

the saints and this one you could say he

did persecute the Saints in a little in

a way you could say that during his time

when he did desecrate the temple he

intends to make alterations and times

and laws I don't think that fits

Antiochus it just doesn't fit him I mean

that fits more with the Roman

church-state system the Saints are given

into his hand for a time times and half

a times that's 1260 literal ríos let me

ask you one last question about this

this is why I don't think Antiochus fits

the description because here you go

through Babylon medo-persia Greece Rome

divided Rome Europe okay we're talking

about a thousand years from the time of

Babylon 605 BC to 476 ad that's over a

thousand years and then the rest of the

chapter in Daniel chapter 7 talks about

this little horn who would be 1260

literal years okay that's about the

right amount of time that you would

apply all those scriptures to it to

spend all that time explaining what the

little horn is doing and then applying

it to someone small king who does what

he did back in 170 60 164 BC ish it just

doesn't fit now look on the screen it

makes much more sense when you take a

look at the broader perspective of

what's going on that's exactly what

happened it is none other than the Roman

church-state system again God's people

were taken captive for that time period

during the medieval church day system

now that system is no longer with us

it doesn't exist today okay but

want to tell you this even though that

it was done away with that system will

emerge again at the very end of time in

a new world king order new world kingdom

order and we're gonna unpack that when

we get to Revelation okay and we're

gonna and we're gonna unmask we're gonna

unmask when we rediscovered Greater

biblical truths related to this study

remember though the message of this is

this judgment is in favor of the Saints

God is not against people but he's

against systems that go against his word

and go against the the knowledge of

Jesus Christ and the saving faith of

Jesus Christ that was corrupted from

within okay we're gonna unpack more of

this in Daniel chapter 8 and 9 10 11 12

and see how this controversy continues

to unfold let's close in prayer father

God we've covered a lot of information

and we just thank you for your word and

we pray that by your holy spirit were

led into all truth Laura truth was not

meant to hurt

it was meant to heal and Lord I pray

that these scriptures would heal your

people and would lead them into a closer

relationship with Jesus Christ in Jesus

name Amen

as always we've got the study guides

download them print them out write notes

build upon your knowledge of the Bible

share them with others teach it yourself

if you want to we'll see you next time