The Messed Up Origins Of The Little Mermaid


we all watched the Disney movie The

Little Mermaid but only a few of us know

what really happened to Ariel in the

original tale and this is not a fairy

tale story for kids make sure you watch

this video until the end to know if the

mermaid lives happily ever after or not

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today we are showing you the messed up

origins of the Little Mermaid tears

would Hans Christian Andersen wrote in

1836 in a tale called

The Little Mermaid once again the Little

Mermaid was one of the Kings daughters

and the most beautiful of them but this

time everyone including her sisters was

fascinated by the human world and what

she loved more was a marble statue of a

handsome man

her grandmother told her everything

about the human world

and unlike scuttle she was actually

really wise she told The Little Mermaid

about the day when she was going to turn

15 and have the right to rise up out of

the sea sit on the rocks in the

moonlight and see what is happening on

the land The Little Mermaid who was the

youngest daughter and her family waited

several years for that day her sisters

kept talking about what they saw and the

youngest couldn't wait for the day when

she was going to see it too

at first they were amazed but after

visiting this place too often they

became indifferent and didn't care


when the moment she had been waiting for

finally came the Little Mermaid rose to

the surface of the sea this is when she

saw a boat came closer to it and noticed

a really handsome prince it was love at

first sight but then a storm came her

man fell in the water and she had to

save him as she lay on the shore she

kissed his forehead and admired the man

he looked just like the marble statue

that she used to love she waited until

someone came to help him and then left

the Little Mermaid couldn't forget this

man and she spent many nights in the

water near his palace to watch the young

prince unlike her sisters she kept

loving this new world more every time

she learned more about him every day and

even heard the fisherman talking about

how great he was The Little Mermaid

wished that she could be part of his


however she realized that they were

actually really different in this tale

humans could die while mermaids could

live up to 300 years but humans also had

a soul that lives forever

while sea creatures just cease to exist

when they died this was one of the main

reasons why the Little Mermaid wanted to

become a real woman her grandmother

tried to convince her that mermaids

lived to be much happier and much better

than humans but the young girl didn't

mind she could die for her prince if it

meant being happy as stars in the sky

forever but her grandmother told her

that the only way she could have an

immortal soul was if the man fell in

love with her if they ever got married

his soul would glide in her body and

they would be united this is why while

everyone was at the ball she decided

that she would do anything it would take

to meet her prince her grandmother told

her that a fishtail was

under the seed that looked disgusting on

earth and this is why she had to find a

way to have legs she went to see the

sorceress and even the sea witch said

that she was stupid but there was

something she could do for her the

little mermaid could drink a draught

that would make her tail disappear and

turn into legs that would make her the

prettiest little human being they ever

saw that this transformation will feel

as if a sword was passing through her

and every step she takes would feel like

she was treading upon sharp knives if

she could bear with this the sorceress

would help her and the little mermaid

was so desperate that she said yes the

sea witch had to warn her that once she

became human she will never see the ones

that she loves ever again and only

become foam on the crest of the waves it

wasn't enough to stop the young girl but

then the sorceress said that she had to

pay the prince in exchange for a pair of

legs she had to give away her voice the

mermaid said yes one last time and the


cut off her tongue before preparing the

drop the little mermaid didn't even take

the time to say goodbye to those she

loved as she felt too dumb after making

that choice when she rose up through the

dark blue waters to go on the shore and

drink the magic drop she felt like a

two-edged sword went through her

delicate body and fell just like she was

dead as she discovered from the sharp

pain a prince stood beside her he took

her to his palace but every step she

took felt as if treading upon the points

of needles or sharp knives but she

mostly felt dumb as she couldn't speak

when this handsome man tried to talk to

her she was jealous when she heard a

beautiful slave singing her voice was so

beautiful that the prince was only

looking at her but the little mermaid

stole the show when she finally had the

chance to dance with the prince even

though she was suffering during all this

time she spent more and more time with

her lover kissing and cuddling but she

kept smiling while she couldn't stop

thinking about the pain as the day

passed she was more in love with the


but he loved the silent

only as he did love a child and not as

his future wife he even called her his

dumb child the prince needed to find a

beautiful princess to marry but he only

had one on his mind he kept thinking

about the woman who saved his life and

the Little Mermaid couldn't tell him

that it was her the Prince finally met a

woman who was so beautiful that he

thought that she was the one who saved

him and told The Little Mermaid that he

was finally happy

but the young girl was heartbroken and

it hurt more than her legs his wedding

was going to bring her to death she held

up the bride's train and danced all

night no matter how painful that was as

it was the last night that she would

spend with her Prince as she looked at

the scene The Little Mermaid saw her

sister they had heard about this tragedy

and gave their hair to the witch

exchanged for a knife if the young girl

plunged it in the heart of the prince

before the Sun rises she would become a

mermaid again and have the chance to be

with her family again but she couldn't

do it The Little Mermaid threw away the

knife and threw herself into the sea for

her body dissolved into foam but she

didn't die he became one of the

daughters of the heir by her cadiz she

had earned an immortal soul she would be

flying around the world in the air until

after 300 years she should float into

the kingdom of heaven and this is how

the Little Mermaid had the chance to

live her happily ever after and peace

away from pain which berry tells story

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