Top 5 Facts - Soul Evans

hey what's going on guys a grouch here

bringing you my top 5 facts about Sol

Evans from soul eater as some of you

already know I've been a huge Soul Eater

fan for years now and so all has always

been my favorite character in the series

so I felt it only fitting I make a top 5

facts about them as with all my

countdowns I tried to deliver facts what

I find most intriguing but just so you

know these are ranked in any particular

order so with that said let's get on

with the video and I hope you guys enjoy

oh and there may be a couple spoilers in

this video so sorry number 5

not much is shown about the history of

soul when it comes to the anime however

it is in the manga version of the series

where we really get to see a glimpse

into his past he actually comes from a

rich family composed of famous musicians

this explains his talented piano skills

which is shown time and time again in

the anime he also has an older brother

named Wes who just like him shares his

love for music but has master skills in

the violin it was because he suffered

from the stop that he would never be as

good as his brother that he decided to

leave his life behind and join the dwma

after he discovered his weapon powers

number 4 soul is one of the most

recognizable characters in the series

and as such is usually a fan favorite he

plays both 4th and 3rd place in the two

official solely Lear popularity polls

which is shown in the manga he was being

only by Death the kid black star in

Makkah in the first poll and once again

by death the Kinema in the second poll

not so much to star now a black star

number 3 something I never know this

until now is that souls headband is

actually a reference to stage name Soul

Eater the soul part is pretty obvious

but if you look closely at the circular

patch you can see the letters E

tea with the shape of a mouth directly

dead center the patch may also allude to

a status as an EI t student which stands

for especially advantaged talent

either way I'm probably just really dumb

because I never noticed until now number

two although has never shown in the

anime makan soul actually managed to

acquire all ninety-nine human souls and

one witch's soul finally turning soul

into a death scythe in the manga he was

the only one out of all the Academy

students currently enrolled in the dwma

to have achieved his goal or did he

achieve it in the anime welcome maka

you have successfully collected 99 Asian

Souls and the soul of one witch

congratulations you finally be a dead


no no no just a mug I guess number one

Souls design might actually be based on

that of a character name a mine from one

of Atsushi ogre bros previous manga

known as be Ichi I had never heard of

this character or manga before making

this video but they do share a striking

resemblance that I thought it deserved

the spot on this list both share the

same white hair red eyes and both wear

shoes with designs that resemble teeth

marks just another series to add to the

list of series that I need to watch but

I have no time to do so I guess hatched

at college life and that does it for

this top 5 facts video just a quick

update before the video ends I wanted to

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I'm currently trying to manage my

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