Top 10 Main Characters of the Office

hello and welcome to my top 10 list of

main characters of the office so let me

start this list with some qualifiers for

who will appear in this list first and

probably most importantly I will not be

including Michael Jim Dwight or Pam in

this list each of these characters will

easily dominate the top half of the list

and the second half of this video would

probably be pretty predictable ranking

those characters would make for an

interesting video topic at some point

but for today I'm axing them from the

list so who's on the table well much

like Jim and Michael's bean based

ranking system for performance-based

raises what of being me I'll be

considering any character of main

character if the character spans

multiple seasons has a story arc of

their own and generally they have a part

in almost every episode so based on my

top 10 supporting characters list I'm

sure that the topic of what a main

versus a supporting character is it's

gonna be a hotly debated item but I

don't care so without further ado let's

rank these people number 10 Jan Levinson

Jan Levinson I presume still me I

debated internally how to treat Jan as

whether she was a supporting character

or a main character but I landed on main

character as her role is vital for the

first four seasons of The Office melora

hardin is not a comedic actress by any

means but she did an amazing job of

playing the straight man woman to

Michael in early seasons and though she

isn't a comedic actress she does have

some truly hilarious moments and I think

it's all in the timing and tone can

happen between us

step away Jan's Ark through the series

moves from astern executive to a

self-destructive executive to a

self-destructive entrepreneur to and

empowered maybe still self-destructive

single mother I herpes

yeah to whatever she is here very good

do you have a valid passport and from

Jan's story we can learn that this this

is neither here nor there my

psychiatrist thinks that I have some

self-destructive tendencies and

therefore once I should indulge them you

following me

leads down some dark roads a great

takeaway from Jan's story is that we can

always have hope no matter how bleak or

difficult the situation we're in is

there's always hope to land on your feet

check please

moving on number nine Phyllis lapin

Vance the soft spoken yet sassy Phyllis

has a special place in my heart though

she's quick to remind Michael that they

went to high school together she does

bring a matronly presence to the office

although she does have some claws at


close your mouth sweetie you look like a

trout Phyllis is arced through the

series is not one of great character

change but she starts some middle-aged

seeing a woman I think she is an

incredibly incredibly attractive person

and in the series in a marriage with a

man who absolutely adores her that's not

worth it 1,000 going once

1,000 1,000 and Phyllis the story I

think that we can learn that we should

be ourselves embrace it and know that if

companionship is something we desire

there's always a Bob Vance waiting for

you moving on

number eight Ryan Howard okay so here we

are the character of Ryan is one in

which the writers use very liberally for

various arcs throughout the series

there was the temp stage the junior

Sales Associate stage the executive

stage the recovery stage the wolf calm

stage and then what I'd call trying to

find happiness stage so while the

character of Ryan doesn't have a series

wide arc he is a character who is

intentionally written to annoy us but

not without a purpose at the heart of

Ryan's mini facades is a desire to find

purpose and meaning his often

over-the-top attempts are generally met

with unanticipated consequences so from

the story of Ryan through the annoyingly

arrogant character he becomes we learn a

lot of ways that we will not find

meaning and we won't find happiness

it's weird I'd rather she be alone than

with somebody is that love moving on

number seven Stanley Hudson wanted

middle-aged black man what says big butt

bigger heart Stanley isn't a hard guy to

figure out he says what he means and he

does what he says

and if you don't like it you can leave

and I say the same thing to my current

wife and I'll say it to my next one too

he seems to work hard enough to be

perfectly average at least enough to

afford him daily naps and a complete

lack of participation and whatever

Michael's daily meeting is and when

Stanley is on he will fiercely defend

himself and also Stanley's Ark has some

underlying drama to it affairs divorce

mistresses and maybe a black panther

look at those biceps we will fight in

the power and eaten whatever we want it

I'm just gonna take five days off anyway

and from Stanley's arc one with the

surprisingly low amount of actual

character change we can learn them when

we push people away with prideful

stubbornness we'll end up alone the man

who delivered my divorce papers came by

fan boat which was kind of fun

I sit on my porch all day carving Birds

and this one's always tripped me up a

bit because Stanley is overly positive

in this talking head but he does whittle

the statue of Phyllis indicating that he

probably is missing that connection to

people he kept so far away I missed you

I missed you too

that's just speculation on my part

either way I love Stanley moving on

number six Erin Hannon I think the

character of Erin was created out of

necessity to show growth and Pam as Pam

moved on from being a receptionist in

the Michael Scott Paper Company plotline

the writers need to fill that spot with


erin is juxtaposed to Pam quite often

Pam is relatively smart and Erin is

relatively ditzy Pam generally has a

pessimistic attitude towards her

coworkers and Erin is incredibly

supportive we run into the bathroom and

tell him to eat it of course yeah okay

hey David I'm back and Erin arcs from

someone who's never had big aspirations

to a confident and strong young woman

and though Michael wasn't addressing

Erin at all in this next clip but we

can't lose the spirit of childlike

wonder I do think that sense of

childlike wonder embodies the character

of Erin she's got great lines

heartwarming moments and rounded the

cast out in a great way in the later

seasons moving on number five halfway

there Andy Bernard okay

one of the biggest tragedies in the

office was the hangover movies Andy had

to be written off the show due to his

contracts for these movies and the

writers shoehorned his absences in ways

they were practically unforgivable I say

this is a tragedy because without these

arcs Andy would have been so much higher

on this list remember that some people

are meant to be annoying on the office

it's on purpose but if you've never

known in Andy then you may not get the

humor in this character but the nard dog

moves from an empty facade of a man to

someone who's truly found confidence in

who he is and has a job that he finds so

much satisfaction in I've always loved

Andy's first lines I graduated in four

years I never studied once I was drunk

the whole time and I sang in the

acapella group here comes treble and

comparing it to his lines in the finale

I spent so much of my time here at

dunder-mifflin thinking about my old

pals my college acapella group now I'm

exactly where I want to be I got my

dream job at Cornell and I'm still just

thinking about my old pals sometimes

watching Andy can be as painful as

Scott's tots but it's a reminder that no

matter how big or how often we've blown

it there is always a chance at

redemption not to mention he may have

the best line in the entire series I

wish there was a way to know you're in

the good old days before you've actually

left them moving on number 4 Darryl

Philbin Darryl is a self-made man who

worked himself up to the warehouse

manager and then beyond figured I look

presentable yeah you went a different

way a straight man approach to Michael

worked incredibly well and yet as the

writers begin to spotlight his character

hit a real opportunities to shine with

depth and also comedy Darryl story-arc

is pretty amazing as well I've always

loved this moment here's the thing Joe

saw something in you she loved you she

gave you a shot and then you stopped

pushing she noticed my future is not

gonna be determined by seven little

white lotto balls it's gonna be

determined by two big black balls I

control my destiny and from Darryl story

we can learn to always stay hungry for

what it is we want to achieve in life

not to mention Darryl also holds one of

my top most were round moments of the

office this sequence is amazing oh hey

man oh you know what before I forget

again I talked to you guys about how are

you they're gonna bring you in for an

interview moving on

we're getting real here and I'm gonna

piss some people off

number three toby flenderson wait don't

leave don't leave don't leave the

character of toby is so good his

character was written to play off

whatever the situation around him is

sometimes we see him in HR mode

sometimes we see him as so cringy i can

feel it in my bones and sometimes we see

him what in the camera does anyone have

a camera here keeping in mind that Paul

Lieberstein was and still is not an

actor and that this was somewhat forced

upon him yet audiences loved him so much

he became a staple in the series and

that's an incredible story in and of

itself but on top of that everything he

does and says gets me every time

sound of not does that enough why are

you the way that you are

Toby's arc is a tragic one he wants

connections so badly with people but he

just doesn't have the confidence he

tries to fill that void with his

high-profile juror status and becoming a

mystery novel writer and in some ways

he's bizarre Oh Ryan Howard always

sinking satisfaction but never really

finding it because what we learned from

the office is that it's our connection

with people that really brings


regardless Toby does have great moments

as wish suck on this

moving on number two heaven Malone this

is a pic of pure joy

Kevin played by Brian Baumgartner is one

of the highlights of the office for me

Kevin's dim-witted demeanor is so well

done and the amount of times in the

series I wonder how does this guy even

keep a job and then the finale goes and

addresses that question for us it's just

that you were terrible at your job

you're just saying that to make me feel

better no really you were terrible and

math and organization time management

though Kevin's character doesn't have an

amazing amount of growth and changed

throughout the series

he does have some genuinely heartwarming

moment and it was hard to see

it's just nice to win one and I think

the simplest lesson to learn from

Kevin's character is that sometimes

we're not always meant for the job we

have the turtle was already dead

probably when I ran over him the first

time moving on

okay so a lot of people didn't make the

cut and remember I've excluded Jim Pam

Michael and Dwight from my list my pick

for the number one main character of the

office is creed bratton it's a beautiful

morning at Dunder Mifflin as I like to

call it great Bratton keep it running

and honestly I'm not even sure he's

considered a main character because I

think he's technically a supporting

character for sure but he does fit the

criteria of my list

so I don't care to earn my top spot

creed is just so weird and even

nonsensical at times his energy is

top-notch and you just don't know what

he's gonna say anytime he's on screen

five-cent worm Oh way too much for worms

man who's your worm guy and Creed has a

backstory that's explored throughout the

series in glimpses blending reality and

the offices universe together in this

strange meta way but it's delightful

turns out Creed was in the band the

grass roots in the 1960s in Creed's

presence in the finale is just so

touching I still have my metal from that

do you even have a mattress no but I

still have my metal

and from his backstory we can learn that

if we don't deal with our past it will

always come knocking let's do this all

right and so that's it for my list what

do you think about the list who's on

your top 10 leave your favorite moments

of your favorite characters in the

comments as well I'd love to hear what

you have to say thanks for watching and

we'll see you next time