Today, We Tackle A Call For An Uprising's....FANS?!!

so remember in the last video when I

said I totally wasn't making it just to

farm comments from call for an uprising

fans well that wasn't a lie I didn't do

it just for that reason but that was

certainly what I expected to happen so

today we're gonna take a look and see

exactly what type of fans call for an

uprising cultivate and hopefully we can

have a good time while doing it all

right guys let's roll that intro


alright guys welcome back we got a fun

one in store today now my guess that

really depends on your operative

definition of fun but we got fan art

first so let's go into that first we

have a couple of birdie boot services by

Braun / Breyer hey this is very rim

serviced by jack and quill and it looks

like I've been remade in the video game

world by Allison thank you all very much

for your fan art submissions and let's

get into the comment submissions so I

thought this was gonna be a pretty quick

and easy project right I decided hey I'm

gonna go ahead and farm some of the

comments from the call for an uprising

videos and we'll see what happens what

happened though was that I got two

hundred and seventy five different

screen shots and that's not counting all

of the comments so here's what we're

gonna do I'm gonna go over a few of

these right now and then make a little

announcement at the end of the video my

goal here is one catharsis I desperately

need to poke fun at some of this stuff

I'm of the opinion that if you're okay

taking potshots at me on the Internet

I can take potshots at you secondly I

want to showcase the kind of fans that

call for an uprising has the kind of

toxic cesspool that a fan base like his

breeds hopefully you can use this in

order to identify toxic elements in your

own fandoms that said let's begin how

many of you [ __ ] are paid to leave

negative comments like that most if not

all of you are working for the

government and this channel has eight

[ __ ] wake up they're trying to

brainwash you I hate this stupid cartoon

character also that is a bad idea for

the record so do more studies and figure

out what is better to use to help

brainwash the population the fact is no

one trusts the government no more period

so good luck with trying to gain back

our trust not gonna be easy nah

you're you can blame yourself for that

alrighty let's go ahead and break this

one down point by point first of all it

takes an incredibly conspiratorial

mindset where you believe and have the

delusion that everyone is out to get you

to believe that a random channel on the

Internet must be paid opposition funded

by the United States government and yeah

you can make fun of my channel for using

a cartoon avatar but between the fact

that I like the aesthetic of it to the

branding of it and the history behind

the actual avatar but at the end of the

day because I'm a functioning adult I

don't care also I'm like 90% certain

that you meant I needed to research the

different ways that had been used to

brainwash the population not actively

try to find better ways and yeah there

are things that our government has done

that have been unscrupulous like project

MKULTRA it's the reason why I don't

personally trust the government myself

but the thing is though people like you

keep on trying to claw that rabbit hole

even larger even when that rabbit hole

doesn't go as far as you want and I

guess I can blame myself for that since

that's how your comment ended I mean I

guess if I was a government seal maybe

but I don't make that kind of money if I

did I could probably fix our well we've

got like no water pressure and YouTube

still hasn't given me that paycheck from

when my channel got stolen

I'd imagine if I was working for the US

government I might have a little more

say in how that gets handled but hurry

next one you really love call huh how

many videos do you have on him no well

no I don't love called help I wouldn't

even call up call for a one night stand

as for how many videos I have on him I

have three out of four hundred if

dedicating less than 1% of my time in a

given day is considered loving someone

then I can at least understand why so

many of you love the Christian God since

he dedicates even less of his day into

loving you I'm sorry that your

relationship is less than parasocial but

at the end of the day you always just

not that into you your faith in science

is blind go read a Bible please I think

you and I might have very different

definitions of faith if we use the

version of faith that's actually in the

Bible like what's described in Hebrews

then no I don't have faith because faith

would be evidence in things not seen

I'm more comfortable saying that I have

confidence given that science has

actually yielded results like I don't

know this microphone number Corning with

the keyboard that you personally type

that out on all wonders of engineering

birth by the foundational knowledge

granted to us by the scientific method

thanks for that I could also point out

that the Bible is only going to be an

authority on theological discussions not

necessarily things about reality the

study of the natural world is more where

science comes in that's like literally

how it categorically functions but

kind of play fallacy bingo with you

right now and hit you for a category

error you try to sound smart but you are

not the reason why they don't want to

die is because they are worried about

having a pitchfork shoves up their rear

end in hell he never said he doesn't

like people who are afraid of dying he

said people who are all like oh I want

to live forever the only way to live

forever is through Jesus Christ oh must

say that your cartoon character is the

must cringe-worthy thing I have ever

seen in my life you need to get a life

says the guy screaming into the a there

on a YouTube video I mean it's what I do

for a living but you know whatever this

comment was obviously on the call for an

uprising video I did a while back about

people who fear death in that I made the

argument that the fear of death is

functionally a fear of change everything

changes after you're dead either you

will never be able to experience

anything ever again or the life you

stepped into will never allow you to

experience the pleasures of this life

ever again

in either case there's a fundamental

change happening and that change is

absolutely terrifying there's also a

running theme with a lot of these

comments where several of calls fans say

that I've put words into his mouth but

generally speaking I just play his words

on screen and if any of those fans are

so worried that I'm taking him out of

context I provide the full context in

the video in the description like all

the time by the way people who say they

want to live forever are not

fundamentally different from Christians

who want to live forever through Christ

it's the exact same thing it's just the

mechanism you're using and of course

another cartoon character cringy comment

why yes thank you for noticing

fluoride alert dot-org there's a lot of

studies to show the correlation of low

IQ and fluoride bTW your quick talk and

speedy rhetoric makes you sound smirk

bro and why are you attacking the

doctors like dr. Andrew Kaufman that our

bare bones tearing this pandemic

hysteria apart and are saying that

vaccines are not helpful and are

actually worse for you like when people

get the flu shot and get the flu lol

there is no pandemic and you know it but

you aren't saying anything about and

based on your previous video you are

telling your quote Thins unquote that

are supposedly

dropping everything to watch your video

that the virus exists okay so let's

start off with why haven't I talked

about dr. Andrew coffin because I

haven't heard about him until now based

on the little bit of research I've been

able to do it looks like he's actually a

forensic psychiatrist this is a branch

that deals with the assessment and

treatment of offenders in prisons secure

hospitals and communities with mental

health problems what he is not is an

epidemiologist which means that he

doesn't actually specialize in the field

that would be dealing with the pandemic

we're dealing with right now this also

means that his field doesn't deal in

vaccine research or any of that so him

speaking with authority on any of those

topics that is a massive faux pas so now

that I've done some research into him I

can honestly say the other reason I'm

not talking about him is because he

doesn't [ __ ] matter also considering

that I have two friends who have

actually caught kovat 19 yeah the virus

exists would that I lived in your fairy

tale world but I don't also the website

you linked there fluoride alert taking

some time to scroll through the website

has shown a lot of really really skewed

misinformation I'll be providing yet

another article down below that actually

goes into the health benefits versus the

health issues with fluoride but one of

the reasons that that website states

that fluoride is bad is because of the

negative health effects that fluoride

can have on you however studies have

shown that for any of these negative

effects to actually occur in the human

body you have to be consuming more than

30 times the amount of fluoride that

it's present in the United States water

supply given how much water and average

person would drink this means that you

would have to be literally ingesting

your toothpaste drinking [ __ ] tons of

fluoridated water and then taking the

fluoride via tablet wholesale in order

to even get close to the amount of

fluoride required for you to actually

suffer these negative results I'm not

gonna sit here and say I love fluoride

or anything but what I hate is

misinformation goof cloud nerd

chemtrails definitely exists are you


lmao derp I'm serious I think I know

everything but really I'm just a stupid

idiotic nerd who's never been laid

okay well I think that anybody who's

actually spent even like a few seconds

on my channel knows that I'm Polly and

have multiple partners so I'm glad that

you used the exact same methodology when

fact-checking anything call says before

making your statement that is I'm glad

you were incredibly lazy and I got to

get a laugh out of you please do not

follow him and invest some time and do

your own research don't be fooled well

anybody can do their own research where

my channel is concerned I provide the

sources that I use in the description

and then of course people are able to

use their own sources as they please

so yeah I actually agree with this one

go ahead do some research

three minutes incredibly long you might

be the dumb one here now so everything's

relative for me a forty minute video

essay isn't actually that long I sit

down and listen to those all the time

however on a video response channel

we're generally I respond to points one

by one three minutes of another person's

content without any breaks in between is

actually considered pretty long

relatively speaking

nothing real funny here I just figured

I'd comment on it I guess I also have to

be angry about this for some reason um

okay cut 1710 um the dumb there I've

fulfilled my quota of being upset I

guess sir is it a paid opposition paid

to lie welcome to the family son

I'm sorry I've been playing too much

Resident Evil seven if I was paid

opposition again I might be able to

afford my well repairs but I also love

when people say that I'm paid opposition

or a government shill because they never

actually have any evidence that that's

the case they usually desperately need

to believe their own narrative that

there is paid opposition to what they

are saying because otherwise a they're

wrong and be the world they've

constructed around themselves as a

delusion I'm sorry thank God the lizard

men are not paying me to work on my

channel they're paying logic don't be

fooled by this sory please do your own


a cult fern uprising is one hundred

percent correct

Hitler used fluoride to make his

prisoners docile easier to control

fluoride is a byproduct of the aluminum

industry and made the residents teeth

turned black after

drinking the contaminated water from the

runoff look at the warning on your

toothpaste fluoride is used in rat

poison how do you control the dosage of

fluoride we use in everything drinking

water wait bathe in its we cook with it

well for one the way you control that

dosage just so you know is by measuring

the amount of liquids that somebody

would imbibe from public sources via

cooking drinking etc you take the

maximum amount that one would usually

imbibe over the course of a day and then

you make sure that the amount of

fluoride in the water is safe if

ingested in those amounts this is why

someone would have to abide 30 times the

amount of fluoride in the water supply

right now that they consume on an

average basis in order to actually even

begin suffering any side effects and

that's 30 times the amount over a long

period of time taking one day on a

fluoride binge is not gonna cause

skeletal fluorosis would you like to

know what else is used in rat poison

dihydrogen monoxide who just because n

item is an ingredient in an thing you

don't like doesn't suddenly make it and

the VAT moreover where rat poison is

concerned the four common active

ingredients are anticoagulants

cholecalciferol Brum ethylene and

phosphides fluoride is not the active

ingredient that kills rats and it's not

an active ingredient it's gonna be

killing you and your toothpaste anytime

soon well that no did you know that

there's actually a fluoride ion battery

does that mean that you're now consuming

batteries when you have fluoride no it

doesn't because that's not how

ingredients work service you sound like

the biggest goof lmao nerd you brub love

Bill Gates well no I don't love Bill

Gates mainly having to do with the fact

that he's a billionaire and I think that

people who are billionaires naturally

have to exploit people to get to that

stage in life as a leftist I am

categorically against billionaires so no

I don't love Bill Gates no you're 100%

wrong and this is because you're taking

a call for uprising out of context and

primarily because you ate differently

literate call doesn't fear death because

of salvation eternity with Jesus John

3:16 but the unsaved have the

because they do not know with certainty

if there's even an afterlife you are

obviously an evolutionist and seeing

this from a worldly Senate's perspective

I pray that you find Jesus and get

salvation in them otherwise I'll eat

your ass for turning the frogs gay okay

so first of all you and I both need to

understand that knowledge and belief are

two separate things but knowledge is a

subset of belief you believe that you're

going to be going to heaven that does

not mean that you know you're going to

be going to heaven if you happen to go

to heaven and you believe then yeah I'll

go ahead and call that knowledge

whatever but right now you only believe

you have no way of demonstrating that

you know that secondly that is the least

pain I have ever experienced when doing

in Alex Jones impersonation thirdly

obviously an evolutionist I mean yeah I

believe in evolution because evolution

is a fact we have a working theory

around why it works but evolution itself

is a thing that happens I mean if you

don't believe me just look at the common

cold that thing is constantly evolving

preventing us from being able to

properly treat it but what's actually

going on here is your attempt to

discredit anything I'm saying by saying

that I am categorically the other I am

obviously an evolutionist I obviously

have a worldly centers perspective this

means that you now get to discredit

anything I say this is what's called the

ad hominem fallacy if you are going to

take Who I am as your metric for whether

or not you can believe what I'm saying

then you're engaging in ad hominem Who I

am has no bearing on what I'm saying

let's take your boy call for an uprising

as an example I personally think that I

couldn't trust anything that comes out

of his mouth but if he told me tomorrow

that the sky was blue I'd believe him

because I have evidence the skies blue

in so far as we can even say that color

exists I don't say we can say color

exists but the point being the

ontological value of the skies color

exists completely separately from

anything that calls says I may determine

that certain things he says are

untrustworthy because of the source but

the truth value of the things he's

saying has no bearing on the source

please keep that in mind when someone

tries to lump you in a category that

makes you the other or the opposition

when arguing with you it's an attempt to

discredit anything you say before you

actually get an opportunity to say it

this channel is literate wretch and this

guy is putting words in a khole food

uprisings mouth

he isn't even listening to the whole

thing though he call says I assure you I

listen to sue every ting call said and

it was [ __ ]

hippo fair death because obviously

they're dying and going to be judged

Christian or not death is coming no

matter what we die by getting all or

anything but you don't have to fear

death because you'll have a perfect body

and eternal life of God Plus who the

hell wants to be a part of this world

there's so much bs going on day by day

all the time

I'm Christian and I understand we're a

call for an uprising is coming from but

think what you will that's what God gave

us free will after all to make our own

decisions I absolutely love the free

will argument when it comes to God

because free will implies that you

actually have choices and the choice

between heaven and hell is an ultimatum

and ultimatums do not leave room for

choice that is what makes them

ultimatums moreover if your God is

omniscient you don't actually have room

to make any choice at all Priti will is

a wonderful illusion if God knows that

you're going to be jumping up in the air

at 1053 a.m. tomorrow morning guess what

you're gonna be doing tomorrow morning

you're gonna be jumping up in the air at

10:53 a.m. God being omniscient alone

does not allow for any measure of

freewill to exist at all

this is ignoring the ultimatum issue

where heaven and hell is concerned so

you can argue all day about being able

to make your own decisions but at the

end of the day I'm gonna make the

decision to look at you and poke holes

in your argument I only found this black

ass video looking for one of his you

even put his channel in the title trying

to get his supporters over I don't

believe in idol worship so I'm not a fan

I'm just like his ideas lame-ass video

if you clicked my video thinking that it

was one of calls considering that my

thumbnail style is completely different

from his and you can actually see the

channel icon letting you know that this

is not his channel you can also look at

the actual name of the channel and see

that this isn't his channel I can

understand why calls fans get so

confused and gullible whenever he says

anything because they click with a

knee-jerk reaction onto videos thinking

that by its

call for an uprising it must be a call

video but I've done nothing with my

videos to make it even look like mine or

his it's that level of type 1 thinking

surface analysis that gets you to the

conclusions that call makes and it's why

his channels been able to grow to

several hundred thousand subscribers

people are gullible you are gullible

stop being gullible Souris you are a

dumbass yes I am thank you very much I'm

glad you noticed call for an uprising is

trying to wake the world up to what the

government is doing to us only we can

stop what's happening and so far he's

right about everything wake up America

no youtuber is right about everything no

human being is right about everything if

you think that your idol is right about

everything wholesale then you have drunk

the kool-aid completely and totally

you're literally taking the things he's

said at face value and because a call

for an uprising has said them they must

be true when you say so far everything

he said is right this is where you get

this is where that mentality gets you it

is nightmarish levels of gullibility

I've been wrong in videos before I have

several videos with addendums on them

where I've had to make corrections and

I've even deleted a handful of videos

when I think that they've been that bad

and the misinformation was that strong

because I'm not always right because I'm

a human being no one is always right

because everyone's a human being it's

okay keep up this lie and keep working

for them there is a nice place in hell

for you now boy I love getting

threatened with hell don't you isn't it

just the best expression of Christian

love ever let me tell you exactly where

you're going to be burning and exactly

what the smell of the soul fried and

your flesh is going to be when it's

peeling off isn't that just lovely

doesn't it just make you want to be a

Christian when they're so loving that

the only thing they can engage in is

performative cruelty note I'm being

facetious here I'm not saying that all

Christians engage in performative

cruelty obviously they don't I have

several fans who are Christians and

several friends who are Christians who

are the nicest people in the world I

also have call for an uprising people

who I have to point out that they're

just being [ __ ] to Beach bully

I included this one for fun next if

you're so correct on these things then

why delete my comments you're sending

them to hell you're literally the worst

kind of person loo [ __ ] made boy haha

this [ __ ] deleting my comments what a

[ __ ]

I don't care if you think I'm a med

crazy person but just know that one day

[ __ ] ain't gonna be sweet anymore when

that knife is around your throat I want

you to remember this video loser and

you're gonna be responsible for leading

these idiots who follow you Mandel just

to let you know that in the whole time

he's just talking lazy ass editing yeah

I am lazy when I added on this channel

it's cuz this channel is about the

actual arguments not necessarily the

visual aids could this channel be

improved if I were using more visual

aids and spent more time on them yes it

could and I'd like to do that but I

don't have the time to and the time that

I'm spending on those visual aids is

currently dedicated to my site project

which is my gaming channel so sorry for

that also I don't delete any comments

there's only one set of comments I can

remember actually deleting and that's

because they were telling a miner to

kill themselves that's usually where I

start to draw the line my comments

section is generally a free speech zone

you can say whatever you want in there I

don't think you're a mad crazy person I

just think you're an idiotic cruel


I'm evidence for this is the raging

hard-on you get when thinking about

people burning alive but I don't know

that's usually the litmus test I use if

somebody gets a raging boner thinking

about somebody else burning to death

then yeah I'll probably go ahead and say

that they're maybe not a good person

maybe just maybe this idiot is a

terrible artist he can't even draw but

wants to talk [ __ ] about something as

tiny mind can't understand this video

was literally the reason the human race

is failing I don't know about you but uh

the artists to draw my stuff I actually

put a lot of time and effort into it

though but you would have known that I

didn't actually draw my own stuff if you

had seen the end of that video you

commented on where it said who the

artist of the actual stuff was I mean

granted we're gonna be going over an art

change here again here soon but the fact

of the matter is it's no secret that I'm

not the artist behind my stuff I

commissioned artists for my stuff the

only thing that I have

a lot of control over is my backgrounds

and general aesthetic the backgrounds I

generally farm from video games that

I've been playing most of them from

World of Warcraft but also a couple of

them from Resident Evil but even if I

did draw my stuff whether or not I can

draw art has no bearing on what I'm

actually able to talk about on the

Internet it's a really shitty form of

gatekeeping it's putting an arbitrary

value on something and using that value

as the litmus test as to whether or not

someone's allowed to talk about a

certain subject would be like if I said

wait you can't talk about Harry Potter

how can you even consider being an

authority on Harry Potter when you can't

even count up to the one hundredth

decimal of pie how can I take your

opinions on the chemistry and romantic

potential between Draco Malfoy and

Ronald Weasley if you can't even count

to the one hundredth decimal of pie and

don't even begin to try to assess the

value of the ship between Neville and

Harry until you can at least knit a

handbag knitting a handbag is very

important but that said that's all I'm

going to be getting into in this video

the announcement I have though is that

I'm going to be covering even more of

these see I've got hundreds of these

screen shots I've got plenty but I think

that a lot of this might be more fun if

we do it together so starting next

Wednesday at least for a little while

we're going to be doing a live string

segment where we go over the comments

from the call for an uprising fan base

strictly the comments from his fans on

my videos I'm not gonna be going onto

his channel and fishing for anything

over there I'm just going to be taking

what is sent to my channel and

responding to them live with you guys in

the audience and if you are a call for

an uprising fan hey if you put a comment

on one of my videos this is your chance

to talk about that you can hop into the

livestream audience and I'd be glad to

have a conversation with you but that

all said I hope you guys enjoyed the

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