How Ultimate Reed Richards Became Maker

welcome to how and why the show we break

down editorial business and create

decisions in the world of comics and

explain just how and why they happened

an anticipation of the release of

Fantastic Four this week I thought I'd

look at my favorite events in the

group's history the fall of Reed

Richards and the rise of maker now I

must note this story takes place in

Marvel's ultimate universe which is a

different continuity from that

traditional box and before we look at

how we read Richard slowly descended

into evil we must first look at

alternate Fantastic Four as a whole

originally written by Brian Michael

Bendis and Mark Millar the pair of

reimagined Marvel's first family is

younger versions of the earth-616

counterparts we get their powers from

interdimensional travel taking them to

the end zone

sound familiar well that's because this

interation of the Fantastic Four also

serves as the inspiration behind the

upcoming movie redirections of Earth

1610 is portrayed slightly differently

than he is in the regular Marvel books

basically Reed is a child prodigy who

was selected to work for the government

think tank under dr. Frankland storm

it's psychological issues stem from a

poor relationship with his father Gary

reviewed readers a disappointment due to

him not being of lastingly gifted the

demise of Reed Richard really starts

with ultimatum ensure ultimatum was a

story published by Marvel in 2009 where

magneto shifts the Earth's magnetic

poles creating a huge tidal wave across

New York City killing many of the

Ultimate Marvel characters the

casualties of ultimatum includes

Professor Xavier Wolverine daredevil

Cyclops wasp Hank Pym Thor dr. strange

beast Magneto Emma Frost and Franklin


however it was later revealed that the

entire plan was orchestrated by dr. Doo

causing bleed riches to send thing to

Latveria and kill doom the fallout of

ultimate was devastating for the compass

fit for with Reacher in science of PTSD

blaming himself for Vincent as he

believes he created Doctor Doom as a

result of the storyline the Fantastic

Four disband and Sue Storm rejects Routh

proposal and player slog

Reed is later seen shown to be living

with his parents again before an

explosion kills them reappearing in the

ultimate enemies story arc it is

revealed that Reed Richards

orchestrated the murder of his family

along with alien attacks on the Baxter


and the home of Peter Parker we see that

reads out welcome the world has changed

after the disillusion of a relationship

becoming more bitter and cynical tired

of his home world and people read that

in countless ooh the Invisible Woman and

the pair fight with the former mr.

fantastic she Owen gives descent into

villainy by subjecting us to extreme

pain for being sucked into a portal the

heroes of the Ultimate Universe track

Reed down in the negative zone

in a battle where Johnny Storm burns the

entire right side of his face they may

get permanently stark and also losing

the ability to move his right arm

reaches up again in Ultimate Comics The

Ultimates where is revealed to be a

villain known as the maker the creator

of a race of genetically engineered

soldiers who previously destroyed as god

known as the children of tomorrow Maker

serves as the main antagonist of the

series with Reed returning from a

distant future having stretched out his

skull in order to increase his brain

capacity in this story make the stages

of coup taking over several territories

across Eastern Europe bringing them into

conflict with fallen The Ultimates is

later defeated by Sue Storm who traps

him in a psychic bubble make his next

appearance as an ultimate disassembled

where is free by Kang to collect

infinity gems for ur which are held by

members of The Ultimates Reed obtains

the eighth gem which is located in the

brain of Tony Stark performing brain

surgery and I'm leaving it to die

with the gems collected the team known

as the dark Ultimates consistent of

maker Kang Hulk Quicksilver and a

brainwashed Johnny Storm begins the plan

world domination now they are in

possession of the gems Ironman was able

to retrieve the gems from the dark

Ultimates however Reed was imprisoned in

the cube and after a ground surge of

energy cut through the universe Galactus

makes his way into the Ultimate Universe

and this leads on to Cataclysm and which

make it plays a vital role Reed escapes

from the Kuban office to help the

ultimate protector from Galactus as

despite his history as a villain he

still on the smartest men in the


this book acts as somewhat of a

Redemption arc for Reed who travels to

the 606 universe alongside Miles Morales

the current spider-man revisits the

Baxter building

and sees pictures of a married Reed and

Sue Richards with their children causing

him to break down and apologize to sue

upon return realising his wrongdoings we

came up with a plan to save the world

from Galactus with Kitty Pryde in

possession of the giant man serum

short-circuiting Galactus his machines

using a phasing abilities weakening the

earth world as Reed opened a portal to

the negative zone sucking in Galactus

however join Marvel's time runs out arc

it is revealed that reads return to

heroics had been somewhat of a facade as

he remained active as the villains maker

and aligned himself with the Cabal a

group had been traveling across the

universe destroying earth making the

kabbalah explain to nick fury the

incursions and the fate of the earth and

as a result launched a full-scale attack

on a 626 as they prepare a life raft so

that is just how redirections of the

ultimate universe became the villainous

maker I'm going to end this video with a

segment I'm hilariously going to call

recommended reads I'll tell you some

books you should read if you're

interested in this character firstly we

have Ultimate Comics The Ultimates by

Jonathan Hickman and Assad ribbet but

you actually the pair behind the current

secret wars run we also have ultimate

Fantastic Four volume 1 which covers

issues one through six written by Mark

Millar by Michael Bendis with art by

under Kiba and fantastical vol 2 which

called with issue 7 to 12 written by one


enjoy by Stuart Immonen and finally have

calculus and the ultimate slots down

where in my Joshua Hale fight off and

drawn by Leonard Kirk that's everything

for this video I'll be back soon with

another installment of how and why and

until next time ladies and gentlemen

take care and keep reading